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D & D Advertising Enterprises Inc.

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Review: The sales call was pushy, misunderstood & misrepresented. The person I spoke with was extremely rude when I contacted them regarding this matter.Desired Settlement: An email apology from the company.



Dear [redacted]

I would like to take the time to thank you for your concern and the feedback you have provided regarding your dealings with our company. I assure you we take all complaints seriously and will thuroughly review the incident to make sure no company policies were violated and that the sales rep is performing within acceptable limitations. It appears that this was not the case, given your complaint. We have been in business since 1993 and credit our success to our commitment to honest, fair business practices, and making sure the customer has a positive experience in all phases of their contact with our company. Often times the sales rep is the only contact our customers have with our company. They are our "face" so it is important that they treat everyone professionally.

I have no record of recieving a complaint call from you in the last two days. As the states on its website, it is always best to contact the company first and ask to speak to a manager before registering a compaint through the It is much more likely that your problem can be handled quickly through direct communication. The is intended to be a last resort.

We have the ability to identify who you spoke to by a phone number search, but that can be unreliable and time consuming given the volume of calls that we process each day. If you could provide any information regarding who you spoke with, even if all you recall was that it was a male or female, that would be of great help. Please respond here if you recall any details that would allow us to identify the sales rep you spoke with.

I would like to apologize for your negative experience with our sales rep. Please feel free to contact our office at ###-###-#### if you have further questions.


D&D Advertising Enterprises, Inc.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I would like to respond to the company directly due to a reference being made in the apology that I did not first contact the business directly to resolve the problem. This was incorrect. I had used my cell phone to contact your company. I can supply this phone number to you if needed. My husband had also contacted your company. We spoke to the same woman, who in turn told me that I would have to speak to her boss, [redacted]. I was spoken to rudely by both women, however it was [redacted] in which I am referencing.

I explained that my father was confused by the sales call. He has Parkinson's disease and was expecting a call from the local high school about a business ad for the yearbook. I talked to him about the ad he had purchased from your company, and he said he hadn't told anyone he wanted an ad on the [redacted] schedule. He said he may have told them he wanted the [redacted] ad, which is the local high school in which he was expecting a call and someone to come to discuss this.

I explained that my father oftentimes naps during the day due to his Parkinson's, and he may have been confused. He speaks very low, and if you have any knowledge of the disease, then you know this to be true. I'm sure that sales people quickly pick up and oftentimes take advantage.

I asked for names of other small businesses in our local area that are participants, and [redacted] wouldn't share those with me. There was absolutely no professionalism from the people I spoke with at your company. Following are a few of the unprofessional remarks that were made to me by [redacted], in a tone less that desirable.

"I can't help he speaks low. Lots of people speak low. How do I know he has Parkinson's?" "The high school name sounds nothing like [redacted]!" "Well, he gave his credit card number, didn't he?" "You must not know the law concerning sales." Her worst statement, "Well, if your father is that bad, maybe you should be up there at the company instead of him." Her last shouting reply to me was, "I'll put the money back in your account. You are just a manipulative person, and we don't want your company name on there anyway!! As I said before, she was actually shouting by this point.

I have never encountered someone in a professional environment talk to a customer in that way or in that tone. So, yes, I did contact the company and did my best to explain the situation. [redacted] said the amount of $225 would be put back into our account. It was only after I was spoken to in such an unprofessional manner that I decided to contact the

Just so we are all clear, I have indicated to [redacted] that we do not want her to contact our company by phone solicitation ever, ever again! We do not want a representative from your company coming to the business. We expect to have the money refunded per [redacted]'s agreement. I assume that's been handled already, but I suppose I should not have until I have seen the bankcard statement. I would also suggest that you follow up with your employees concerning business etiquette.

Now that we are clear about the complaint, I would appreciate a reply from you concerning the customer service conversation I had with your employee.




Robin Garrison:

Thank you for your continued concern about your dealings with D&D Advertising. Here are some of the relevant points thus far:

You are NOT the person who placed the ad, or provided credit card information.

You talked to [redacted] Spencer, the President of our company on Oct. 4th alledgedly on behalf of "[redacted] the person who purchased the ad.

You were combative and rude to [redacted], and threatened to contact the if you did not get a refund. She agreed to give you a refund.

On that same day, (Oct. 4th) you contacted the and filed a complaint.

Your original complaint requested only an email apology, which has been provided.

Your refund has already been processed as of the time of this writing.

We believe it to be extraordinarily unfair and vindictive that you took it upon yourself to file a complaint after you recieved a refund and got exactly what you wanted, particularly given that you are not even the person that purchased the ad.


