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The vehicle was diagnosed with a blown intake manifold gasket.I voiced concern at that time as to the head gaskets being blown out as well and was told that they were not. After intake manifold was replaced at a cost of over $700 I went to pick the van up on 08/02/2011 and it started overheating immediately upon leaving D and D's repair shop. I returned the van and was told to replace the water pump which I agreed to have them do at a cost of over $200. Meanwhile, I am still voicing concern about the head gaskets being blown, but I am told they are not a concern. I picked the van up the second time after the water pump had been replaced and it seemed to have stopped overheating for the next three days. The van then began to overheat and was promptly returned to them. It was then they told me that the van would need new head gaskets. I feel they should have replaced the head gaskets and intake gasket at the simultaneously which would have saved me quite a bit in labor cost and I do not believe the water pump was ever an issue. I have now paid D and D almost $1000 and my van still needs new head gaskets. A large portion in the cost of that repair includes labor for removal and replacement of engine components that had to be removed during the intake manifold gasket replacement.

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Category: Auto Repair & Service, Auto Services

Address: House Springs, MO 63051-1377

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