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D&D Concrete came highly recommended and my experience was anything but pleasant. I should have trusted my gut and not paid the second installment as the quality of the work was and is very poor. Now I have issues less than a month later, and I've tried to reach David Rodriguez three times in the last 8 days via his cell, office phone and email. None of my call/emails have been returned. Here is the email I sent him just before I paid him, and I hope no one has to incur the situation and financial outlay I have with this contractor:
I am sending this to inform you that I am growing more concerned and dissatisfied with each passing day.
I hired you/your company for the main objective of keeping water away from my house. You came highly recommended as doing high quality work and being reliable. Two of the qualities I deem most important. Right now, I am questioning both qualities given the following issues:
1. Patching to fill gaps between the edge of the cement and brick line:
a. I appreciate what you did to patch the back and South side of the house, but in my opinion you shouldn't have even had to do patching, because the cement should have been properly swept smoothly to the brick line which it wasn't. I wonder how long until the patch deteriorates and has to be re-patched where the job done right the first time would not require this maintenance.
b. Not only am I concerned about the longevity of the patching, but it hardly looks as good as cement that was properly swept to the brick line.
c. I don't appreciate having to blue tape numerous areas for you to patch. It just exacerbates my concerns expressed in 1 and 2 above, and should be something you should have done to quality check the work. Besides, there should only be one or two touch ups vs. the volume I'm about to mark in addition to what you already repaired.
2. The North window sills:
a. The new cement is higher than the sill area. How is water going to flow into the grass vs remain standing in the sill area?
b. The edge of the new cement is not a clean line with the sill, but rather a very rough line where it appears water will seep underneath the cement vs. away from the house.
c. Do these need to be repoured?
3. Southwest pour:
a. There are 2-3 areas on the Southwest corner of the house where there are large/significant gaps in the cement pour as if it didn't settle properly. When I look at the other areas it's densely filled in comparison. Do these need to be repoured?
4. Aesthetics:
a. In addition to the patching aesthetics I pointed out in 1.b above, there a many areas, including the stamped portion of my yard, where the cement is not smooth and/or there are very rough areas. I paid extra for the stamping for the sole purpose of aesthetics in the backyard, and the whole job should be clean to the eye shouldn't it?
b. There are several areas in the back where there isn't a smooth/clean edge and cement "bleeded" into the grassy area that will prevent grass from growing. Can this be chiseled out?
5. Reliability:
a. If you think about it, I did you a favor by agreeing for you to start the job one week early, sacrificing an entire weekend of having my yard dug up since you indicated it would be a Thursday, Friday, Monday job. You were supposed to pour last Monday, and not only did you not pour, but you didn't even contact me to inform me of this, nor did you respond to my phone call/voice mail or text message on Monday afternoon when I returned from work. Then, I had to follow-up with you on Tuesday morning to determine when you'd finish the job. Why didn't you advise me on the prior Friday, or Saturday, or return my call/text on Monday that you weren't pouring on Monday?
b. After you left on Tuesday there was no communication that you needed to come back to finish the filler. I guess it was lucky for you that I left the gates open in anticipation you did need to return on Wednesday. Why didn't you leave me a message that you had to come back?
c. Then we made plans for you to do review the status of the job with me at 9am this morning. I actually had to cancel an appointment to meet with you, and at 8:45 you called to tell me you couldn't meet because you had a pour (that really should have been my pour had we maintained the original schedule that I agreed to alter as a favor to you). Why did you make an appointment with me in the first place that you couldn't keep causing me to cancel an appointment I had?
So, as you can see, I think these are real issues legitimizing my concerns about the two things I hired you for: quality and reliability. We need to have a serious discussion when we meet at my house Monday at 6pm. A discussion I was hoping to have with you at 9am this morning.

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