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Review: Water tds above 400 ppm



To whom it may concern,

Review: I opened two accounts with Crystal Rock, one for my residence and one for my office, pursuant to their promotion of a "free water cooler" with the opening of a new account, which I learned of by a sales representative that physically came to my wife's office promoting it. We opened both accounts on the above basis, without any discussions of minimum monthly water usage. Upon review of my invoice I found I was being charged fuel surcharges and rental fees for the cooler. I immediately reached out to Crystal Rock who advised that I would have to speak with the sales representative that opened the accounts. After many failed attempts to reach the sales rep I wrote a letter to the company explaining my issue with being charged a rental fee and requested it be removed and the account closed. I never would have agreed to opening an account had I known that they expected a 2 person office to consume 20 gallons of water/month to have it be "free". I received a phone call a week later apologizing for the miscommunication and advising the rental fees would be credited, the accounts would be closed, and the rental equipment and bottles would be picked up on the next scheduled time. I sent an explanation and a final payment to Crystal Rock on July 31, 2014, with the check entitled, "full and final payment", which was negotiated. However, Crystal Rock continued to deliver water to my location; leaving it outside the building, as I typically work outside the office or I would have refused it, and sending me invoices for the water and threating the filing of a collection action. My wife called and emailed the collections department explaining the situation, which as of today Crystal Rock maintains are legitimate fees because of a "contract", which in reality was a delivery slip with small writing on the side of the page that no one would notice or consider a "contract". Such business practice is plainly a bait-and-switch tactic and I am truly amazed at what lengths I have had to go through to satisfy and close the account.Desired Settlement: To have my account closed and balance satisfied.



This complaint has been rectified. We have credited the complainant's account for total balance due and will contact complainant today to inform.

This company has fraudulent billing practices. They have force withdrawn $50 from my bank account linked credit card and claim to have authorization for another $250. They deny that I even paid up the last $100 which was what truthfully had settled my account. Somehow they are saying I racked up a $500 water bill from my single person use within a month or two. I checked reviews online later and found other customers had similar serious issues. They are now chasing me down in snail mail billing because I sent them a warning that my bank account was now closed (as canceling the card itself was not enough, the bank said) and their charges were not real, they did not have authorization. I specifically indicated a one-time charge of $50 for one payment then later I would call in for the last $50 I owed on my account as quoted by their customer service rep. and my billing statements. They forcefully charged the last $50 but I didn't complain, then charged me again for $50 this Christmas month which put my bank account into overdraft with new fees. The new bill I got from Crystal Rock claims I still owe them $250 MORE.
These people need to be investigated, prosecuted and shut down.

Review: In February 2014 I called Crystal Rock to inquire about possibly getting Poland Spring water bottle deliveries to my home. I spoke to their CS employee [redacted] who informed me that they require a 1 year contract to rent a cooler and set up service. I told her I likely wouldn't be in Buffalo for a full year so thanks anyway. At this point she ASSURED ME IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that as long as I kept the service for at least 6 months they would waive the fee for me. That is the ONLY reason I agreed to sign up, as I would never do so knowing I would be hit with a fee once I had to move. I was even hesitant to agree, but she convinced me it was safe. I should have asked for it in writing in hindsight... Now come October I am moving and of course when I called Crystal Rock just now they're saying they have no notes about it, that [redacted] who set up my contract no longer works for them, that they "no longer record sales calls???" and that I signed a contract so tough luck. It may be tough luck for me but that is unbelievably dishonest of them, whether it's all [redacted]'s fault or not. I was duped into signing the contract, held up my end of the bargain staying over 6 months, and should in no way be held accountable for the $50 early termination fee they now intend to charge me.Desired Settlement: I would like the $50 back from the early termination fee I should never have had to pay on the word of their employee.




I'm replying to your complaint. We are very sorry for any confusion or mis-communication concerning your account with Crystal Rock. I checked on your account and see that we have recently refunded the $50.00 Early Term charge.

