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We had the vehicle coming in to inventory, there were people called on vehicle, this customer got upset that person seen it in detail and bought it, nothing dishonest or advertisement about it, first customer that showed up bought vehicle, there was no promise made and it is a first come first serve, also this customer I talked to for minutes and offered an apology for how he felt and let him know I had another one coming in, I can not control or hold a vehicle for a person who says I maybe interested in vehicle and I also can not control when interested parties want to buy vehicle, I do apologize for the inconvenience but we can supply it was actually in our inventory and it was sold on date and DMV records that it was sold and registered, so vehicle was real not advertisementand no promise was made, only thing said was would call him when vehicle is on lot, I'm sorry it sold before it was on lot

On Jun 30, 2015, said customer did purchase a vehicle from our lot on an AS IS basisShe is absolutely correct in the fact that when she first came in to look at the buick rendezvous, we had to jump start the vehicle and when we started it, it was obvious that we had an exhaust issueI got down
under the car and realized someone had stolen the catalytic converterSaid customer looked at a few other cars but only like this carI then told her I would send the car out and have someone see what they can do to repair the carThe car did not get a new catalytic converter, instead a straight pipe was welded into the exhaustThe customer came back to examine and test drive the vehicleShe was made aware that we did not put a catalytic converter on the car, and test drove and purchased vehicle AS IS on a buy here pay here basisWhich means she owns the vehicle and is responsible for any repairs, and we are the lien holderWithin a few days maybe even the next day, I don't remember, she said that she still had problems starting the carI don't remember sending someone to her home, but if she says we did, then we must haveI assume based on what her letter says, that a cable to battery was loose and whoever we sent over rigged the cable up in a way that it would at least start for herAn obvious temporary fix to help her out until she could fix it properlyIt is important to note that this took place all with in a few days of purchasing the car in late june early july*** has been perfect with her payments and for to months no further complaints about the car were made, except to ask one time about the straight pipe being installedOn Dec 03, ( months later) *** called and said that she Thinks she has blown heads on her car and was making statements that she thought it had to be our fault or problem and wanted to get a different carAt that point I asked her a simple questionHave you ever driven the car hotin other words has the guage shown the car as overheatedShe admitted that she had been driving the car under these circumstancesAt that point I told her then you blew the heads when you decided to drive it while overheatingIt is that simpleAt that point I said unfortunately you are responsible for repairs and I cant put you in a different car just because you broke downI then offered her a referral name that would give her better pricing for repairs than most garages and honestly that is the last I heard from her, except that she called a few days ago and asked for an extension on her payment because of ChristmasThe extention was granted and she is currently behind on payments, but with permission to double pay her next paymentDuring this conversation nothing more was mentioned about her issues with the car, and I assumed she must have made arrangements for repairsI am truly sorry that her car is broke down or has blown headsBut the simple facts are that she did buy the vehicle As- Is ( see included disclosure ) and All repairs are her responsibilityThe fact that she drove the car for months before having the problem and admitting that she actually drove the car while it was overheating is the direct cause for blown headsIf the oil is too full at this point, it is because now that she has a blown head the antifreeze has mixed with the oil and it will absolutely show up over full on the oil dip stick as a direct resultI hope this clarifies any and all complaints on her behalf

In response to complaint filed by *** ***, *** *** and *** *** purchase a vehicle from D and D Auto on 09/02/Car was financed buy USAAD and D auto did a title only to secure the lien holder interest. Customers agreed to smog, pay for all
sales tax and registration in the state the live in which is CaliforniaI'm a Oregon dealerSeveral weeks after the purchase *** called me said car was puffy white smog on start upI recommended he take car to a mechanic that I sold vehicle sold no warrantydays later *** called me again said car wouldn't pass smog demanding I unwind the deal or trade car back inI told him sounds as if you damaged the motor you need to fix the car first, he said because the car did not pass smog that I was to buy car back and he was would sue meI told him I'm not governed by California for smog that his responsibility, he blew the head gasket on motor by over heating the engine and told him I see in court and hug up
I since called the Department of Justice had a conversation with one of their agentsThey back me all the way said I was correct in what transpired and asked if I wanted to fill a complaint against *** *** and *** ***I decline at this time
Signed David D*** - owner D and D Auto Sales

we did sell car as is, offer was made to have anything done at our discounts, we offered a replacement used transmission but was told wanted new and they were going to take us to court, with threat of court we stopped any offers and they become void and wait for them to proceed, this has been almost
a year ago and now complaint, we did sell car to her and have an as is federal document signed by customerno warranty was ever implied and we don't offer warranty except for purchase at additional costalso there is no way to tell when something mechanical will break just happens, we never insulted her husband, and we are both vets, one Vietnam and one Gulf and other engagements, and that is a straight insult, have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meSincerely, *** ***

We had the vehicle coming in to inventory, there were 5 people called on vehicle, this customer got upset that person seen it in detail and bought it, nothing dishonest or false advertisement about it, first customer that showed up bought vehicle, there was no promise made and it is a first...

come  first serve, also this customer I talked to for 20 minutes and offered an apology for how he felt and let him know I had another one coming in, I can not control or hold a vehicle for a person who says I maybe interested in vehicle and I also can not control when interested parties want to buy vehicle, I do apologize for the inconvenience but we can supply it was actually in our inventory and it was sold on date and DMV records that it was sold and registered, so vehicle was real not false advertisement. and no promise was made, only thing said was would call him when vehicle is on lot, I'm sorry it sold before it was on lot.

