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Review: My apartment has not had sufficient heat for the entire winter season. The landlord has done nothing to fix it despite my complaints filed with them and with the NYC housing commission.

Over the last several months I have consistently emailed the landlord (contact was [redacted] and her [redacted]) asking for assistance with turning up the heat in the upstairs and downstairs recreation room of the apartment. My responses from the landlord were varied and suggested that I was lying and that my apartment had sufficient heat and that the building was kept within a certain temperature range. The superintendent came by the apartment a few times to inspect the heater which was not giving off sufficient heat. A plumber came and noted the same issue.

People examined the issue but no one did anything to fix the heaters in the upstairs and downstairs and as a result the apartment ambient temperature dropped into the 40 and 50 degree range several recorded times throughout the winter (a crime according to NYC housing law). I pointed this out to [redacted] who did not do anything to rectify the situation and in fact told me that repairs had been made to the heating system when in fact workers had only come by to put silicone in the window joints to reduce the draft.

I pay 4900 per month to live in an apartment that has been in unlivably cold conditions during one of the worst winters in recent years. I documented the temperature with pictures of a thermometer reading on the coldest days which I emailed to [redacted] begging for assistance. The temperatures in the apartment for most of the winter have been CRIMINAL (according to NYC housing law). I should be compensated a portion of my very high rent payment for these criminal conditions and lack of maintenance. I plan on moving out as soon as possible and at the very least I would like to warn future tenants to avoid these slumlords. I have asked on numerous occasions to be let out of my lease and been denied.Desired Settlement: I deserve compensation for unlivable conditions and criminally cold temperatures in my rental apartment.


Review: My lease with Croman Real Estate/9300 Realty terminated on July **, 2015. I provided them with my new address and was told, in writing, to expect my security deposit within 45-60 days after lease termination. Approximately Sept [redacted]. The apartment I moved to was having gas leak issues and I moved out the very end of September (around the 60 day mark) and still had not received my security deposit. Before moving I set up a mail forwarding to have all mail forwarded to my new address, I received multiple pieces of forwarded mail but nothing from 9300. About 10-12 days after moving I called 9300 to ask about my check and was told it was sent, but that they would cancel the check and resend it to my new address. I had offered to come pick it up in their office but they said "No, we'll just send another check" I never received that check. Since then I have been calling multiple times a week, I'm being forwarded to voicemail boxes where I leave tons of voicemails, I have called over 30 times and I am being given the run around. When I am finally able to speak with some one, I'm told that "it's being taken care of and we'll call you back in a couple days so you can come pick up the check this time" but no one ever calls me back. It is now the 3rd week in November, I still have no check. I was finally able to speak with my former property manager who was no help at all and proceeded to blame me for the problem because I moved out of that second apartment - but her position is faulty because I should have had the check before I moved out - I should have never had to provide them with my new address since when I moved out of the second apartment it had been 60 days since my lease terminated. The property manager told me that its not her job to get the check to me and that its not her job to call me back since I'm no longer a tenant. I need my money. This has gone on way too long. I believe that Croman Real Estate/9300 is lying to me in the hopes that i'll give up and forget my check. they cannot withhold this check from me without cause, and they have no cause. Someone needs to investigate and address the issues with 9300 and Croman Realty, I know I am not the only one in this situation, but I refuse to be another victim of 9300/Croman.Desired Settlement: I want my security deposit to be left at the front desk, for me to pick up and deposit.

Review: We've had numerous issues (every single month to be exact) with receiving incorrect billing statements from the office listing a $100 late charge for our rent payments, when in fact, we payed our rent on time, in full (and it was confirmed with Travis (in accounting) when we had double checked to ask and he would respond "please disregard")

We had to reach out to Travis and Izabella (accounting department) multiple times every month to get this resolved, and the following month (every single time) the bills were still incorrect. According to Travis, everything has been solved and we are in good standing. However, we received yet another bill in the mail ([redacted] month in a row for a false charged bill) with $300 late fee and an extra charge for rent. Also, we should not have received a charge in the first place since we both paid for the last month's rent when we originally signed the lease for the apartment.

We've requested proof of this from both Travis and Izabella and have not received any formal documentation and are unable to get a hold of them via email or telephone.

It seems that this company is just trying to rip off their apartment dwellers and are COMPLETELY unresponsive and do not care about the situation at all as it continues to happen.Desired Settlement: We'd like for the to know that this is happening. We also hear this from all of our neighbors and from several complaints online. This is a terrible company and they need to be punished.

We would also like the requested materials from their company that we had asked for (formal documentation of our payments) and for us to be in good standing as we should be. When we move out, we are hoping that our security deposit actually gets to us because from reading the reviews online it seems that they never return those either. All in all, the needs to be alerted about their horrible business tactics and scamming.

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Address: 632 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, New York, United States, 10012


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