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User robert shifter time 18.06.2017

I brought my laptop to cyber-tronix for virus cleaning, they cleaned all the viruses out & supplied me with a log of all the infections, malware, pops or pups or something like that, and other potential threats that they cleared, they then told me where to get a good protection software instead of the norton I had been using that didnt stop anything!
It has been about a year & my protection expired 2 weeks ago & I got infected again right after that! I called them & set an appointment, they cleaned it & since I called them quickly after the infection it wasn't bad this time so it was cheap AF to get cleaned!
(PS: if you call them leave a message, there is construction going on near their office so they are appointment only right now as per the voicemail, but they called me back within a few hours, I think they dont take calls until after noon though

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User Reviewer1183319 time 25.04.2016

Review: I sent my xbox to cyber-tronix on 5/12/15 to have repairs done. They received my xbox on 5/18/15. I waited a week later and check on the progress of the repairs and was told that someone would get back to me. That never happened. I waited another week and called again and was told that parts were being "gathered up" for the repairs to be completed. I waited another week and called and no answer. I called every day for about 2 weeks still no answer. Today I had a friend from Michigan call and see if they would answer and they did. This confirmed all my suspicions that they were not answering my calls because they saw my number on the caller id. I then called the Sacramento sheriffs dept to see if I could file a police report about theft and was told that its a civil matter and I would have to get an attorney to resolve this. Its a shame that this business has done me this way. To this day I still don't have my xbox returnedDesired Settlement: I just want my xbox returned. I sent it with prepaid postage so there wouldn't be an issue sending it back.

Company states: This consumer called us about two months. He said that he sent us an xbox repair. We do not accept any shipping of game consoles. He expressed that this was a modded xbox that had copied games on it. Which is illegal to send across state lines. He said that he had sent that to us. I spoke to him on three occasions. He just kept on calling and talking to our techs. We never received any package from him. If we would have, we would have without doing any work we would have rejected it. We have communicated this to him. We are a local walk in shop. We do not do any pick up. 

I am rejecting this response because: here is the proof that my xbox was shipped to them and they signed and accepted it.  If they did not accept out of town repairs then why was it signed for and accepted???

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