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D & D Appliance

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D&D Appliance owes us $313.20 for a defective part they returned to the parts company on our behalf for a full refund under warranty.
D&D Appliance (6109 Buffaloe Rd. Lot 41 in Raleigh) charged us $372 to repair our ovens. $313.20 of that was for a new part and this is reflected on the invoice they gave me. The invoice is #[redacted] and dated 3/21/2011. It clearly reads "Service Performed: INSTALL CTR BRD". It says the price of the part is $290.00 for part #[redacted] and description "CTR BRD". It says parts total is $290 + $23.20 in tax and says a final total for the part was $313.20. He said the difference between the $372 we paid them and the $313.20 was the cost of the labor. We paid with a personal check. I can provide a copy of the cancelled check and the invoice if needed.

When the new part proved to be faulty, he said that since it was under warranty, we were entitled to a full refund for the part. He said he had to wait to get the money back himself from the parts company before he could refund the money to us.

Since then, he returned the part, got all of his money back, and then on June 30th, he told me on the phone that he was sending a check to us for our refund. We never received any money. It's been over a month and he won't take our calls or return our messages. Since then I have contacted the parts company that provided the part to him and handled the warranty & refund. I spoke with [redacted] at [redacted] and I have gotten confirmation that the part was returned and that D&D Appliance did indeed already have the full refund.

D&D Appliance owes us $313.20 for the part they returned on our behalf.

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Category: Appliances - Major - Parts & Supplies

Address: THE DALLES, OR 97058-4039

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