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CrossFit 559

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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/10/13) */
Contact Name and Title: [redacted] owner
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: [redacted]
[redacted] was refunded her money. She never made anyone aware of what time she wanted to work out. when she contacted me. I offered her a...

free month , I explained we were looking for a replacement trainer for the 0900.We have not been able to find a replacement as we don't let just anyone train, they have to be L-1 certified. She gladly took the free month asked that I put it toward the end of her 6 month contract. I did so. I have mailed [redacted] a full refund, I met [redacted] over a year ago when my competitor answered her about a post I made on Porterville Buy and sale. she blasted on PBS that they were poachers, she messaged me came in and showed me private messages between competitor and herself.She was very eager to message me privately and I do not have the time or inclination for this drama. She explains she is now with the competitor that poached on Facebook I wish her the best. I see all she wishes is for everyone to see this. I am requesting this not count against my business. I don't understand what satisfaction one would get from asking this to be displayed to all. I would see that as a red flag , especially now looking back.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 9, 2015/10/21) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept this emotional response from Crossfit 559 because it contains untrue statements presented as facts not to mention superfluous opinions that have no bearing on this complaint. Crossfit 559 is now subject to libel and defamation charges brought against them by me for statements made in this complaint.
I am not going to state all of the facts I've already stated. The bottom line is that I contacted Crossfit 559 several times about my issue. That is a fact that can be backed up by proof. They did not contact me back, until I engaged them on social media. This is a fact that can be backed up by proof. The contract I signed is null and void and I signed after being given knowingly false information by the owner upon signup. This can be verified by the other participants (3) in that first 9 o'clock class that ended up being the last, as well as the instructor that announced the class was cancelled. That is proof.
Crossfit 559 states I took advantage of 2 free weeks, when they only allow one. This is untrue, and can be backed up by fact: by presenting the signed waivers Crossfit 559 has participants sign. You will find there is only one. I took your free week over 2 years ago, and then signed up in 2015. There was no other free week. If you do not rescind your statements you are presenting as facts, but in fact you have no proof you are subject to libel and defamation charges brought against Crossfit 559 by me. Why didn't you just pay what you owed me and stop talking? What gym allows participants to keep taking advantage of their free trial? Your gym is small enough that no one can sneak in. Prove that I was there for another free week. Since you can't, remove these false comments and stop talking. This includes talking falsely about me.
Crossfit 559 admits they did not reinstate the 9 o'clock class. The owner told me she was giving me the free month to give them time to have a new trainer in place by September 1st. I only offered to keep the payment already taken in place and then take the free month at the end of my 6 month contract because I remained confident Crossfit 559 would stay true to their word and actually get the trainer in place by September 1. I was wrong, so that is why I asked for the free month at the beginning, as the owner originally offered it to me.
As soon as I sent my demand letter, the requested refund was mailed to me. The only reason only one month was requested by me was because I felt it necessary to cancel the card I gave for my membership. I did not trust Crossfit 559 when I discovered they were ignoring my attempts to contact them via phone calls, messages and Facebook messages and letters. Obviously outside interference is not wanted, since the payment was sent so promptly.
Remove all superfluous comments. Anything you can't back up with facts you must remove. If you don't you'll face further action by me and whatever agencies I can get behind me. I did tell the owner that I was only signing up for the one class. I understand if the two owners do not talk to each other, but that is not my fault.
I absolutely did go to Crossfit 559's competitor, even though the owners of Crossfit 559 talked badly about them and said they were embroiled in a family argument and they (the owners are related) no longer talked to each other. I foolishly felt prey to this and felt loyalty to Crossfit 559. I realized this was foolish once I went to the competitor and found them to be steps above Crossfit 559 or any other gym I've gone to locally, frankly. What matters is getting what I need, as a consumer. Why would you even mention me going to the competition, I am a consumer and you didn't give me what I needed! Obviously some misguided loyalty did nothing for me, as the gym I initially chose (Crossfit 559) turned out to be horrible for the consumer. Customer service is number one and the easiest way to lose customers is to 1) not follow up your words with actions, or lying 2) badmouthing a customer and engaging with them negatively on social media for all to see (suicide for a business) 3) ignoring a customer instead of promptly talking with them to resolve the issue and 4) not admitting culpability for your shortcomings, but instead deflecting them back to the customer and blaming her. All of these things are bad business practices and all of these things I experienced Crossfit 559 doing.
I hope all discerning consumers beware and shop around carefully before deciding what facility they should work out at in Porterville, California.

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Address: 25 E North St, Porterville, California, United States, 93257-2470


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