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Creative Hands Massage

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Our policy (stated in public materials) we do not give refunds for discountsBut in ***'s case she has been with with CH for a long timeI respect her wishes and will grant her a refund in the next two weeks

she will be refunded in the next weeks

Our policy (stated in public materials) we do not give refunds for discounts. But in [redacted]'s case she has been with with CH for a long time. I respect her wishes and will grant her a refund in the next two weeks.

Review: I was promised a $160.00 refund by the owner, [redacted], on 7/3/13 for an acupuncture package (they no longer have an acupuncturist). After continually following up by phone, text and email, the refund never materialized. Every time I contacted [redacted], she claimed it had been taken care of or had been processed. On 10/17/13 I told her by text that I would be pursuing other remedies and she finally sent $60 by [redacted] on 10/17/13, claiming the balance of $100.00 would be sent the next day. The payment never materialized. It has now four months after the refund was promised. I have email and text message documentation of our correspondence.Desired Settlement: Immediate remittance of the $100.00 balance of the promised refund.



[redacted] has a free membership for a YEAR! She was refunded out of curtosy. There are no refunds for discounts. She also came in and collected the free jar of whipped shea butter that has to do with her membership. She has been bullying me for a year. As I said in response to the last complaint. (they are friends by the way) , the only way to stop this is to no longer sell discounts. They are both angry because I am no longer selling discounts. I have not sold any for a month.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

Review: I was a client of this business at their former location. After they moved to a new location in late spring 2103, they began sending out frequent emails promoting prepaid massage services at a discount. I purchased two vouchers in early July and attempt to make appointments for the massages. I called once a week for several weeks and got an answering service. It seems that the business was closed for some indeterminate time and all calls were being forwarded to a service. Even though the business was closed, I continued to receive daily emails promoting new deals a prepaid packages. Eventually - late August, I believe, they sent out an email saying that they were ready to take appointments via text. I continued to leave text and voicemail messages for several weeks without receiving a response. I did receive a group text asking if anyone need help. This text went to 10 or 15 people at 10:49 pm. Then everyone began texting back, asking to be taken off the message. That was fun. I texted them several more times in the next few weeks and occasionally would receive a response but the responses would always stop before I could actually book an appointment. I left several more voicemails and finally, at the end of September, left a not very nice voice mail asking if they had any intention of honoring what they sold me or if it was a scam and someone called me back almost immediately and I was able to book one appt in October and one in December. I got my massage in October and was satisfied. In December I received and automated email the Friday before my Monday, December 9th appt, asking me to confirm the appointment, which I did. A few hours later I received an automated email thanking for canceling my appointment. No explanation. I called, emailed and texted that day asking for an explanation and received no response. I continued to leave messages, texts and emails over the next week and never received a response. I finally received an email 10 days later that just said "Our apologies. We'd like to reschedule." Over the next ten days I attempted to reschedule the appointment via email. They would send me an email, I would respond quickly, they would respond several days later without quite answering my question or even officially booking an appointment. I continued to send text messages and leave voicemails until around Jan 10th. Once I got a response to a text that said "I'll call you in 10 min" but I never received a call. Finally, around the 10th someone answered the phone and I was able to book an appointment for Monday, Feb 3rd. The Friday before this appointment I realized that I had not received an email confirmation for the appointment so I called and left a message and followed up with a text. I received a return text within a reasonable amount of time and responded that I was trying to confirm my appt. Their response? "Sorry we're having pipe problems. We can bring the massage to you." So they were having pipe problems and had no intention of honoring my appointment but didn't bother to let me know. After the dealings I had with this business I certainly did not want anyone in my house, so I declined and asked fro a refund since they did not seem to be capable of running their business (I had requested a refund on several other occasions that were not responded to). Two days later I have not received a response to that text.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund for the one voucher that I have not used. I purchased it for $45. It is obvious that they have no desire/capability of actually running a business. They are apparently only interested in selling prepaid vouchers that are not able to be redeemed.

A recent review of their [redacted] page shows that many other people are having the same problem. This business is supposed to be providing spa services. Doing business with them is anything but relaxing.



Our policy (stated in public materials) we do not give refunds for discounts. But in [redacted]'s case she has been with with CH for a long time. I respect her wishes and will grant her a refund in the next two weeks.

Review: I filed an earlier complaint against [redacted]). It was resolved when they promised to issue a refund. It has been two months and no refund has been received nor have I received further communication from them.Desired Settlement: It would be nice if they issued the refund the promised two months ago. But I don't expect it.



she will be refunded in the next 3 weeks.

Review: About 3 months ago I purchased a massage from CH Wellness. It took over 50 phone calls, 10 emails, 2 yelp reviews, and 15 texts for me to finally be able to schedule my appointment. The owner was extremely inappropriate telling me that the reason customer service was so awful was due to the fact that her receptionist almost died and they are trying to recover. While I sympathize, that is not what you should inform a patron of your business.

I was able to schedule my appointment, and then they notified me that I missed my appointment (the same one that we originally rescheduled) thus making me reschedule again.

Then, I received a cancellation notice yesterday saying that they cancelled my appointment without any warning, phone call, etc. I arranged my schedule so I had the day off to attend, and after talking to the owner she refused to give me a refund - claiming she has to "look into it". Meanwhile, my massage appointment is cancelled, and I am out my money. I have spent far too many hours working to retrieve my massage package and simply want my refund.Desired Settlement: Refund me immediately



Greetings - We do not give refunds for discounts. This is clearly stated on the purchase materials. I actually scheduled her appointment on Monday morning and she called and caceled it I called her an hour after she spoke to me. She is lying.

The way that I am going to solve this problem with the discounts is that I am no longer selling them. We are going to finish the sets we have sold and never do it again. We have sold them because the buyer base we have is from a very large voucher we sold three years ago. A lot of these folks are now beinging to beg me to sell vouchers to them again and I refuse.

Thank you. [redacted]

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Description: Massage Therapists

Address: 405 H Street, NE, Washington, District of Columbia, United States, 20002-4335


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