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D & C Motorz

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We drove to Portland from Idaho, to purchase a 2004 Black Touareg. We had put $1000 deposit down on the car. Here is a time line of our Saturday when we first arrived at the business. When we first got in the car to test drive the car was alarming and had a light that read(COOLANT FAN OVER HEATING). Your employee, [redacted] took it to your mechanic. We were given the car back a few hours later and told the issue was fixed and it was just a fuse he had to replace. We then took the car to get an inspection at the mechanic of our choice. They let us know about the front headlight being out and the seat heaters that were not working. You then fixed both of these before we purchased the car and headed back to Boise. We did sign the purchase agreement the car was "AS-IS", which we thought was with a working coolant fan and all working front headlight. Then the day after we got home back to Boise, the check engine light turned on. We had it diagnosed and turn off in case it was just a fluke. However, it turned back within the week along with the ABS light. At this time, I had it diagnosed again at the Boise VW dealer. Which found a faulty coolant fan, headlight that was out, and a broken part to the ABS system. The first two were issues we discovered the day we drove the Touareg and before we purchased it. You were aware of it along with the head light, the seat heaters not working, and a smokey car which every one of your employees we spoke with said they couldn't smell. In fact, when we got home and took it in to get the cabin filter changed, the the cabin filter was so chard with black the shop saved the old filter just to show us because he said it was the worst he had ever seen. (Which you guys could have easily changed out for us before we drove 400 miles to come buy this car from professional dealership when I called for the first time and asked if the car had been smoked in before and your employees said, "NO NEVER".

The VW Boise dealer has fixed for us the coolant fan w/ a bad fuse($700.00 fan and fuse) plus labor($300.00), headlight ($100.00) plus labor ($50) and diagnostic plugging in computer for a total of $1150.00. I spoke with the [redacted] technician and discussed how D & C Motorz said it was the fuse that was bad and it fixed the issue before we bought the car. They told me that really your mechanic just masked the issue for a short period of time to pass [redacted] Eventually the bad fan would blow the fuse again. Just like it did on the Saturday we first arrived and the day after we got home.
We feel the fan and headlight is a pre-existing condition from before we bought the car. If you would like to talk to VW Boise to confirm the fan issue please let me know. They are backing us 100% that your mechanic masked the issue with the coolant fan for the inspection we did at Beaverton VW. Besides the $1150 for those repairs, we have also paid $800 for the ABS system repair, new wipers, and to change the cabin filter. Yet,we are very disappointed to have accrued such cost in repairs in such a short time of owning a car, we are just seeking compensation for the items we were aware of before we purchased the vehicle.

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Category: Auto Dealers - Used Cars

Address: Portland, OR 97202-4738

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