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• Jul 09, 2024

Sincere Appreciation to James Brandon for recommending PRIME to me. He assisted me in wiping off late payments, debts , and also boosted my score and erased all the negatives on my credit report. He is highly Trusted and most Efficient.
[email protected] / (985) 464-9304

• Jul 06, 2024

I talked to REVOX who listened to me and was happy to help me solve my Credit issues. My FICO score was raised to 815 in 10 Days and all Collections, charge-offs and IRS were removed from my profile.
Contact ( [email protected] )

• Jul 05, 2024

Good Hacker
It's amazing working with Aaron Swartz credit doctor for fixing my credit report within 3-5 working days. He help me raised my credit score to 275 points and He also help me clear my bank debts within fews days. I got some benefit from him with new credit cards with good limit within the short period working with me such a massive hacker. Contact him AT AaronSwartzCyberServices A T gmail {DOT} com, Cell #: +1(614) 344-8376for quick response on credit score boost and he also recover lost Crypto.

• Jul 01, 2024

If not for the help of PRIME CREDIT SPECIALIST I wonder what would have become my fate. In My financial history, I had several misnomers that dropped my score down to 485 with lots of enquiries and derogatory items, this happened after I had Covid and lost my job as a result. I was able to contact [email protected] after I read lots of positive reviews about them on Internet. PRIME CREDIT SPECIALIST did the magic by boosting my score to high 780s across the credit bureaus in 9 days. They wiped off the medical bills and the loan debts I had. I will always recommend PRIME to anyone.

• Jul 01, 2024

Credit Fix
I highly recommend [email protected]! Not only are they reasonable, they are also very knowledgeable and reliable. West took his time answering all of my questions and explaining the process to me step by step during our initial consultation, which put my mind at ease. After several conversations with West, I signed up in May. In less than 3 weeks, my score has already increased nearly 330 points, from 457 to 787. I’m extremely happy with the results so far and can’t wait to see the results from the next round, my target is 800 and above. Thank you West and team for actually doing what you said you would do without charging extravagantly!

• Jun 29, 2024

Have you ever gotten your credit report been repaired without no physical contact or any traces been found on your credit bureaus report? I had this wonderful group known as REVOX CREDIT REPAIR who really literally assisted me in raising my FICO score back to 820 and wiped away all the hard inquiries with the negative items found on my credit report. I finally got my car back and move in a new apartment here.
Do well to reach REVOX via [email protected] and thank me later

• Jun 26, 2024

Hire XAP to Fix Your Credit
I had been trying to work on my own credit during the lockdown period in 2021 and did a pile of research and still to no success did I repair my own credit how'd I was explained I could, watching different YouTube videos. From my own experience I can say it is important to find a seasoned professional. That's XAPCREDITSOLUTION AT GMAIL DOT COM, he's got something truly amazing and it worked for me. My scores soared right up after one week of hiring him! Can you believe it? He removed my discharged chapter 13 bankruptcy off all three credit reports! I had been battling with them and the courts over a year! My Experian, Transunion, and Equifax are over the 780s. I used 609 letters lexis, nexis freezing and no success! 5 stars for speed and effectiveness but their customer service is lacking, sometimes I found myself not being able to get hold of XAP immediately but he always responded within a day, this could raise a concern to certain people but I have no problems as they delivered results. Lexington law and others had great customer service but they didn't deliver so I gotta go with what truly helps my credit score and not totally rely on just customer service reps trained to pacify you.

• Jun 24, 2024

Thank you REVOX CREDIT for all your help. I got a new credit card limit the sum of $15k with positive tradelines on my credit report in 2 Weeks. He also aided me to raise my credit score over 225 points and wiped off negative items on my credit profile. My life is better and easier with no regrets working with him. I have been able to secure a mortgage loan and that has been my dream.
[email protected]

• Jun 23, 2024

I got notification from a forum and a lot of Recommendations about PRIME CREDIT REPAIR, I have been in need of help just to delete all the collections and charge offs on my credit report and looking for ways to boost my credit score to an excellent score before I came across PRIME. I explained my problems to him and he told me to wait for 5 to 8days and my score would be increased to a excellent one, am here to testify his good job so you guys can contact him and I am sure he is gonna offer you the best service you desire, I now have a FICO score of 820 and all those collections and charges have been eliminated totally on my report.
Contact: [email protected] / +1 (985) 464-9304

• Jun 22, 2024

I want to testify about PRIME, I had several challenges acquiring my own house due to a low credit score but when I came across him, he boosted my credit score and help erased negatives on my Credit report.
contact him at [email protected]

• Jun 22, 2024

XAP can fix your Credit Score

As the title says thank you to XAPCEDITSOLUTION at gmail dot com for helping me to rebuild my credit after being so low in life overall. So alittle about my story, 2 weeks before Christmas 2021 my job laid me and others in our department off, I defaulted on 2 personal loans, 3 credit cards, my auto loan, and my rent was 8 months behind at its worst. My credit score dropped to
497. I had to do 3 jobs just to make ends meet. Early January a friend recommended XAP, he showed me his credit score and told me it was XAP that helped in fixing it. Yes we were in a similar situation and so I took advantage of the advice and contacted XAP Credit to bring my credit score back up! I'm currently sitting at a 793 Experian, 791 Equifax and 781 TransUnion. XAP cleared off my debts, I promised to let the world know that we still have genuine hackers that fix credit score, chex system and DUI fix.

