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D. Watts & Sons Enterprises

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Broken and unreported damage to the sprinkler system which they pretended to have fixed.
[redacted] and another worker came out on March 12 to clean out my lateral lines.    They worked most of the day, and after cleaning out the laterals, they proceeded to repair water lines they had broken in the same area they had broken and repaired back in November when they had come out for their original diagnosis of my septic problem. Then [redacted] said I shouldn't run the sprinkler system for several days because the drain field was pretty wet and needed to dry out.   They did not test the sprinkler system to make sure it was working okay.   A few days later I turned on that zone of the sprinkler system, it did not work and I could see water bubbling out of the ground near one of the holes they had dug.   I called Fosters and asked that [redacted] call me, explaining the problem and asking that he return soon to repair the line as I had to keep the fescue seeds I had just scattered over the repair site moist.   When I didn't hear from him, I called again the next day, and again the following day, and again...    He finally called me back a full week after I had first called.  He advised me that he had talked to his dad (the owner of Fosters?) who told him he is prohibited by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) from repairing a water line within 10' of a lateral line.   Hmmmm, why were they able to repair the very same line in November when they did their diagnosis of my problem and broke it?   Why was I not informed of this DEQ rule at an earlier date prior to the job?   Why did he wait an entire week to get back with me?   
I called a sprinkler system company and he came out to repair the water line.   He dug up the line and it was obvious that [redacted] had to be aware that that pipe was broken when he did the job ... the pipe was completely broken in half and the two ends were about 18" apart.   One end had been pulled up almost to the surface and laterally away from the other.   There is no way [redacted] could have been unaware of the situation.   The sprinkler specialist repaired the line and we tested that zone to be sure it was working.   Well guess what, it still had no pressure.    We walked around and found another place where water was bubbling out of the ground.   This site was the same place where lines were broken in November when they came out for a diagnosis  AND where [redacted] and the other worker were lying on the ground supposedly repairing a break after cleaning out the lateral lines.   The sprinkler specialist dug down to the pipe and found that the two ends [redacted] had been working on did not even meet ... there was a gap between the two pipes.   
Now, if it is Foster's policy to not fix breaks, that should have been pointed out prior to doing the job, especially since they had repaired pipes on a previous trip in November, which to me indicated that if lines were broken during the clean out job, they would be repaired.   And one the day of the lateral line clean out [redacted] had asked me to turn off the breaker to the water wells so they could fix the breaks in the line, and he and the other worker had  laid on the ground for a good long time on that March12 afternoon pretending to fix the break.   it was highly unethical for him to lead me to believe that repairs had been made and advise that I should wait a few days to run the sprinkler system  so the ground could dry out,.  Since he obviously was knowingly leaving me with broken water lines, he could have at least told me about the breaks and marked where the breaks were so repairs could be made in a more timely  and less costly manner.   I certainly wouldn't have done hours of work on leveling and smoothing out the ruts and holes or wasted $50 worth of seeds by putting them out before I had a working sprinkler system.
This deceit is overwhelming evidence of a lack of ethics.

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Description: Septic Tanks & Systems Contractors & Dealers, Storm Shelters

Address: 2712 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States, 73107-6854


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