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Cutting Edge Hair Salon

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I went into this salon with a very specific hair color I was told that it could be done with no problem. When my hair was finally done after four hours of sitting in the chair the left and right side was an orange color the hair dresser said it was Carmel no where close to Carmel in my opinion with pictures to prove it. My roots were dyed black the foils were very thick nothing like I wanted nor asked for. I told her that the color wasn't right and she said well we did to much damage to your hair already so wait until Sunday to wash it and the color will calm down and look more natural. My hair was far from natural on Sunday it was orange. The salon was closed on Sunday so I was unable to go back and get it fixed there I went to another salon because I couldn't go to work looking unprofessional when I arrived at that salon the hairdresser couldn't believe the job that was done she didn't even understand the job that was trying to be done and agreed that it looked nothing like the picture that was shown. When I called the cutting edge on Monday and explained the situation and how I was very disappointed I was refused a refund I was told it was against policy to refund any mistakes they have made. Not once was I ever informed this policy or ever signed anything about this policy. I was told I should of went back to that salon and could have paid for it to be redone so not only was I refused a refund but I would have had to pay to get it fixed. My hair cost me [redacted] that day I am beyond disappointed with the customer service I received from the salon it disgusts me that they will not give me a refund for their mistakes nonetheless pay for it to be fixed I was screamed at over the phone to never call that salon again. When they screamed at me all I said was I need my refund and if not I would have to contact a lawyer and they said go ahead call a lawyer and bring us to court and hung up on me.Ive never seen worst customer service from a business before and nobody should have to deal with that.Product_Or_Service: Hair colorDesired SettlementAll I would like back is my refund it was there mistake and I shouldn't have to suffer because of it! It upsets me that they are acting like there's nothing I can do about it. It clearly shows that they have no respect for there customers and don't care about losing business I have worked in this field and I was always taught that you do whatever it takes to make your customers happy and satisfied this situation was dealt in the most unprofessional manner and I'm embarrassed for them.Business Response Ms [redacted] came into The Cutting Edge on [redacted] to have her hair cut and colored. She was referred to our salon by her sister who had been a few times previously. She went to one of our stylists and requested a very specific hair color and style, using a photo from a magazine. She had colored her hair a darker color previously and based on the color variation on her hair and roots it was clear it was not done professionally. It was explained that due to the darkness of her hair the light blond highlights would not be possible and they would be a little darker more of a Carmel color initially as she could not be brought to that level from where she was. She would need a couple of treatments to get to the light blonde look. She would understand that as she stated in her compliant that she is a stylist herself. The process took longer than expected based on the color variation of the previous boxed treatment used, and was completed approximately 4 hours after her arrival. She had her roots dyed a little darker than her hair color, and her hair was done as a balayage type treatment using both blonde and a red color. A photo was taken after her style which is enclosed. She was so happy with her style and color she presented the stylist with a [redacted] tip for the [redacted] procedure. She was then was asked to pose for [redacted] because her hair had turned out so well, which picture is also attached. She posed, the photo was taken and posted that night on [redacted] Receiving 16 likes coincidentally. As a standard recommendation, Ms [redacted] was told not to add anything to her hair and to initially use a shower cap when showering to preserve color. On [redacted] one of the owners of the salon received a call from Ms [redacted] demanding an immediate refund of her money stating she was a teacher, her color had turned orange on Sunday and she went to another salon for color and repair. At that time, she was told, per policy we do not refund money for color, and in the event there was an issue or concern on anyone's color, that we have clients come in and we fix that procedure or color as a normal part of business operations. She verbally threatened physical abuse to [redacted] on the phone and then additionally stated that unless she received a full refund she would take the matter to small claims court. As per policy, for employees safety, if anyone threatens the staff, they are instructed to tell the person, they are not welcome in the salon and to notify the police should they return. Later in the day, Ms [redacted] sent in her father, who attempted to intimidate [redacted] by invading her personal space, demanding an immediate refund. Unlike his daughter, he was not vulgar. He demanded a full refund and we again explained we would be happy to repair or fix any color issues but since she had gone to another salon, that there was nothing we could do .He stated they had called the salon on Sunday, (no voicemail was left) and stated that since we were closed and she was a student she needed immediate help. [redacted] explained to the father, our voicemail system is monitored and had she left a message we would have corrected it on [redacted] Normally we look for 100% satisfaction and are more than willing to repair or attempt to correct any issue, perceived or real. He was told normally as a offering they