D&D Advertising



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I would like to offer a final statement. I regret that you feel that you must address me as combative. I feel this is an unfair statement given the circumstances of the situation. I represented my father due to the fact that he has Parkinson's, and this does relate to the matter. I furthermore address to you that your president returned my call with an attitude herself, from the very beginning of the call, without any accommodation or concern for the problem at hand. When I stated that I had a problem, she offered no concern or interest in resolving the problem. There was no customer service. It was only at the end of the conversation after calling me manipulative that she agreed to return the money. In retrospect, perhaps, I was combative, and perhaps there was too much name calling on the part of your president. However, thank you for any customer concern that your company may have offered. I would appreciate that we have no future contact with any employee of your company.

By the way, just a professional tip. Spell check is a wonderful tool on the computer. You spelt the word "thuroughly" wrong in the first email. It is spelled "thoroughly".


Review: D & D Advertising Enterprises, Inc. is the only business name and title of its kind, although once you file a complaint with them they will generally try to tell you there is another business you have them confused with. they are run out of Ohio and the supervisor (or son of the business owner)goes by the name of [redacted]. Their phone # is ###-###-#### ( I am reading this number off the invoice). They claim to be affiliated with the local yellow pages phone book. At the time when they called me I had recently put my business phone number listing in the yellow pages. They must have taken notice of it (as they go around to various cities and hunt for phone books to take advantage of business names) and called me pretending to be the "yellowpages" but they are actually saying "yellow pages" with a space in between. But who can tell the difference over the phone?? My story is similar to all the other ones you can find on the internet. They charged me $215.00 for hundreds of phone book covers, a phone book ad in the yellowpages, and a short tv commercial where my name and slogan would be flashed on the screen (which of course it never was). I have threatened to file a civil case with them and at this point the son of the owner, [redacted], appears to be close to agreement to refund me my $215.00. While they do bring you a few samples of the phone book covers with your business name on it, these are the ONLY ones they ever print or distribute. It looks pretty legit at first. I actually found out it was a scam when 1. the tv ad never came on, and 2. I called them to ask about it and they kept hanging up on me. Don't do business with D & D Advertising Enterprises, Inc! I filed a complaint with the based on these facts.Desired Settlement: Refund me the full amount of $215.00. Invoice #: [redacted]



First of

all, this account is from October 12th, 2009. She was called to purchase an ad for our

vinyl phone book cover for the Golden Triangle, TX area. She agreed to purchase tha ad. The ad was printed, and delivered to her by

[redacted], who is an independent courier.

He is not an employee of our company and would have no authorization or

permission to function in any capacity except to deliver the product and accept

payment. Ms. [redacted] paid by Visa ending

in 3697 at the time of delivery. To the

best of my knowledge, this is the first contact we have had with Ms. [redacted],

since the initial delivery on the above date.

We have had no contact with Ms. [redacted] until April 11th 2013, forty

two months later. I would remind

you that our policy at the time stated that payment terms are C.O.D (“Cash on

delivery”) and that it clearly states “All Sales Final” on the customer’s invoice.

Ms. [redacted]

called our company April 11th, 2013. She immediately became hostile, accused us of

being a scam and threatened to sue. Our Office Manager, [redacted], tried to ask her

to explain what the problem was, but she could not stop Ms. [redacted] from talking

over top of her. After a few minutes of

this, [redacted] ended the call with Ms. [redacted]. Ms. [redacted] called back immediately, and was

directed to [redacted], the Vice President. Ms. [redacted] was extremely

hostile, rude, threatened to sue us, and made slanderous comments. She believed

that [redacted] came to her personally “after doing countless hours of

research” at her business in Texas and pitched her an ad. This is simply not the case. She refused to give Mr. [redacted] any information

regarding her invoice, or any other details other than she wanted her money

back. We were only able to find out her

account details when we received the complaint that had additional

information on it that we were able to piece together. As expected with an account that is 42 months

old, it took quite some time to locate any original paperwork.

Review: D & D Advertising sold us an Advertisement spot on the 2013-014 [redacted] Schedule. We received the advertisements to have us distribute them, but when we got the wrong date is printed on the schedule. I have emailed the company 3 times trying to find out what they are going to do about this issue, but have not gotten a response at this time. Since the company basically used the same layout including images each year, most people will this that this is last years schedule and disregard it. Also, in the promotional verification it states it is for the [redacted] Basketball schedule. We would like them to print out new advertisements with the correct date on them or return us the $300 we invested on this item. ThanksDesired Settlement: I would like to be contacted and informed if they are going to reprint the advertisement and if not, then a refund of our investment.



In regards to complaint [redacted]

Some years ago I had a bad experience with D & D Advertising. They came to my house with their phone book covers after I had requested more information on their scope of what exactly I am paying for and other details. I told them I wasn't interested and after many harassing phone calls to me they finally quit calling. That was some years ago. Today they called again, I told them about my experience and warned them never to call again then hung up. The woman I talked to immediately called back several times mocking,laughing and harrasing me. I would strongly suggest anyone looking to do this type of advertising NOT to do business with this company.

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