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Curb Appeal Hardscaping

2036 S Ridgewood Ave, Daytona Beach, Florida, United States, 32119-2241

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The work is not complete, defective products, damaged products installed, deteriorating foundation of pavers and damage to my existing fence.
Purchase/invoice# 939 date 11/22/2017 problem date 1/2/2018, Sales Rep Ralph P Pres. & Andra P, VP, total payment $16,191.66, paidpartial by check #***, and partial by *** credit card ending in ***, products are patio pavers 2 3/8 megas, excavation grass 7 additional base, summer kitchen 6'/ level 1 granite, 25inch grill, level 1 stone eldorado, double door, grill cover refrigerator, munich seat wall, crushed stone for elevation, black glass fire pit table 1/4" reflective collection pacific blue 10lb jar purchased date 12/26/2017 by *** credit card *** receipt# ***. The summer kitchen remains unfinished the back side of the kitchen is missing the eldorado stone and needs to be placed, the top opening of the granite that the bbq grill sits into has been cut too large therefore leaves a large space behind the grill and needs to be replaced with the correct size for the grill, the fire pit table does not ignite causing large amounts of propane gas to escape which is unsafe, the paved patio is unfinished without an edge allowing the foundation under the patio to collapse, there has been an elevation of the property that now creates a water trap in the grassed area which if the patio were finished correctly with a step down and border there would not be a slope or underneath of the pavers a collapse in land. The edge that is left is approximately 1.5-2' of cement and gravel which is not professionally completed and grass that they removed needs to be replaced and a step needs to be placed, the entire perimeter of the patio is unfinished and needs to have pavers placed, the cement that was placed on the border of the patio was placed all over my existing fence and is now cemented into the pavers this cement has to be removed from my fence. The owner of this company Ralph knew well in advance that I would utilize the fence after he completed his job now I cannot get the fence up. I have tried by telephone and by personal meeting and I have been told by the owners this is the way it is and I need to finish the project. Finally I sent a certified letter dated 1/23/2018 which was received by them to the Ralph P the President and his wife Andra P VP with not response to this date. In closing the products installed are the wrong size granite, defective fire table, unfinished summer kitchen, unfinished patio pavers, the fence has been damaged and needs to be replaced, the slope in my backyard needs to be resolved, and a cracked paver needs to be replaced. I am only asking for customer service and an exchange of defective products and a completed job. All of which is paid in full. Thanking you in advance***.

Desired Outcome

I would like for you to contact the owners and have them provide customer service to finish the job,and replace defective products.

Curb Appeal Hardscaping Response • Feb 09, 2018

In response to the customer complaint, the summer kitchen was asked to be placed up against an existing railing. Due to the space between the railing and kitchen, there was not enough space to install necessary concrete board, scratch coat, mortar and stone (the kitchen is custom with welded aluminum frame and must be finished in place) Therefore, we had to use a textured concrete board which we painted a complimentary color. The customer was happy with it until a few days later, when she let us know of she was dissatisfied. We initially told her we would repaint because she did not like the color and she declined, we then offered her $300 which she stated she would use to have someone install grass and dirt and she was happy with that. So, we agreed (verbal agreement) upon a $300 refund (which more than enough covers the 18 square feet stone), which she asked me to place in her locking mailbox (which was done the next day). As far as the granite opening, this is venting for the kitchen and it was explained to her that it is a necessary safety feature as the kitchen must be vented in case there was ever a gas leak. The customer stated that her fire pit that she purchased does not ignite. When we left her home after installing it was working perfectly, and continued to work as she sent us pictures that she took at night. She called the office stating that she was having trouble igniting, the Vice President personally went out to inspect the issue and determined that the problem was an old battery she had remove from a television remote. After supplying a new quality lithium battery, the fire pit was igniting properly. We explained that the fire pit has a warranty and if there are any other problems after the correct battery has been installed, the manufacturer will replace the ignition. Since we never heard anything about the fire pit, we can only assume that the problem was resolved. On two occasions, the President and Vice President were at the home explaining that the elevation issue that was created when the city would not allow the pavers to encroach into the properties drainage easement and due to the fact that we had to overlay her existing lanai because it was part of the homes foundation, can easily be corrected with grass and dirt as all homeowners are aware that this falls upon there responsibility as a homeowner(unfortunately we are not a landscaping company and would not be able to provide that service). We explained that we were contracted to do a paver patio, seat wall, and Summer Kitchen, which we completed. We were never contracted to do steps (which would encroach into easement and it is not the proper application) and the homeowners existing elevation issues are out of our control. We explained that the base material and concrete must not be removed as it is necessary for the integrity of the pavers and must be either covered with grass and dirt or rocks, otherwise any cavitation of the pavers would not be covered under warranty and the customer understood. It is not possible for water to be trapped in the grass area as there is an open aluminum railing where the water can flow into the drainage area below (the back of the property was raised by a 4+ foot wall installed by the builder to somewhat raise the elevation). The customer stated that we are responsible for her grass and railing, which clearly states in our Estimate/Invoice, that she signed, we are not responsible for damage (Notes #6), although no damage was done to railing and grass would need to be placed over base and concrete on back side of patio. She stated that the entire perimeter of the patio is unfinished which is untrue as there must be a concrete restraint band to hold pavers in place, which is industry standard. The railing is actually set into the concrete retaining wall built by the home builder and therefore cannot be removed with out damage ( the railing is required by code for fall protection due to the height of builder retaining wall). I am not sure why the customer submitted a picture of the front of the kitchen but there are no issues with installation or complaints noted. We personally walked over the job with the homeowner on multiple occasions and never saw or heard of a damaged paver, therefore we can only assume that the damage occurred after installation. These complaints came as quite a shock as the homeowner sent us a message on January 5, 2018 at 7:25pm stating "Yes we are enjoying it thank you so very much to all of you it was a great wonderful experience you guys are A+ and I hope you enjoy your trip relax and have a good time and lets definitely all of us get together soon you guys are great people thank you so much have a great weekend" (in complaint, customer stated that the problem date was January 2, 2018. In closing, we completed the job as contracted to industry standard. We agreed upon a refund of $300 which was made by check and in her possession for the stone not being able to be installed on the back side. We feel that we have done everything possible to make the customer happy, and we have listened and immediately corrected all issues she has had or compensated her for anything out of our control.

