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Let Me Say This
Besides all the other negative comment from I;m assuming from people WHO don't like to pay their debts back. I find it funny yall want a bad look on this company when they're just doing their job. I had 2 accounts with them recently and the young gentlemen I spoke with, which his name is Chris I believe. I was hesitate at first but I remember the debt so I did put up an argument first but he wasn't rude nor disrespectful. I recently just finished paying off one account now one more to go. Yall negative commentors needs to pay you bills and quit being mad at the world and maybe collection agencies wouldnt be calling you. Nothing funny ever happened to my account at all while paying on my first acct. I believe they are legit enough to get my funds to pay on a debt I know I incurred lol.

• Aug 11, 2023

They also convinced my wife she had a debt to be collected with them, despite not having anything show up in her Equifax portfolio. She made a one time payment and the next day D2 charged her card 4 times with different amounts each time and she had to file a fraud report on them. Either a scammer is using D2 as a cover and their number, OR, Shannon from their customer service is a huge rat.

• Aug 11, 2023

This company called me and demanded me to pay them and accused me of being someone who gave them the wrong info. They were rude and when I tried to help clarify the issue and explain I wasn't the holder they hung up and kept calling, being rude each time.

I got a call from the Customer service and set up payment well life happens and lost job I admit I could not uphold agreement however when called again was asked if could make $25 payment said could in 2 weeks and was very rudely told that I was failing to comply and my account would be closed and turned over to collection that's not payment solution that's bullying and especially because it was rude this lady literally said disconnected from me and sat there and listen to me on the phone because she didn't hang up but she wouldn't talk either I mean if this is a debt collection place aren't you guys supposed to technically try to find a solution and not be rude isn't the whole goal to get money?


D2 Management
I was contacted about a debt by this company. When I asked for written verification of the debt, the amount and the company it was from, I was told everything had to be done by phone. I have never heard of a debt collection agency that refuses to send out debt correspondence by mail, or at least email. I explained I had moved recently and probably didn't receive it, and no longer used the email address they had on file. The first agent that called me was very snippy and just kept saying "Oh well I'll just mark you down for refusal to pay" every time I asked her a question about the origins of the debt and the amount.


They keep harassing me on behalf of advance America pay day loans. What’s funny is the money was taken off a joint account my mother and I shared and Ik about that because I didn’t hear the end of it from her after I moved out because she kicked me out. The first time they called the lady was extreamly bhy and didn’t understand first off I need to know what it’s about second I don’t hand out social security information and third if your told right now financially ain’t a good time don’t presser people demanding 96 dollar payments 😒


Would make it 0 if possible, company calls incessantly for months now even though I’ve told them multiple times; first, they have the wrong person and second, not to call my number again. So now they are breaking the law as it is illegal to harass someone after they’ve specifically told you not to call their cell phones again. Also for the past month I get calls from constantly changing numbers and when I answer and ask who it is they hang up on me. Sometimes when I call back and ask who it is they do the same. This is harassment and from a bull company I’ve never heard of until today when I called back to ask very irately who they are and then looked them up and told them once again not to call my number again. Afterwards I literally got a call from a new number seconds later from the same people basically saying that he refused to quit calling me. I will be filing charges.


Girl this sounds like a lie, aint nobody call you seconds later from the came company just to say that!

Company called about a $132 dollar debt that was 12 years old. Had already been on my credit and dropped off. This is outside of the 6 year statute of limitations that any legal action can be taken. Do not give this company money. If you owe someone money call them directly and settle with them. These people are being paid to call and belittle you and lie to you. Help take their jobs away by only paying your debtor. If they call you on a local number and hang up. You can call their main line at 888 418 3689. Use this opportunity to harass their supervisor for harassing you over a - time barred debt - Finish the conversation by telling them to not contact your phone again and tell them they are calling a business line and not to call it back. After that send them a letter to Po box 534 Hardeesville SC 29927 and state that you would like them to no longer have any contact with you. At this point if they contact you you can take legal action against them.


Mid Western Alliance sold my account to D2 Management in Dec. 2014, for collections. This was a payday loan. I was aggressively approached by one of their employees by phone to take care of the matter immediately or they were going to start legal action. According to other reviews and testimonies, this is the same information they tell everyone. I paid it, by phone w/ my bank card. Two years later, I'm being asked to pay it again because "they don't have any record that I ever paid it!" The has 63 complaints filed against D2 Mgmt., and last year a class action lawsuit was settled in court (case #2:16-cv-00989-WBS-GGH). This company needs to be ordered to cease and desist doing business nationwide.


This company called, when I answered they didn't inform me that they were a collection agency (Just D2 Management) but told me that as of Wednesday I would have a lean placed against me. I told the lady that this information was NOT correct and that I was at work. She continued to talk about how I owed money. I again told her I was at work and couldn't talk.

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Address: PO Box 534, Hardeeville, South Carolina, United States, 29927


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