Review: I bought a car from them drove 20 miles check engine light came on so I called them they said they will do nothing its on us then the motor blew up a few weeks later im a working mother with three children this man told me ther were no issues once so ever he lied to me cheated me out of my money and now im car less and winter is about to be here I want my money back and dont want this broken car Desired Settlement: a full refund!



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/10/24) */

as to this customer complaint, we di get notified by customer of engine light, she didn't want to bring back to us to see why, so she took to local place as per our instructions and it was something simple and we did send her $100 dollars for the fix which she happily accepted to cover repair of emission light.

To address the motor she owned the car for about 6 weeks and stated "she was driving to work and the car started to heat up" but instead of pulling over and seeing if water or anything she stated "she decided to drive on to work" even when as customer stated "the temp gauge was at the top for trip to work" well it may have been something simple had she pulled over and addressed the issue or as customer stated " her man works on cars" and just pulled over and called him, or she could of let car cool down before continuing on, I am sorry this happen to her but it damage done by driver error, we did offer repairs at what it would cost us, less than half of what she was quoted but she refused, we do sell all cars as-is but we do try to be fair, this damage was done by owner neglect or not knowing but all I can offer is our price on repairs as I let customer know.

your damage could of been as easy as radiator cap being loose or a leaky hose clamp, if you would of pulled over and let car cool down, but your decision to drive longer while overheating is what caused the damage.

I went to test drive a 03 bettle for this lot today and asked if I could swing it by my machanic so he could take a look at it , being typical car sales men they asked me to make a deal first, I politely declined. So when I took the car to my machanic he test drove it and said I might need a balance, ok fine by me, but when we got back he opened the hood and first thing noticed thats the il dipstick cover was melkted clean off just flopping around. He informed me that it looked like it had been that way for awhile and that it could lead to other problems down the road. So I then drove back to the lot and pointed out that it was a nice car but had a the problem with the dip stick cover. They seemed to be not bothered by it at all and that bothered me. The dad then proceded to tell me that nothing was wrong with it and that it was a 6 dollar part, fine but when I said that the machanic said that it could lead to other things he flipped out on me and said that there was nothing wrong with it and I was stupid for thinking that. At that point I was done and said that if I see that can back on the lot with out being fix I would have to report them for neglagence, thats when the son freaked out on me asking why I was threating his dad, me tring to remain the calm one out of the 3 said I wasnt threating him just stating that if he put it back out there for someelse to by like that I would have to say something. Well he didnt like that and both of them started yelling at me and calling me names and saying that I was stu[id and didnt know anything. I tried to explain again but they didnt want to hear it at that point and said I wasnt aloud back there and I need to leave in not so kind words. So I started walking to me truck and the son started following me. I tried again to explain my self with out the aggrivated dad there and the son thretened to call the cops on me if I didnt leave. So I got in my truck and the son shoved my do shut and started saying not so nice things to me as I was backing up. It was at this point I saw the dad putting the car back out on the lot for some other person who might not think to take it to a machanic to buy and have problems with later. So after being call many names and stupid I will not be returning to D&D AUTO OF GRANTS PASS OR anytime and strongly urge anyone to get there cars checked out before you "make a deal" with them

Review: I purchased a vehicle from this buy here/ pay here lot in August. The first week I had it the ABS light came on and stayed on. My girlfriend took the car and asked him about it..he said not to worry about it because it was due to the sensor being wet and had nothing to do with the brakes but my brakes kept locking up and it stayed on. Several weeks later I had a tire showing metal...I went to replace it and found out that the vehicle had 4 different tires on it and they needed replaced quickly or it was going to mess up the transmission soon. I only had funds to replace the bad one at the time. He failed to notify me that he had my title to get my tags so I purchased one in order to get my tags. We called him and he laughed and said he had it there. We ask him if we could deduct the cost from the payment and he laughed again stating he had it there. So in reality I paid twice for a title. Two weeks later the car became undrivable. I was leaving for work when the brakes locked up and I skidded on the gravel..the ABS light continued to stay on and the front end sounded as if metal was scraping the ground. I found out the ball joints were probably going out. I called him and informed him to come and get the car and felt that I should be refunded my 400 down payment. There could have been serious consequences if I continued to drive the vehicle. I also realize that it had no warranty and was sold AS IS but it was unsafe and should have been looked over better before it was sold. I am prepared to contact the [redacted] on this matter. In closing, the owner never onced returned any of my phone calls or volunteered to make things right.Desired Settlement: I feel a refund is not asking too much for what I had to deal with for the 2 months I owned the vehicle. I am asking for a minimum of 500.00 back which is the down payment and the cost of the new tire.




