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First I'd like to inform you that [redacted] had passed away a few years ago and I am the new owner of "Watchung Custom Tattoo LLC." As far the customer concerned in this case. THOUGH WE WILL TATTOO HANDS AND FEET BUT WE DO DISCOURAGE IT. We explain to every customer requesting this service...

that if a touch up is necessary that there will be a fee to re do the tattoo due to the high difficulty of healing these areas of the body. We even have a photo posted showing a new tattoo on fingers and the same tattoo healed to show the possible consequences.        This customer called my tattoo studio saying the that tattoo "fell out" and I explained to her once again our shop policy about tattoos on hands and feet. She never came back in so we could examine the tattoo and give a fair price to re do the tattoo. She demanded a price over the phone and I said it could be $40-$50 to re do it but we must see it first to give an actual price, she even proceeded to slander my business name on such sites like "[redacted]" etc...  without even returning to my tattoo studio to attempt to resolve the issue.         When the tattoo was originally  done the artist even recommended to do the tattoo in a different area of the foot to give it a better chance to heal properly yet the customer refused and insisted on putting it in a high risk area instead of listening to a professional opinion.          As far ad a refund it is against my company policy to give any refunds. I have been tattooing for over 30+ years, along with my other artists in the studio we have over 85 years combined knowledge and experience in the art of tattooing, if the customer would like to come in for a consultation about the matter we will be happy to discuss a way to resolve the issue. But as I said a refund is totally out of the question.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:I appreiate all the effort to resolve this issue.  I intially called the owner with both my mom and brother on the phone as well as witnesses.  I called voicing my opinion and was hoping an offer to resolve the issue reasonably would be made .  The owner at that time had a huge wall of defense up and the conversation at times seemed hostile and not healthy.  I did not personally feel comfortable with myself and especially my brother going somewhere that the other person already seemed upset.   I asked for a estimate over the phone because my brother had already paid 75 dollars and now a touch up would be 40-50 more .   My brother even asked over the phone could we do half price of the touch up, which too me should have been the immediate solution given to by the establishement then we would have come in.  Who would want someone re doing their skin  if they are angry and not willing to even meet you half way ??As far as showing my brother and I pictures this did not happen.  In fact when we first go there the owner was not even there just the artist and by the time the owner came he was drawing the tattoo on a piece of  paper -> I never talked to the owner about this tattoo -> my brother just paid him this is all.   Dave did say that the feet were hard to do at times but that we should be okay and if there were any problems or issues just come back, he also said that the area where it was on my feet should be okay b/c it was not in the transitional zone.   I have no reason to make this up. My brother was also there at the time as well. I just want half of my money back so I can re do my tattoo in a comfortable zone/position. I simply wrote my opinion on [redacted], no slander just my review.God Bless 

Review: To whom this may concern ,

I recently had a tattoo placed on my foot about a month ago at this establishment and within 2 weeks my tattoo looked as if someone had taken a pencil and outlined my tattoo it had faded so bad, it was really bad. I was told by the artist at the time of the procedure that it may be a difficult but the part of my foot where I had it should be okay , and with the ink we should be okay and there shouldnt be problem. He also said that the foot becomes a problem once you go beyond the dorsal (bottom) aspect of the foot and my tattoo was not on the plantar aspect -> it was located on the dorsal medial area of the foot (upper side of the foot ).

I had noticed when it was healing that the letters seemed to be fading , and I decided to wait until it was finished peeling to see if really looked that bad once it had healed some. I called this past Friday on 3/28/14 at 630 PM to talk to the artist about retouching it because it was truly faded and you could barely seen it. The artist told me to talk to he manager who really did not try to work with me in solving this resolution or problem on my skin!!! He basically stated that it was my problem.

I am not mad about the outcome , but I did think that they would be professional to work with me when I called to complain about needing a touch up. The owner told me that he stated the hands and feet are not guaranteed but I never spoke to him about this only the artist. I think the least you could do would be to agree to charge maybe 1/2 of a normal touch up , but not too take any credit for your work is absurd. It is like me putting in stiches at work and not event taking a look at them when a patient has concerns about the outcome of them . Just sucks.

Also the owner kept saying we are not responsible for healing, I healed just fine the work just sucked! I have no signs of infection or any problem healing , believe me I am a physician I would know.

I have pictures as well .Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of my money as this was not the service I was expecting or sold to me.

I now have permanent reminder on my foot of something that was supposed to be inspiring of my battle with cancer . It is really sad not to stand by your work



First I'd like to inform you that [redacted] had passed away a few years ago and I am the new owner of "Watchung Custom Tattoo LLC."

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