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Dear Sir;

I am writing a letter of complaint against [redacted] owner of D&D Decks. See enclosed ad

I am an RN at Billing Clinic in Billings, Mt. [redacted] ran an ad in our hospital newsletter

promoting his business. See enclosed ad. I purchased a Versa Tube carport kit to be used as a covered hay shed. I contacted [redacted] to see if he could assemble this carport for me. I specifically asked him if he was familiar with this type of building. He said he put many similar buildings up.

I also specifically told him it needed to be water tight as it was to be used as a hay shed .. He assured me that it would not be a problem. I also wanted the shed to have metal siding extended down the sides. Again he said this would not be a problem I had previously put up the exact same model building and it has worked perfectly. [redacted] came to my house and viewed the existing shed and the site where I wanted the new shed to be set up. The area was the correct size, but needed to be leveled. Again he said “no problem”.. After several conversations and repeatedly asking him if he could do the job and if not I would get someone else Again he assured me he could do it. I repeated numerous times it had to be water tight. Again he assured me it would be done to my satisfaction.

[redacted] and his partner assembled the carport. On my inspection I could see daylight through numerous holes in the roof; numerous holes in the side walls; and the overlapping was not done properly so that it would actually trap water and funnel it inside; the side walls were not overlapped to promote water to run off, but done oppositely so the water would be dammed and drain into the inside of the shed.. The roof panels were also over-lapped in the direction of the wind so rain and snow would be blown in between the metal edges.. The center seam on the roof actually gapped so big I could place my fist through places. When I pointed all thing things out to [redacted] he said they would come back and take care of them. He did caulk a few areas of the side wall seams and some of the holes in the roof. I told him that was not going to work and it would not be water tight. I wanted the roof redone and the side walls lapped correctly. Again he assured me the job would be done to my satisfaction. I do have voice mails from [redacted] saved on my caller ID stating his intentions to take care of this. He did not completely level the ground and the rear comer of the frame is not even touching ground- they braced it with wood I had my fell hay supply delivered (6 tons of hay) and stacked inside the shed thinking it would be redone before winter. I had to tarp under the new hay shed to protect my hay as the roof leaks like a sieve and it would have ruined 6 tons of hay. This has been going on since October 2011

He claims he ordered new steel roofing and has it at his home. He has set dates to come and re-do this job. He has not shown up. I have called him numerous time asking when he could get this job done. I have asked nicely, pleaded, cried, and threatened a law suit all to no avail. Surely there have been 2 days in the last 8 months that he could have completed this job . I now think I am getting the run around.

I paid him $1120 labor; $250 for a bobcat rental and $200 for metal siding. The Versa Tube kit was $1795. See enclosed receipts. 1 have had a representative of VersaTube come and inspect this job. He said they did not follow the instructions and did not alien the pre-drilled holes in the metal to the frame. He said there would be so many new holes he did not think the metal roofing would be salvageable. He would have to re-do all the metal. He also stated they did not set the frame correctly and the ground was not level. I also had my nephew ( who is a contractor) look at the job- he said “it was terrible workmanship and I was right that the over-lapping was all done

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