• Jun 20, 2024

Are you in deep thoughts on how you could get your credit cleaned? do you spend time thinking how to improve your credit permanently?
PRIME CREDIT REPAIR is the Solution, I have my own house and can access loans all thanks to them. They cleaned up my score, got rid of the repos, Judgements and evictions and boosted my FICO score to 790. Email on [email protected] or text (985) 464-9304

• Jun 19, 2024

Cant buy a home or car for your family due to low credit score? Prime Credit Repair can help. You can email " Primecreditrepair0 AT Gmail dot Com " if you have a terrible credit history. Yes, my credit was in a mess until I subscribed to the service of PRIME after Reading positive reviews on them from Google. They increased my FICO score to 805 and cleared the chex system, inquiries, collections and other loans that damaged my Report. A few weeks after I pulled my new credit report, I had to apply for a loan with Wells Fargo and get qualified, I wholeheartedly recommend PRIME CREDIT REPAIR.

• Jun 18, 2024

Hire XAP to fix your credit
Like many others I too had bad credit report and I needed a solution urgently in February, I applied for a conventional home loan but was turned down due to my poor credit so I was referred to contact [email protected] by my co-worker whom he has helped almost two months ago so I did as he said with trust, according to my Equifax report and some credit agency my credit report was totally clean up in less than 7days after contacting him. My credit report is now in excellent shape and I got an approval letter that my loan is now approved all thanks to XAP. You can as well contact him for credit help and thank me later.

• Jun 18, 2024

Credit Repair
I sincerely want to thank HACKWESTATWRITEMECOM for helping me repair my credit. They helped in building my credit profile, raising my score of 435 to 810 in less than 72hours, clearing my late payments and hard inquiries. I'm currently living in my dream home. I also purchased my dream car, I'm grateful for the happiness he has brought in my life. I would urge you to reach him at the above email today and get your credit fixed. He didn’t take any upfront payment since my cousin referred me. Do well to mention my name to West if you contact him and be honest with him.

• Jun 17, 2024

Terrible financial records can end up ruining your life. I was in an awful situation due to terrible credit report and everything I applied for was turned down. I did my research on the Internet and stumbled upon [ Primecreditrepair0 (at) Gmail (dot) Com ] who did justice to my credit report and also assisted me in getting a business loan within a brief time. My FICO SCORE is now 780 and all the collections, liens, BK and charge offs have been permanently erased. I strongly recommend PRIME CREDIT REPAIR.

• Jun 16, 2024

Primecreditrepair0 at Gmail dot Com came highly recommended and I was impressed by the way he improved on credit and erased the debt incurred.He didn't stop at that , PRIME also increased my credit cards limits and removed the CHEX system, foreclosure, 5 late payments from my report. I now have a perfect credit report and I vehemently recommend you to contact PRIME CREDIT REPAIR for your credit fix.

• Jun 13, 2024

Credit Repair
I would like to introduce you to the hacker I've been working with to improve my credit score on Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian reports. He made several positive improvements to my credit record by removing all previous evictions, negative collections from my credit report history, as well as increasing my FICO score above 820 across all three credit bureau reports. You may contact him for any type of hack. Send him via email at [email protected] or via text +1 918 537 3985. One thing I can guarantee is that you will not regret working with him at all; he is completely trustworthy.

• Jun 11, 2024

Good Hacker
I lost my job back sometime last year and my credit scores ran down in the low to 455. I enter the internet in search of help and I met with Aaron Swartz Credit Repair. My old friend introduced me to a Credit Guru AaronSwartzCyberServices A T gmail {DOT} com, Cell #: +1(614) 344-8376. After some couple of days later, He help me clear the negative items on my credit profile and raise my credit score to 800 excellent standard. Thank you Aaron SwartzI will keep recommending you to the world.

• Jun 11, 2024

Prime Credit Repair has been absolutely amazing with the clients having terrible finances, great customer service and effective and efficient in Credit Report Situations. I would highly recommend them Primecreditrepair0 at Gmail dot Com / (985) 464-9304. To anyone/everyone in dire need of a Credit Fix.

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