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D & D Delivery Service, Inc.

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D&D has had our merchandise since July 5, 2013 - it is now September 10, 2013 and we have no idea when they will deliver our couch.
Our couch was purchased and completed by [redacted] and ready for shipping (from North Carolina) on July 5, 2013.

D&D was the delivery company who was to ship it to our home in So. California. [redacted] at D&D said that they did not have a truck heading for So. Cal until after labor day.

We needed our couch NLT 9/12/13 and since D&D could not meet our in-hands date, [redacted] made arrangements on Aug 23, 2013, with another delivery company. However, when the other delivery company went to pick up our couch, unbeknownst to us, D&D REFUSED to allow them to pick up our couch. D&D all of a sudden claimed to have a truck leaving at the same time as the new delivery company (late August).

Problem is, D&D's truck broke down in Nevada a few days ago and according to [redacted] D&D (might) get the parts to fix it on Friday or Monday - which clearly puts us out another two weeks before we see our couch (completely forcing us to miss our in-hands date of 9/12).

If D&D had released our couch, AS WE REQUESTED, this would not have occurred. As it stands, D&D has our couch in their broken down truck, someplace in Nevada and have not offered any updates or solutions.

[redacted] at [redacted] has been kind enough to get whatever details he can from D&D, but his hands are tied and he's at their mercy as well.

It's ridiculous and infuriating that D&D makes you hound them for the tiniest bit of information. Meanwhile, we do not have our couch in time for an important event at our home (because of D&D) and at this point we don't know if we will ever see the couch.

To make matters worse, no one at D&D offers any kind of explanation - they just leave you hanging because, well, because they can. They have your product held hostage and there isn't anything you can do about it. They will delivery it when they're good and ready with zero regard for customer satisfaction.

Crazy that our product has been in their possession since JULY 5th and here it is middle of September and NO WORD on any status. At this point we feel we've been robbed as we paid for our couch but they will not let us know when (or if) they will deliver it.

All this because they were too arrogant to release the couch to the other delivery company - who does not operate with broken down trucks and who guaranteed delivery tomorrow (on 9/11) if they would have been allowed to pick up our couch as requested.

So thanks a lot D&D for failing us and for not giving a [redacted] about resolving the matter.

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Address: Thomasville, NC 27360

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