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Review: I took my mini van to get an oil change and change the filters, and I noticed that they were not doing what I asked, or working at all. The filter was not changed, and the oil was not drained correctly. Due to their very poor job, my car got engine damage. When I took my minivan to get in, they mechanic told me that the oil change and filter change were not done correctly previously. Desired Settlement: I would like them to please be more careful in their work, and to take my experience into consideration.



Final Business Response

we spoke to customer but we are a little confused as to what her request is. in our records the customer's vehicle, 1998 chrysler town & country, only came in once in 5/2013 and it shows that the oil filter was replaced.

Review: dissatified with service and dishonest staff

on 6/27/12 spoke with employee regarding work needed on back brakes, oil change and pricing. employee checked back brakes and told me he estimated $140.00 for back brakes and I could bring in vehicle next day @ 9am. On 6/28/12 @ 9:15am went in to have back brakes, oil change and check noise coming from front end of vehicle. was told it would take 1 1/2 hrs if all goes well and would recieve call on price of noise. never recieved a call. I called at 11:10am and was told they needed to go to stockton to pick up parts and it would be about 1-1 1/2hrs. never recieved a call again until 2:30pm and was told front brakes were done and that back brakes needed. I was informed that front brakes had been done. I informed her that back brakes were suppose to have been done. I told Jay to put back parts on my vehicle and I would pick it up. He said he would have to charge me. for work that I never requested. his employee and my daughter were witnesses to work needed on vehicle. he was asking for $308.00 for work that wasn't needed on vehicle.Desired Settlement: Refund on Front brake work. Honesty and loyalty to thier customers.



Business' Initial Response

[redacted] came in on 6/28 and requested front brakes to be done,basic oil change and to check on a noise the vehicle make I ask her what kinda noise and were is the noise coming from she told she didn't know so we pulled it in and vehicle was making a clicking noise very loud in front of the engine.I wrote her an estimate/work order describing the work that was going to be done to the vehicle and was sign(approve). I did told her it would take about 1 1/2 everything went well but parts were here late since we used premium pads. when brakes were done I test drove the car and heard a noise from the rear, rear brakes were metal to metal so my sales person call and told her so [redacted] wanted to talk to me. we talk back and forth about that she told me front brakes and she says it was rear brakes so I told ok I won't charge anything for the front brakes if you do the rear brakes and rotors so I qouted her $270 and with the oil change was 305.00 she said no ,so she said to put everything back and she wasn't gonna pay anything so I told her I couldn't since the job was already done and it was what she requested so I told her she had to pay for it since she sign the work order that specifically says front brakes.

Consumer's Final Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

He said I signed an estimate I signed by glancing at it because it did say brake job, oil change and noise coming from vehicle. I was explaining what was wrong with vehicle as he's typing information. I didn't know at that time that he shouldn't be trusted. Him being the mechanic should have phoned me and informed me that front brakes weren't needed that rear brakes were needed and when vehicle was driven into the garage mechanic should have notice grinding noise when using the brakes. I sure they had to use brakes. I'm not a mechanic and I knew back brakes were medal to medal. he never gave me a copy of original estimate. In there shop they have a sign "FREE BRAKE INSPECTION" that inspection was never done on my vehicle. because again he would have notice back brakes. Where's the honestly and loyalty to there customers.

Business' Final Response

I tried to resolve and make the customer happy but she wouldnt let me so im not meeting in no middle ground. Sorry

Review: Failure to fully diagnose repairs needed resulting to unfinished work due to estimate was too much

We brought our 1999 Dodge Caravan for repair last Aug. 17 for repairs. They called my husband Monday 08/19 and said it needs major tune up $275. The next day they said it needed to replace valve gasket replacement and costs $190. The following day they said it needs replacement of fuel pump. Thursday 08/22, they said we need to replace the engine which will cost us all $2500. My complaint is why they were not able to diagnose this in the first place. We have an old van and value is only $1000. Everyday they keep telling us for additional repairs. I picked up the van today and paid $750 for the work they already did but van is still not working properly due to engine. My complaint is if we knew we were going to spend that much, we would have just donated the van to avoid these expenses since the van is not worth it anymore. Now, I paid $750 for repairs that didn't even do any good on the van. This business was not honest and I don't think they even know what they are doing. If they care about customers, they would be upfront and tell us that the van needed a lot of repairs. They led us to believe that after the fuel pump replacement that it would run good already. Now I paid repairs that I don't even can afford much more $$2500. They don't care about customers they just need $$$. The receptionist was telling me we should have ordered a full diagnosis. For me, we are customers and don't know anything about car engines. They should have given us a choice and suggested that's what we should do. We wouldn't have gone on a repair shop if we know anything about repairs. I would like them to refund me the whole $750 I paid that was useless. Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund on the $750.07 I paid that I think was useless repairs since what the van really needed first was engine replacement. They made us think everyday that the van will work if we did all these repairs that they have suggested and finally the last day they told us we need engine replacement that will Cost $2500 which I don't have the money to have it done. This business has tried to bleed us dry and finally gave us the big surprise that will cost us. They are dishonest.



Business' Initial Response

There were many factors that contributed to the reason we were unable to detect that the engine was bad from the beginning. it was not going to be possible for us to detect it was a bad engine from the start because their vehicle had a few problems. they had not done a tune up in a very long time and it was obvious that a full tune up would be required to start, and customer's husband was made aware. including in the tune- up was a compression test which tested a little low at 90psi which does not automatically indicate its a bad engine. upon removing spark plugs we noticed they were drowning in oil meaning the valve cover gaskets where leaking which could have also been a potential answer to the misfire. also included in tune up was the fuel filter which when removed was really dirty which is when we proceeded to test the fuel pressure which was really low causing it to be yet another factor in the misfire. upon eliminating all the problems the van had it is when we moved into deeper diagnostic and that is when we saw that the piston rings in the engine were bad. throughout the few days the van was here we kept the owner up to date on everything that was going on with his vehicle. we apologize if customer felt as though we didn't explain everything right but initially and throughout the whole process we spoke only to her husband and everything was ran through him. unfortunately we will not be able to refund the cost of the repairs because we installed new parts and the cost of labor. customer was told we would workout a good price on the engine if and when she decides to replace engine

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