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D Beaman Construction

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On or around the last week of September, 2012, I began to call for bids from concrete contractors to get quotes for installing a concrete/cement driveway at my home. On 10-1-12 I received a call from Deric Scott Beaman of D. Beaman Construction, at that time of [redacted], Michigan. Within a week or so of that call, he met me after work and came to my home to look at the area I wanted cement poured and to listen to what I wanted. He had been out to give me an estimate the previous year but due to other remodeling projects, I did not have him complete the driveway at that time. When he did come over, I asked him for 2 quotes, the first to do half the driveway and the second one for the whole driveway and steps leading from my front deck porch to my driveway. I told him I would like my steps stenciled and the area around my deck also done in a brown color. At that point he suggested a color called Pecan. He said if I hired him for the whole job, he would do it for $6,000 as he was nearing the end of his pouring season and he would throw in the color and the stencil for free as he said he had coloring and stencil in his barn, left over from another job. While at my home, he drew up a bid on a yellow sheet of paper and left it with me; I agreed on his quote for the whole driveway and he said he would write it up and be back the next day so he could get my signature. He did not but later in that week, he called and said he was going to leave the estimate he wrote up on my door and for me to sign it and he would and then leave a copy for me. I did get the contract and signed it and taped it to my front door so he could pick it up the following day which he did do but he failed to leave a copy for me. I called him when I got home from work that day as the contract was no longer taped to my door, and asked where my copy was. He said it must have blown away or something and he would leave me another copy the next day. I said that was fine. He never did leave me a copy of my signed contract, not even to this date. In between that time and 10-16-12, he came over and left me 2 examples of stencil for me to choose from. I chose one and he at some point when I was not home, dropped by my home again and picked up the samples. I again asked for a copy of my contract, he said he forgot it but would bring it over. When he asked for the first payment, monies for cracking the cement up and hauling it away, he said he would refund the $1000 from a different account in check form as we would deduct it from the final bill, but he needed money to pay for the tearing out and hauling of the concrete and instead of making the check out for $800 I wrote a check for an even $1000. On 10-25-12 when he poured the cement, I asked him about the $1000 dollars, if I could deduct it from my payment and he said no, he had the check already made out from his business account and it was in the mail, on its way to me. Although I should have not believed him, he seemed very friendly and interested in doing a good job for me and with his insistence of getting me my $200 over pay to me when I told him I didnt want him to continue with the drive way as it was taking to long, I thought his word was good and I trusted him. My mistake! Every other word out of [redacted] mouth was a lie as was the lie about having a check in the mail to me. In addition, he said there were extras that increased my bill but never told me what they were except for more square footage. I never authorized more square footage and he did not build any stairs for me to get from my front deck to the driveway which he was suppose to do. In essence, I basically wrote this contractor a blank check. I want others to know how he does business or lack of it so they do not make the same mistake I did. In addition, I have found that currently there has been a formal complaint filed against him and his company D. Beaman Construction, License number [redacted], with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, complaint # 319103. Deric Scott Beaman, Owner of D. Beaman Construction Company committed fraud and continually lied to me regarding work dates and the $1,000 he owes me. In addition, there is some cracking of my driveway occurring by my side entrance door to my garage. On 12-4-2012 I wrote Mr. Beaman a letter and sent it certified, telling him I wanted a copy of my original contract that I signed and my $1000 over payment. I sent the letter certified mail. On 1-2-2013 I picked up from the Post Office, my certified letter sent to D. Beaman Construction as it was not picked up by Deric Beaman. I have all my documentation of canceled checks, witness statements, and my letter sent him and certified receipts. On or around the week of December 17, I received notice from the United States Bankruptcy Court that Deric Scott Beaman has filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, case number 12-67185-swr. Therefore, my Small Claims Court filing of December 10, 2012 will go without resolution and the Taxpayers of the State of Michigan will be paying for his unethical business practices and poor quality of work as there is some cracking starting on my driveway by the side entrance door to my garage. Deric Scott Beaman, Owner of D. Beaman Construction Company committed fraud and continually lied to me regarding work dates and the $1,000 he owes me. I have documentation of text messages sent and phone conversations. Below is detailed documentation of dates of phone calls and dates and times of text messages as sent: 10-1-12 Beaman called my cell phone at 1624.10-16-12 Check to Beaman Construction check # 3875 in the amount of $1000.10-25-12 concrete poured.10-25-12 D Beaman Construction check # 3904 in the amount of $6000.Below are the documented text messages between Deric Beaman and myself. Me, Thur 10-18- 1056 am- I got your voicemail. I didn't know u had to buy the stencil u said u already had it. the job is still a

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Description: Construction & Remodeling Services

Address: 2520 Zion Rd, Rives Junction, Michigan, United States, 49277-9770


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