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Custom Sports Sleeves, LLC.

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I ordered a pair of sleeves on February 10 and paid an extra $9.99 for priority shipping (2-5 days). I just received an email saying the sleeves won't be delivered until February 19. I have contacted CSS and informed them that I am disputing the $9.99 shipping charge with my credit card company.

I placed my order for two custom sleeves on June 1st. I received an email with tracking and was told it would ship within 9 days. On June 20th I still hadn't received my order so I emailed customer service. I immediately received a reply that said the USPS lost my package and they would ship me out new ones via priority mail the same day (June 20th). I checked with USPS and found out the label was created by Custom Sports Sleeves but they never shipped it. The post office never lost my package. I checked the tracking today for the new set I was told they would ship on June 20th and it just says the label was created but order has not shipped. I'm very disappointed with this company.

I had placed an order for a pair of custom compression sleeve back in May of 2014 to Upon receiving my order in the mail a month later, my order was wrong, I had received a pair of compression sleeves but both were for the right arm. I called customer service to discuss this matter and they told me that they would not exchange purchases made on custom items. I was under the impression that since they had sent me the wrong order they would resolve this issue by sending me what I had ordered, 2 blue compression sleeves with matching blue stitching with the left side reading [redacted] and the right compression sleeve reading [redacted]. After much debate and waiting 5 weeks for a response through email, I was asked how I wanted to resolve the issue. I asked for a full refund since it took an additional 5 weeks to receive another faulty order. Customer service agreed to giving me a full refund, however, they sent me a new sleeve for the left arm. Upon contacting customer service yet again, I told them I wanted a full refund and I was going to ship their products back to them. Customer Service replied that if I sent them my sleeves that they had messed up twice on, they would not refund me my money back and would ship both sleeves back to my place of residence.Product_Or_Service: Custom Compressing SleevesOrder_Number: XXXXXXDesired SettlementRefund and credit the remaining balance back to my card. ($24.78)

I have tried to contact the company on several separate occasions regarding my order and there is no response.I placed my order with on 04/16/2014, I have since tried to contact the company on several separate occasions and methods. I have had no response from the company. I placed an order for four baseball compression sleeves in Tennessee volunteer orange. I was under the impression that my order would ship within 6 business days and they would communicate with me and I still have not heard anything back from them.Desired SettlementShip my product and communicate the details with me.Business Response Contact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]@customsportssleeves.comHello,We are very sorry you have had an issue with our company and look to resolve this quickly for you. Thank you for being a customer and we hope to satisfy you with our response.We have checked our records and confirmed that an order was placed with us. The order was on 4/16/14 with order #XXXXXX. This order was promptly shipped per our shipping policy via USPS with tracking # XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. According to this tracking number, the order has arrived at its destination.In terms of the lack of communication, we were able to locate a phone record for this customer on 4/24. A customer service rep promptly handled the call and the summary of the call was as follows: "Caller placed order on 4/16, but his order is still "New" in our system. Would like to know an estimated shipping date. Please contact. Thanks."A status update was promptly emailed and a promise to ship the order fast was made.There were no other contacts made with this customer and the claim of lack of response seems unwarranted given our records.I hope this helps to clear things up. We do hope you enjoy your sleeves and continue to be a customer of Custom Sports Sleeves.Thank you,[redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I do not accept this response for the fact that I did attempt to contact via the website 2 previous times and once over the phone I left a message. Final Business Response Dear,We have followed all of the customer's desired resolution directions.This order has arrived according to its tracking number ( In addition, we addressed the communication issue this customer had. We have phone and email records showing that the claim of lack of communication is unwarranted and can provide these records if requested.The order was shipped directly in accordance with our shipping policy found here: ep 72-1.htmlWe invite this customer to review our return policy to see if his order qualifies if he still isn't satisfied. Our return policy is found here: kindly ask the to review our responses, request any further evidence they need, and to close this complaint.Thanks,[redacted] of behalf of Custom Sports Sleeves

Company has not issued me a refund, despite the fact that I have returned the product in new condition.Order Number #XXXXXXXXXXX One Sleeve Compression ShirtFabric Color: Bright SalmonSize: Adult SmallSleeve Arm: Sleeve On Right ArmAdd H2O TEK or UV 50+: H2O TEK - $3.98Total purchase price $46.52I paid using my Visa credit card.I purchased a shoulder compression shirt from the company. After trying it on and testing it out a t my house I found that the product did not provide the support in the area that I needed. I called their customer service line to find out if I could return the product for a refund. They stated if the product was still in new condition and returned within the 30 day window, I could receive a refund. I placed the product in the mail that day (June 7th). It is July 3rd and I still have not received a refund. I have called the company multiple times and left messages, and have not been called back.Desired SettlementI would like a refund in the amount of $46.52.Business' Initial Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted], [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]@customsportssleeves.comHi [redacted],We are very sorry that you are having issues with us. As always, CSS strives to have the best customer service. We look forward to resolving this issue for you in a timely manner.Could you please send us the tracking number and mail provider used to ship the order back to us? Also, did you fill out and email the return authorization form to us before shipping the returned products? I will check to see if the return was received.Please also note that after a refund is given, it may take some time for the credit to appear in your account.Thank you.

