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D & D Auto School


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I do not know what I should do about this except report to the Revdex.com.

I have previously reported how this school handled my request for a refund. I went in a week later and got my refund after getting insulted by the lady at the front desk. However, I just found out today that they illegally used my information. I had scheduled (myself) a road test at the [redacted]. Afterwards, I asked to reserve a teacher to sponsor me on that date of Nov 19th. I wanted to check on the status of my appointment today. I called in and the [redacted] told me that someone canceled my appointment on Nov 5, 2012. I did not cancel this appointment. I did not give D and D Auto School permission to speak to the [redacted] on my behalf or cancel this appointment. They never made the appointment for me so it was completely inappropriate for them to log in and cancel my appointment with my permit information. No one else has my permit information except for the [redacted]. Now, I don't have an appointment and I am stuck trying to see if I can get an appointment that is near and fits into my schedule.

They illegally used my information.

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Address: 360A Tremont Street , Boston, MA, 02116

Website: http://www.danddautoschool.com/index.html

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