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D & D Doggy Wash and Grooming Salon

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On 6-15-2012 my Husband took our dog [redacted] to the D and D Doggy wash pet groomers located on Cincinnati-Dayton Rd. Middletown Ohio. We had never used that groomer before seeing that this was the first time our Puppy was getting groomed. Later that same day we had noticed that [redacted] was acting like he was experiencing some discomfort in his back area, you couldn't even pick him up without him trying to bite at you but we decided to give it til the morning to see if anything had changed. The next morning we seen that his condition had worsened overnight and it appeared he had some reaction to being groomed, he had a deep red rash along his back down his spine so at this time we agreed that he needed medical attention and took him to [redacted]. The Veterinarian there told us it appeared he had some sort of burn from being groomed so they gave us pain medication along with an antibiotic and told us to monitor his situation. The next day [redacted]'s condition had further worsened and he was losing his skin all across the top of his back and was in severe pain to the point he couldn't sit still or stand to be touched. We took him back to [redacted] and they told us he needed to be seen by a specialist and had us go to[redacted] down in Cincinnati. The Veterinarian there could not believe the way [redacted]'s back looked and she also told us the same thing that he was burned by something from being groomed. At this time I contacted D and D Doggy Wash to let them know the situation and what was going on and they had me bring him in so they could see his condition and at the time didn't agree with what we were told by the Vet's and said that he had done that to himself, but they would contact their Insurance company and see what they could do to help with bills but we never heard anything back. In the end [redacted] ended up losing the whole strip of skin down his back, had to wear a cone for almost 5 weeks and had to have a bath 4 times a day.

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D & D Doggy Wash and Grooming Salon rating

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Category: Pet Grooming

Address: 995 Cincinnati Dayton Rd , Middletown, OH, 45044

Website: http://dandddoggywash.com

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