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Inferior service repairing lap top. On 7/26/2013 I brought my lap top to be repaired. It had "crashed". I picked it up on 7/29. On 7/30 I returned to the store because I could not access sites that I previously used. The person who waited on me was impatient and condescending but did do something which allowed me to access the sites. I informed the manager that I had installed MSE virus protection. He informed me Norton had a better product. On 8/6 I returned and purchased the Norton program which the manager installed. I reminded him that I had MSE Security Essentials already installed. He stated he removed the program before installing Norton. Everything went along fine until I tried to download my printer. The printer driver installation kept getting blocked. I got on line with Norton and was informed there were two virus programs and the original program had to be removed. On 9/12 I returned to Cyber Exchange and reported the problem. I was told that Security Essentials had indeed been removed by them. When I explained it was still listed on my installed programs and the Norton people informed me it was still on my laptop the technician said Norton was lying. "Just a pat answer they give everyone to get rid of them." He said. When I said "How could that be?" He literally yelled at me saying "You are trying to blame me when you did something to this machine that broke it. Do you want me to fix this or not?" I had given these people $140. I didn't say anything else. He stated he installed another web browser so he could save me the expense of more work to fix it. When I attempted to use the machine the next day, once again, I could not access sites I had accessed in the past. I went back on 9/13 and brought the back-up discs I had made in case they could assist with the repair. The technician began writing up a cost estimate. I asked if they were going to charge me and he said, "Of course I am." I said I would not pay anymore money as I felt they caused the problems and Microsoft Security Essentials was indeed still on my lap top causing the problems. Once again they were rude, condescending and refused to fix it without charging me. I left and that day I took my lap top to another service (Warp 9 PC LLC.1218 Westfield St XXXXX XXX-XXX-XXXX) They returned my pc the next day in perfect condition and working beautifully like new. I have downloaded programs without problem. The service people at Warp 9 informed me there were two virus protection programs on my pc causing the problem when I tried to download. Cyber Exchange did not remove Security Essentials as they said they did. I feel the people at Cyber Exchange are not competent technicians and do not have complete knowledge of how to repair computers. In addition I was extremely upset at the language, the tone of voice and the accusations they made trying to make me think I had done something which caused the problems when indeed it was their fault. Desired SettlementCyber Exchange charged me $100. for inferior work. It costs me $60.00 to repair the damage they did. I am requesting they reimburse me $160.00Business Response Dear Sirs, This is the answer to case #XXXXXXOn July 26 the Customer brought in a laptop to be serviced stating that " she had an issue with best buyservice"Her request was to "reload the computer with the original operating system" We reloaded the operating system and installed the appropriate drivers and applied the current updates, from factorycds check all hardware cleaned the heat sinks and fans. At the time she picked up the computer we recommended that she install virus protection, and she insisted on using Microsoft Security Essentials,not the Norton we recommended.She returned the next day stating "she could not play her game" she said she "declined installing Java the first time she opened the program". Java was installed and was re-enabled in the browser,we checked the computer, the game operated properly, at no additional charge.She later returned a second time with a failed update of Microsoft Security Essentials, which was blocking access to certain websites. We removed MS Security Essentials, reset the browser and installed NortonInternet security along with the updates as she requested. The computer was tested and ran fine, again at no charge.She again returned a 3rd time stating she could not download her printer driver or Skype. Customer Asked if uninstalling the Norton Security would solve the issue. When we again looked at the computerWe found corrupt security settings in the browser that appears to be from a reinstallation of MS SecurityAfter we previously removed it. She also stated that she had been on line with Norton and they said "It was a problem with the operating system of her computer" We also found that Internet ExplorerWas corrupt and not allowing downloads. We attempted to reset the security settings and browser,We offered her the option to install Mozilla Firefox which would allow her games to be installed and get online.We also downloaded Skype service to her computer, again at no charge. The fourth time she retuned she said "she was not happy using the Firefox browser" and demandedThat we "reload her computer". We told her it would be at a discounted rate she said "I shouldn'tHave to pay" and stormed out, saying "I am going to contact the"We spent a large amount of time trying help and counsel her, along with on the spot service, about issues that were caused after the computer left our store. We suggested that she get a book about the Windows Operating System. We also feel that her demanding, accusatory nature along with argumentative attitude was not appreciated. If she feels she was treated condescendingly she should try listening to the person's explanation beforebefore she interrupts, multiple times.[redacted] M. [redacted]Cyber ExchangeFinal Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)This is a total lie. I was not rude or demanding as stated. I did not have a problem with Best Buy. I was shopping for a better price as Best Buy wanted $50.00 more for the same repair. I was always polite. I did not re-install Microsoft Essentials as the company stated. When I left the store after they installed Norton I saw on my computer that Microsoft Essentials was still on the programs list. When I questioned the technician about MSE still being listed in my programs lists he said it was not functioning even though it is on the list. He appeared annoyed and irritated that I questioned him about it. When I called Norton for assistance they stated MSE was indeed still on my computer. I did NOT re-install it. The technician is lying, in fact he accused Norton of lying to me when they told me MSE was not installed to "get rid of me.". When I called them Norton went on my computer by remote and could see that MSE was indeed still installed. Norton told me to return to Cyber Exchange and ask them to remove it. The whole problem was due to Cyber Exchange not removing MSE as they stated. They were rude and condescending from the first time I returned asking why I could not access the games program. When I left their store and brought my computer to another company they found that MSE was still installed and it was causing the problems I was having. Unfortunately I have no witnesses of the technician yelling at me but I do have the receipt from the company that repaired it stating there were indeed two virus programs on my computer which caused the problem. This company is lying. I have never been treat4d with such rude disrespect in my life. If providing the information from Warp 9 PC will help my case please let me know. thank you. Final Business Response We have been in business 16 years.We demonstrated that skype and her game worked before she left the store. We have no control over a pc when it leaves our shop.

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Description: Computer Software Publishers & Developers

Address: 11141 US Highway 19 N Ste 208, Clearwater, Florida, United States, 33764-7406


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