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User Reviewer19595 time 06.03.2014

I'm disabled. Price gouging post catastrophe by towers of the police & AAA isn't fair. No 2nd tow & car in the police impound is high pressure.
During the flood, I was told by AAA that I couldn't be helped because the tow trucks were stuck by the flood. I watched trucks drive by and all refuse to take me.

This company refused my call through AAA, but when they eventually took the call they never showed up. Over 4 hours later, AAA say that D & D now weren't taking calls. Eventually, the next afternoon, AAA had my car (2003 Audi A4) towed by them, a repair shop. The car would start but ran rough and didn't stay on. D & D Automotive charged me $491.74 for removal of water, replacing plugs and replacing air filter. The oil (not cloudy) was changed for free because I supplied the oil (when asked, they told me they were going to use regular oil) and oil filter.

When I told him that I should be getting an AAA discount, he responded that they normal charge of $110/hour was reduced to $90/hour, thus, I received the discount. Because they tow for the police and AAA off the expressway, their clientele is stuck in a mess for unreasonable rates. There are other repair shops that charge $60 an hour that work on luxury cars; and the other shop don't require 4 hours for a tune up.

They also left grease mark in the car. I don't think that business practices of such should be targeted towards the general public in the name of the police or the AAA.

My handicapped decal was hanging on the rear view mirror. Just because I am strand does not mean that I should be gouged.

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Category: Transmissions - Automobile

Address: Lantana, FL 33462

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