Notes on your account state that one of our Customer Care Representatives has credited your account the $50.00 and left a message on your phone letting you know.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me direct via e-mail ([redacted] or phone ###-###-####).

VP Operations

Crystal Rock LLC

Review: I opened an account with Crystal Rock pursuant to their promotion of a "free water cooler" with the opening of a new account, which I learned of by a sales representative physically coming to my office to promote it. Crystal Rock required a credit card on file to bill the monthly charges. No minimum water usage was discussed through our extensive email exchanges setting up the account. Upon review of my invoice I found I was being charged fuel surcharges and rental fees for the cooler. I immediately reached out to Crystal Rock who advised I had to speak with my sales representative. After many failed attempts to reach my sales rep I wrote a letter to the company explaining my issue with being charged a rental fee and requested it be removed and the account closed. I never would have agreed to opening an account had I known that they expected a 2 person household to consume 20 gallons of water/month to have it be "free". I received a phone call a week later apologizing for the miscommunication and advising the rental fees would be credited and the account would be closed. The equipment and water bottles were picked up. An additional 3 weeks passed and the $40 in bottle deposits and $20 in equipment rental fees were not credited to my card. I went through at least 5 phone calls with 8 reps with no thorough explaination or remedy. Today, I was told I would only be receiving $39.28 in credit. While it is only $20, I am astounded by the lack of capable customer service and the misrepresentations of the sales representative who opended my account. Poor business dealings.Desired Settlement: I would like the $20 in equipment rental fees.



We have review the claim made by the Customer. The contract was signed by the Customer, but we can understand where there could be some confusion.

We have credited the customer's account with Crystal Rock for $21.92 and have issued a credit to the Customer's credit card for the same amount.

We are sorry for the misunderstanding. [redacted] VP of Finance



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: In October I cancelled service with crystal rock and found out they have been charging me for 2 cooler rentals when I have only one. In 2004 they switched out a cooler that wasn't working, they took the broken out but apparently did not record that. So for 11 years I have been charged an extra $13.00 a month /$1500 total for something I don't have and the only proof I have is the driver that switched it out. I have called 4 times not only to take the current cooler out and to look into this matter. They kept saying I have two coolers which I don't and have no reason to, no one has called me back which they promised me they would. The only proof I have is the delivery man which has been the same for years. Today I received a bill for another $75.00 they claim I owe them when they owe me $1500. I have been a loyal customer of Crystal rock for 20+ years and after this I will never use their service or recommend them to anyone. I am a business owner and would never basically accuse someone of stealing a productDesired Settlement: I want Crystal rock to reimburse me for the overcharges they have been charging me for 11 years



Good Morning,

Review: I have been a customer for about 3 years. For the last year, this company has continuously over-billed me, dropped off however much water they feel like leaving regardless of whether or not I need water or not, refused to pick up empty bottles to credit my account, then charge me for not returning bottles; additionally they tell me they will be picking up bottles on a specific days, and then do not show up til several days later. They advertised free cooler, then after about 18 months started billing me a rental fee.

Every single month for the past 5 months they have billed me between 2 and 6 times more than they were supposed to, which has resulted in me having to either a) call in and waste my time getting the charges reversed, b) file a dispute with my credit card company, or c) had to speak with a sales rep who tried convincing me it was really my fault they billed me what I did.

Every time I called in I asked to cancel my service and they gave me the hard sell trying to convince me to stay. Eventually service was so bad, and billing was such an issue, that we had to have a hold put on the account, with strict instructions that no delivery or pick up be made without my specific instruction. In other words, only if I called in and requested it. Therefor my bill every month would only be $4.99 (rental fee for the free cooler they promised and then reneged on) and not a penny more. If I wanted additional bottles delivered they would be 4.99 each. Well a month later, and for no reason at all, they bill me over $30.