could come back and we would have another stylist do her hair the next time around, but she would have to pay for the color used, and we would pick up the time of the stylist. But based on her vulgarity and threatening behavior used by Ms [redacted], and for the safety of staff, she was not welcome back into the salon Her father showed a photo, which clearly had been photoshopped,stating this was what happened, with two orange lines drawn on the photo. We asked for a copy of to show to the hair color company as this is the first complaint of this nature in 5 years and thousands of color treatments . The photo of the alleged change in color was not given. We also explained that after a customer leaves the salon, we have no bearing if a customer should try and change or redo color .As a former stylist, teacher, and student, etc, Ms [redacted] should be well aware that any changes she made post color would be and is her responsibility. I spoke to her father again and explained there were several inconsistencies in Ms [redacted] rendition of what transpired. She had initially told the staff no boxed color was used, then stated it was to staff (multiple employees heard this conversation) and then told he father she had not. Again on initial discussion she needed immediate repair because she was a teacher, then student, then not, now a hairdresser When I told Mr. [redacted] that had they left a message we have come in on Sundays for clients, yet he wanted nothing but a refund. We cannot be held responsible for what someone does to their hair after services rendered. Based on behavior and for the safety of staff Ms [redacted] is not welcome at The Cutting Edge. We are happy Ms [redacted] has found another salon and wish her well. Attached also is a slanderous social media campaign by Ms [redacted] which has several inconsistencies from the complaint filed. You will note this is her Face book. We are presently reviewing legal action based on Ms [redacted]'s slanderous actions. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I am far from satisfied with the response from the Cutting Edge. The information they have provided is FULL OF LIES AND FALSE INFORMATION! First I disagree with a different owner writing this when he or she was not the one who I spoke to over the phone so they clearly have false information as to what was said and are falsely accusing me of "threatened physical abuse", and vulgarity. I would like to know if there are cameras placed in this salon because my father did no such thing as "invade[redacted] personal space" as a matter of fact she was behind the counter and he was on the other side. The fact that they are saying the photo I have is photo shopped just amazes me because I don't even know how to photo shop a picture to draw orange onto something which proves my hair really did look orange and I will gladly have it proved by a photo shop analyst that no such thing occurred. I don't know where they are getting I am a stylist from because as stated in my first complaint "I have worked in this field before." They then jump to the conclusion that that means I was a stylist. I am a licensed Aesthetician and when making that statement I was explaining that I have been taught to never treat a customer the way I have been treated. I have no idea where they even got that I was a student because that was never said. For them to say that my hair hasn't been professionally done is also another LIE! I currently have copies of my client card from the salon I usually go to with the dates of my past appointments. So now that cancels out there false statement of saying I used box color. I HAVE NEVER USED BOXED COLOR for the fact I understand that it is not good for anyone's hair. They have lied about posting there [redacted] picture the night my hair was done they actually posted it after I called the salon asking for a refund and there 'coincidentally 16 likes' on the picture are liked by themselves and some of there stylist I have pictures to prove it. The statement they posted along with the picture said "color correction by the name of the stylist....from box to beautiful.... may I ask since when was my hair a color correction??? A color correction would be what the stylist who fixed my hair did after the cutting edge made there horrible mistake. I would also like to make a point to the statement they made of "I loved my hair so much I left a [redacted] tip" I always leave a 20% tip anywhere I go unless I don't like the service I received [redacted] on a [redacted] bill is not something to be happy over for the fact it is a 12% tip. My permission for my picture to be posted on any social media [redacted], [redacted] etc. was never given I was told the picture was going to be used for a portfolio and I would never give permission allowing them to post anything to the internet for personal reasons. My picture was posted on the [redacted] page for the cutting edge, on the personal Facebook page of the stylist, and on the stylist personal hair page for [redacted] with once again photos to prove, that all of this was posted. I feel as though the Cutting Edge is trying to intimidate me as well as threaten me with what they have wrote back and the in the tone they have used in there response, saying they are reviewing into further legal action for my slanderous post on Facebook after just saying "we wish her well" this is intimidation that I don't deserve there was nothing slanderous about my [redacted] post in fact when people commented saying they go to them and like them I said well I'm glad you had a good experience. I have the right to state my opinion. I feel offended with the response back from the cutting edge and don't appreciate the lies and false statements they have made. I am still in shock that this business can be this unprofessional and disrespectful with such poor customer service. This matter can only be concluded upon a full refund of the [redacted] by the Cutting Edge, At this point I am non-negotiable.

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