[redacted] did buy a 99 [redacted] from us

on 8-31-12. enclosed you will find an AS IS agreement signed by her.

She signed a contract to make weekly payments to

us and she stopped making them on October 12, 2012. On 10-27-12 she called and

told us to come and pick up this

_________ and

so we did. We offered to have her car looked at and that we would

work out a _payment plan for her to pay us for any repairs. Our requirement to

help her with this new bill was that she

needed to get and keep her payments current. SHE DID NOT. We had

the car looked at by [redacted] and they fixed all the problems for

$283.82, copy of bill is enclosed. She refused to work out a payment plan with

us and told us to keep the ear, she wanted her money back. We kept the car for

non payment.

We tried to help her and she refused our help. I

feel that we have done everything that the law requires of us and then we tried

to help even more and was told in a very nasty way how terrible we are.

We will not be giving her any refund.


Review: I purchased a [redacted] on May 27 2014 from their [redacted] Lot, they were unable to tell me the actual milage of this vehicle, I did buy the vehicle for the purchase price of $2900 plus financing charges, my bi-weekly payment of $110 was current for this vehicle until approximately 30 days later when the car broke down, I called [redacted] the Manager of the lot and explained to him that the car was a LEMON......HE agreed! and said he would have to discuss this matter with His Boss: [redacted]...... after about three days I called [redacted] back who said that [redacted] said.| That it was as is NO WARRANTY1 & "It is what it is " QUOTE/ UNQUOTE . I explained to him that I had spent approximately $250 on parts for this vehicle to no Avail.....a weeks later ....falling behind on payments trying to fix the car so that it would be worth paying $3400 for I spent another $60 at the mechanic to have the vehichle put on an analyzer only to find that the car has jumped time....I then called [redacted] again to explain the situation ...the mechanic stated to me that the vehicle was so wore out that it would be in my best judgement to UNLOAD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! that it would cost $500 to repair. [redacted] agrred with me and the mechanic saying that IF it were his call he would let me trade the car back in for another( to satisfy) But that it wasn't his call but the call of the OWNER [redacted] this time I was only one payment in the rear due to the expense of trying to repair the vehicle so that it would run. after several attempts to resolve this issue and becoming 2 payments behind I again called [redacted] and asked if there was ANY way to make GOOD on the sale of this LEMON he stated to me that [redacted] refuses to do anything now due to the fact that I am now 2 payments behind on my payments so I asked to speak dirrectly to [redacted] himself after several attempts numerous messages left ,I Cannot get him to return my calls or to do anything at this point due to the fact that I am in default ....I Offered to catch my payments up in order to resolve this issue even offered to personally bring my payments and the car to them. and was told the contradictory story that they could do nothing because I am in default (even though I said I would bring him the car and the$220 I was behind)in order to BE CURRENT!????? [redacted] has still yet to call me himself, and only relays messages through his workers. (managers)....I have spoken to several who tell me the same even though I am willing to pay the back payments they refuse to help me in ANY WAY!Desired Settlement: I would be willing to as I stated to Amanda and to [redacted] (the Managers) to make my payments current and return the Lemon back to the car lot AT MY EXPENSE if they would help me ........THEY REFUSE!!!!!!!!!! at this time I would like either a TOTAL REFUND of ALL money involved in the down payment ,tax title fees and payments rendered OR another vehicle




August 18, 2014

Re: ID#[redacted]

Mr. [redacted] did buy from us on 5-27-2014. He purchased it on an AS IS basis. I am enclosing a copy of the agreement.

He comments in his complaint how I would not answer his calls. We pay our managers to handle all issues simply because we are semi-retired and they are more than qualified to take care of these issues.

We document all phone conversations with our customers and when I received this complaint I pulled his and reviewed them. On 8-4-14 he called and told us that he mailed his payment in. We never received it. On 8-7-2014 he called again and said he couldn't pay us until the next Friday, which would have been 8-15-2014. Again we never got paid. On 8-12-2014 he called about the problem he was having with HIS car.

All broke loose at this point. We were told that we sold him a lemon and that we should either fix it or replace it. Timing chains and or belts are in all car motors and they are a maintenance item. At some point they will either jump time or break. I have seen them last less than 40,000 miles and I have seen them last well over 100,000 miles. We have no control over any mechanical problem and selling a car AS IS says that we are not responsible to fix it.

I am sorry he is having a problem with his car and I would suggest that he look for another mechanic. $500.00 seems very high to reset someone's timing. If the problem really is that his car has jumped time we would have done it for $200.00. I don't know the exact problem so I can't say what the repair will actually cost, but I do know if what he has said to be wrong, it jumped time, $500.00 seems high.

Simply because of all that has happened in this case we are not willing to repair his car for him.


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