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Custom Floors Reviews (2) have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.We have been nothing but factual, patient,cooperative, understanding, and respectful to Custom Floors during this entireordealHowever, we have been met with resistance, unresponsiveness,disinterest in finding the cause of our damaged floors, an unwillingness totake any responsibility for the damaged floors, and no offer of assistance inreplacing the damaged floorsWe are not at fault for the damage to ourhardwood floorsCustom Floors is completely responsible for the damage to ourhardwood floorsShaw outlines specific guidelines for the installer (CustomFloors) that should be met before the installation of hardwood floors to ensurea suitable environment, those include: an inspection of the crawl space &moisture content reading of the subfloorNEITHER OF THESE GUIDELINES WERE MET.On October 23, we were informed that Custom Floors failed to inspect ourcrawl space prior to installation & they failed to conduct moisturereadings on the new subfloor / underlayment provided and installed by CustomFloors(The existing subfloor and the finished floors were both checked formoisture content and met guidelines - however, the new subfloor / underlaymentwhich is sandwiched between these two layers throughout the installation wasnever checked for moisture content) [redacted] claims that our crawl space is moistand caused the damage to our hardwood floors, however his claim has two bigholes: we can find no guidelines for a recommended moisture content of a crawlspace for installation of hardwood floors & the moisture content of thecrawl space was not checked before installationOur crawl space is not wet pera crawl space specialist & per the independent wood floor inspectorOurcrawl space is not to blame for the damaged floorsShaw has inspected theirproduct and they are not to blame for the damaged floorsCustom Floorsinstalled a wet subfloor / underlayment which resulted in the cupping, gapping,buckling, splintering, splitting, and all other damage to our hardwood floors.We have tried to ask Custom Floors to replace our damaged floors but theyrefuse, instead we were provided a quote for over $11,(see attached)Theonly form of resolution Custom Floors has offered is to wait and see: onSeptember 25th, we were asked to wait an additional days to see if thehardwood floors would correct themselvesOn October 23, we contactedCustom Floors to inform them that the floors remained unchanged / still damaged(pictures attached) but were met with resistance, personal attacks, and nooffer to move toward a resolutionIt was at this point we had no option but tocontact consumer agencies for assistanceCustom Floors has continued to beresistant in this process and is continuing to attack us personallyHow wearrived to the decision of our floors is completely irrelevant to thiscomplaintIt is distasteful and unprofessional to publish our private decisionmaking details for the public to viewNo matter the angle - Custom Floors isresponsible for the damaged floorsCustom Floors did not do their duediligence to ensure a proper environment, they installed a wet product, andthey are not standing by the year guaranteeCustom Floors needs to provide afull refundRegards, [redacted] have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.No resolution has been offeredOnce theinspection report was available, We sat down with [redacted] during which heexplained that we have a moisture problemWe were not provided a copy of theinspection report at that timeWe told [redacted] that the moisture problem wouldbe investigated We contacted a crawl space specialist who came to ourhome and spent two hours inspecting my crawlThe crawl space specialiststated, "There is a lot we can do for you, but you don't have a moistureproblem - you don't even have mold." We contracted the crawl spacespecialist to do the work that was discussed which focused on insulating vents.We called [redacted] and explained the finding - [redacted] said he would come see forhimselfWe asked him to bring a copies of the original moisture readings andthe inspection report [redacted] came to our home 9/25/did not bring themoisture readings or the inspection report - nor did he read them aloud for allto hearWe had to contact Shaw and ask for a copy of the inspection report.Shaw then contacted Custom Floors and asked them to send a copy to usWereceived the inspection report 10/21/ [redacted] has said to us on more than oneoccasion, "I'm not gonna throw my checkbook at a problem that isn'tmine." In his account of his visit to our crawl, he says that he is surethat we could hear the conversation in the crawl space between the specialistand himselfHe is correctWe did hear most of the conversationWe also heardit explained that the crawl space specialist had removed the existing vaporbarrier before starting work on the vents to protect the workers from unseendebrisThe crawl space specialist also explained the the moisture contentwould be higher in the crawl because of this factTherefore the readings doneby [redacted] when he was here may have been high, as expected and not consistentwith the condition of the home at the time of installation of the floorsWhatis relevant are the crawl space moisture readings and inspection done prior toinstallation but Custom Floors has determined that they were never done (per aconversation with our sales person, Custom Floors Salesperson on 10/23/14)[redacted] is right, we are not wood floor expertsWe paid experts to do an expertjobIF there is truly a moisture problem in our crawl, Custom Floors had aresponsibility to ensure a suitable environment prior to installing the wood.Additionally, Shaw recommends "Take readings of the subfloor - minimum ofreadings per sq ft and average the resultsFailure to test forproper moisture content of the wood flooring and subfloor can result in cuppingand/or other problems related to or associated with moisture ..." ***has not shown us the moisture readings but it is our understanding that theexisting subfloor and the finished Shaw floor had moisture readings conductedand were within specsPer the conversation on 10/23/with our sales personthere were no moisture readings conducted on the new underlayment supplied andinstalled by Custom Floors (these exist under all of our installed finishedShaw wood floors)It is clear that the moisture issues are the responsibilityof Custom Floors whether in their failure to ensure proper environment orfailure to conduct moisture readings on the new underlaymentCustom Floors isresponsible for the cupping of the finished Shaw wood flooringWe shouldn'thave to seek out Custom Floors Representatives after they are aware of theissueThey should be actively trying to fix this problem It is myunderstanding that Custom Floors guarantees their work for up to a full year.Custom Floors needs to make this situation right either in replacing the flooror refunding our money.Regards, [redacted]

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Address: 880 Mountain Bluff Lane, Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States, 37421


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Custom Floors, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.


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