The product was incorrect and sent back. Now the company is avoiding contact with us to get us a product sent back. We ordered the product on [redacted] On [redacted] I contacted them to up the shipping to overnight for an additional charge. Still did not receive the package until [redacted] despite paying for overnight. Once I received the product I could tell they sent the wrong thing and called the next day. They told me to send the product back and the issue would be fixed within the week. On [redacted] I sent the product back. For the next three weeks I called and was brushed off by customer service when I asked where my product was and why I had not received a replacement. The person who knew all those answers was always "in a meeting" and I was told I could not hold for them. I tried several times to email them with no response as well. Finally I spoke with someone who was going to help me resolve this issue. By this point it had been a month since I purchased the product and it was to be used in a seasonal sport that lasts around two months. Destiny was the representatives name. She told me she would have my replacement sent out immediately and expedite the shipping as well as refund part of my money. This was a Wednesday [redacted] and she told me my product would go out on that Friday [redacted] Heard nothing from them, tried to call and email. Finally on Monday [redacted] I had an email that my product was shipping out that day. I asked for a tracking number and was met with no response. I still do not have my product. This is over a month without a product because of an error on the factory's part. It is a sleeve for my son to wear in jr high football and at this point he has went half the season without it. I have paid for my product and I expect my product.Desired SettlementI want the product I was promised as well as a full refund of the purchase price and the shipping cost. Business Response Hello,We agree that there was a miscommunication here and addressed this issue in our latest email to you from a manager.We regret your bad experience with us and have refunded you 100%.We are very sorry and very embarrassed by the miscommunication and the way in which you described you were treated. We hope you can at least accept this apology.As mentioned, we are still conducting an internal review of this matter with the support rep you spoke with and there has already been consequences for her unorganized approach to dealing with you.I hope we can consider this resolved and both move on. Again, we are very sorry.Thank you.

I received a product that was damaged upon delivery. I spoke to company on the same day and two weeks later still have not received any response.I ordered a custom size police officer arm sleeve [redacted] order number #XXXXXX on [redacted] I paid [redacted] and received this item 5 days later and it was damaged. The threads were coming out from the seam and the fabric appeared to have been worn previously. I called the company on the same day I received the item damaged and asked if I could received a shipping label to return the item since it was damaged and I didn't want to pay to ship the item since it was the company's fault. I was told that I would receive correspondance from the company within 24 hours. I did not receive anything and I had been checking my junk email folder as well. I gave it 48 hours and then called back and told my story to another customer service rep. Again I was told I would hear something within 24 hours. Again 24 hours passed and I had not heard from the company. I needed this item for my job and this was holding me up. Therefore I called back ( at this point it was a week later) and asked to speak to a Supervisor. I was told they were busy and gave my name and call back information. Once again I never heard back from the Supervisor. I let 48 hours pass and called again. I spoke to a customer service rep named [redacted] on [redacted] 2015 who I had spoke to initially when reporting my problem. She said to remembered my case and to ask for her next time if there are any issues since she knows what is going on. Once again she said a Supervisor would contact me and to be watching for an email or phone call. I checked my junk mail continuously and when I did not hear back I called 24 hours later on [redacted] 2015. I was told a Supervisor would be getting back to me. However, I did not hear anything. On [redacted] 2015 I called again and asked to speak to a Supervisor and heard the same thing that they are busy and would get my information and call me later. I have still not heard from the company in any form and it's been well over two weeks of me contacting the company almost daily. I constantly get the same message from whomever I talk to and this is unacceptable especially when this is the company's fault. I needed this item weeks ago for my job and knowing I am getting no assistance from the company is very frustrating. I am just getting the run around from customer service and knowing I have not been contacted by Supervisor in weeks and I have called and left multiple messages for a Supervisor and spoke to multiple customer service representatives and I am told the same thing daily, yet nothing is getting solved. I am now reporting the company because customer service is horrific and knowing they have an unhappy customer and it is their fault and they don't care is even worse. I ask you for help in seeking assistance from this company. Thank you!Desired SettlementI asked the company to send me a shipping label so I can return the damaged item free of charge since it was not my fault the item came to me damaged. Business Response We have been in contact with Mr. [redacted] via phone and email. Mr. [redacted] had ordered a custom made product and was not satisfied with the quality or color. We allowed him to keep the unsatisfactory product and sent a new one out at our cost. Please note these are 100% custom made products that do take some time to produce and ship, hence the wait time. Mr. [redacted] was expedited a new custom made arm sleeve in a new color on [redacted] with USPS tracking number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. It is important to note that our exchange time was in accordance with our post return/exchange policy. Mr. [redacted] has now received a satisfactory product and we have not heard from him in over a week which likely means he is now happy with his purchase. We kindly ask that this case be closed. Thank you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our customer. Quality and customer satisfaction are our top goals at CSS.

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Description: Sportswear-Retail

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