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D & C Auto

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I went to D&C Auto on XX-XX-XX and bought 2 new Mastercraft tires and had them installed. I then noticed in the beginning of 2014, probably around Feb or the beginning of March that the "new" tires had a crack going all around the sidewall of both tires just above the tires bead.I went back to D & C around the 17th to 19th of March and showed them the crack and was seeking some kind of assistance.I was told by [redacted], the person that installed the tires that he would have to contact his supplier to see what to do.I was informed a day or two later that I would have to buy two "more" tires and have the two bad ones sent somewhere to be inspected. I bought two more and had them installed on March 20,2014. I was told by [redacted] that it might take weeks before I could find out anything, he took my name and number and I still don't know anything.He said that his supplier talked favorable about getting some kind of refund but I still haven't heard anything.I have not contacted them since, I don't think it would do any good for me to do so, so I contacted you, the Revdex.com to see if you can help. I have paid for two sets of tires but only have one.Thanks for any help.
Product_Or_Service: 2 Mastercraft tires
Account_Number: Receipt # XXXXX

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Category: Auto Repair & Service

Address: Berea, KY 40403-1099

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