Customer Response • Feb 12, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
the summer kitchen was to be placed by the fence and therefore should of had the stone placed on the backside installed before final placement. I have had other contractors that agree that the stone can be placed between the fence. The gas vent of the oversized granite is incorrect as the gas grill has it's own venting system. The granite was cut too large. As for the fence that Ralph states was cemented when the retainingwaal was placed is incorrect the fence was bolted to the retaining wall after the wall was completed by the fence company. I was never happy with a wood board as the back of my summer kitchen. I purchased a full stone wrap around summer kitchen, I selected a summer kitchen the company has in their showroom. Ralph should have waited for the fence company to remove the fence before completion of the summer kitchen, Ralph and I spoke about that. The elevation and the step down to the grassed area should have been measured correctly not to encroach the cities easement the company measured the perimeter incorrectly and now they need to correct that. As you can see in all the pictures that this job is clearly unfinished, unsightly and unprofessional and not worth the $16,191.66 I paid. Ralph was in such a rush to finish the job he never waited for the fence company or my electrician to complete this job the correct way. Had he been on the job site I am sure he would have managed his staff properly. The gravel and cement needs to be corrected. And I am more then happy to return the $300.00 as we are not landscapers how ever Ralph was a landscaper when he removed all my grass. The fire pit does not ignite all the time therefore I would like the manufacturer to come out and repair or replace the fire pit. I am merely asking for customer service at this point. I will enclose the companies pictures of other completed jobs that are way better done then mine. As you can see no venting needed from granite. So why will they refuse to correct this issues. Thank You ***.

Curb Appeal Hardscaping Response • Mar 08, 2018

Again, Blaze is talking about proper support for the unit. The unit is properly supported on 3 sides as stated prior. I have also spoken to Paige, from Blaze. She stated that when she spoke to the customer on the phone she explained that the two side supports of granite and metal framing were sufficient in support of the unit and they were mainly discussing support, not venting. The customer insisted on getting an email regarding cutout dimensions for support. I have consulted multiple gas experts and they agree that this is a sufficient venting application and they are willing to attest to such. As stated prior, we have addressed her concerns, case dismissed by, Dept of Agriculture, and tv news and we have resolved the complaints with payment and she accepted payment as full resolution. I have also retained a lawyer for our Defamation (Libel) case. Any and all further communication shall be addressed to our counsel.

Customer Response • Mar 09, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
No I believe Mr. P is not, once again following guidelines from the manufacturer. "The grill should rest on all 3 sides of the countertop if the cutout dimensions are followed and the notch out goes all the way back to the front face of the island. When the grill is installed the supporting lip should not have any gaps behind or to the side for proper support and the lip should rest on the back, left and right sides of the countertop if the cutout dimensions are properly done. read it again Let's see all his documentating he states he has received as his evidence, as I supported my case with written fact. Mr. P doesn't want to repair the granite and he also stated he will not pay to have it exchanged or repaired to me previously. As you can see by his statements he is dancing around fact.
Thank you so much

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Address: 2036 S Ridgewood Ave, Daytona Beach, Florida, United States, 32119-2241


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