Good Afternoon,

Review: hi there I paid my bill for 47.37 and the agent I was working with sent me the paper work to fill out and fax in then he said once they get that they can restart service he called me up and said I received your paper work and there is no benefit in the warehouse so im not going to restart service .so what should I do I had service before with them I want my money back then the 47.37 asap.please let me know asapDesired Settlement: I want it settled as them to restart my account and service or if not then send me my money back a refund asap



We will be contacting the complainant today for immediate resolution.

Review: Have been trying to cancel my water delivery since October 2014. Crystal Rock automated operator calls to advise of a delivery of water but they never showed up, claiming the driver didn't see any bottles left outside for pick up. After calling Crystal Rock about the situation it was set up that no matter what the driver should leave water whether there are bottles left outside or not. Next delivery date, no water!!! I contacted Crystal Rock at least 6 times now trying to cancel my account and as of today I have still not received a refund, yes I actually have a credit balance because I prepay my account. I don't blame the driver, but there certainly is a huge GAP in the customer service department, I have talked to several supervisors as well as a Delivery Manager. I want my credit balance refunded immediately.Desired Settlement: My money back



To whom this may concern. Our AR Dept. is contacting the complainant and is issuing a full credit.

Review: I signed up for water delivery and it was documented on my account that when the driver comes, he/she should replace the empty bottles ONLY. Several times the driver came and just delivered more water even though there were no empty bottles to be replaced. I called the company and explained to them that I had limited room to store the extra bottles, and that the water cannot be kept outside and exposed to direct sunlight (per their instructions). Sometimes they offered to pick up the water, other times they told me I could keep it free of charge (I still had to pay the bottle deposit). They kept telling me that they would make sure the notes on my account were clear; however, this continued to happen. Most recently, it occurred May, June AND July of 2013. I called the company and each time and they told me I could keep the water. In July, I told them that I wanted them to pick it up and that I was considering going with another company. I was told that the water would be picked up within a couple of days - it remained on my back deck for a month. After several frustrating emails with customer service, I decided to go with another company. I also emailed the account supervisor twice to discuss an invoice I recently received. I do not think I should have to pay for additional water (or fuel surcharges) due to an erroneous delivery. To date, I have yet to hear from anyone about my invoice. I believe that Crystal Rock does not value its customers since they were so willing to see my business go elsewhere (I've been a customer for 4 years), and I also believe that they intentionally over-deliver with the hopes that customers will not say anything, earning the company more revenue.

Desired Settlement: I would like my account to reflect a zero balance (in writing) since I did not require any water the past three (3) months and my account was paid in full prior to that. I also expect to receive a check for two (2) bottle deposits once my final empty bottle is picked up next week. I DO NOT want the bottle deposits applied to what Crystal Rock believes is my outstanding balance as I do not believe I owe anything due to their sloppy work, poor communication, and lousy customer service.



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/08/26) */

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you. It is not Crystal Rock's intention to leave deliveries when not requested in order to generate revenue. The account was noted to only leave a delivery if empty bottles were left and after reviewing the account there were a couple occasions where 1 bottle of water was left when there wasn't an empty bottle to return. We have credited the account and there is a zero balance and are making steps internally to ensure this doesn't happen to another customer. We apologize for the way you left our company and assure you if you need us in the future we will service your account to the standards that you expect and Crystal Rock believes in.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 8, 2013/08/27) */

In addition to the zero balance, I want to make sure that I receive a check for the two empty bottles for which I paid a deposit. One was previously picked up, and the other is scheduled to be picked up this week. Again, I do not want the bottle deposits to be put toward the previous outstanding balance as it was an erroneous balance. Thank you.

Business Response /* (4000, 10, 2013/08/28) */

We will make sure we issue a refund check for the returned bottles.

Consumer Response /* (4200, 12, 2013/08/30) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I accept the resolution but would like a time frame as to when I can expect a check (within 15 days seems fair). Included with the check, I would also like an invoice showing a zero balance. I need to have everything documented in writing as there have been too many issues with Crystal Rock. Thank you for your help - I do appreciate it.

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