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Review: Due to frozen water pipes, I lost my water for three and on half months. I called a plumber and was told the pipes had busted. I called my insurance co and they will cover, they wanted me to mail them a estimate. I notified D & D Plumbing. The secretary [redacted] was the one in charge, wanting the agent's phone number and address and constantly kept calling for more money. I swear to you, the only work the two young boys (which D & D Plumbing sent here without a adult) was to put glue on a tube. The young boys took the busted hose to the washing machine and stabbed in the ground. Of course, the hose needed replaced. When water was not coming in, I called [redacted], nine days later, she called back to say "Nobody is coming to fix anything. Call a repairman or buy a new washing machine". I called a license plumber and he found a lot of damages. I asked 3 times for a estimate, each time a different relative. I was refused each time.Desired Settlement: D & D charged [redacted] $689.00. Outrageous! D & D sent 2 very young boys alone. They tore the insulation blanket let it hanging under the floor and ruined my rug and weaken my floor. Tore insulation from pipes under my home, no insulation at all. Definitely, D & D is responsible for damages. I am ** yrs. old and need your help with this problem.



This is

in regards to the letter of complaint from concerning customer with frozen

pipes. First off D&D plumbing was called out by the customer to look at

job. When [redacted] got to job on Apr. 8 to prepare and estimate, he was informed by

customer that there is no water, and she had called another plumber out

previously to repair problem. He had got her in water from well to house and

when turned water on realized there were leaks under trailer. Customer told

[redacted] that previous plumber had told her that there was a lot of leaks and that

it was a very big job to repair everything, for some reason she did not get

them back to repair the issue. Instead we were called in. [redacted] turned water on

and yes there was a leak under trailer. [redacted] left and wrote up an estimate for

insurance agent, who customer had given info to, and we spoke to him and gave

him the estimate. He oked the estimate and told us to go ahead do the job, and

when we were finished to send the bill to him. So in essence the we never even

dealt with home owner on the money end of things, as estimate was approved by

insurance, billed to insurance and paid by insurance company.


the job itself, we sent out on Apr 10, 2 of our employees, who are on payroll, have

their plumbing certificates, and are both in their twenties, which by the way

makes them adults. They crawled under the trailer and repaired the CPVC

waterline that was broken using compatible fittings to properly repair the

waterline. They never stuck anything in the ground or needed to fix the washer

drain. They also talked to the home owner, who by the way was very friendly and

thanked them for coming out and was very happy at the moment that the repair

was being taken care of. When they left the leaks where taken care of and the

customer was happy.


couple days later on Apr.14 we got a call from customer saying that she had a

leak. So [redacted] went back out and met customer. She had shut water off a couple

days before because she thought she had a leak. When [redacted] got there the pump

was off, so he turned the kitchen sink on and there was full pressure at sink,

with pump being off for a couple days, which told [redacted] that was no leaks or

else there would not have been water pressure there as it would have all leaked

away. To double check tho [redacted] turned water on and crawled under trailer and

spent about 5 — 10 min looking for more leaks, which he could not find. [redacted]

went up and talked to customer and tried to explain all this to her, [When [redacted]

had initially shown up that morning customer had said she had been in hospital

the day before and still did not feel very well, and was very tired , [redacted] also

thought she was a bit incoherent].As [redacted] was explaining this to her she also

complained about the crinkled carpet and thought that this might have been

caused by water damage, or because the insulation below was "torn"

down as she put it, but the initial leaks had caused the insulation to become

very wet and sag and fall down. [redacted] told customer that the carpet and flooring

issue could have been caused by initial leaks but that he would not make that

call and that an insurance adjuster should be involved on that question. When

[redacted] left that day there was not any leaks, and customer signed a paper stating

that he had been there and that all plumbing was in good condition when he



called a few days later and said she did not have water at her washing machine,

which is generally a clogged filter in the hose or machine. We told customer

that we were not able to get there immediately and suggested she call another

plumber or appliance person. To which she got upset and hence the letters.

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