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DAG Construction & Real Estate Development

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The provider built a new house for us after the fire which was a total loss. Immediately after moving in we had serious problems with plumbing, electricity, fire alarm system, floors,and other many more lesser issues.The provider came in during the warranty period and did some work which he claimed would solve all the problems. However, the same problems remain and reoccurring.The main concerns at this time are:1)pluming (no water in the house)2)electricity (one of the bedrooms and laundry/furnace room loose power at any given time without any particular reason)3)fire alert system sets off for no reason at all; at one point we had to call in a local fire department representatives who suggested that the problem was either bad detectors or bad wiring;4)the floors became very squeaky at this point even the house is only two years old;5)the water is leaking on the outside faucet of the house;6)the tower holders in all bedrooms come constantly loose; despite the provider's repairs they are still very looseThere are other minor but still very annoying issues.Also, the provider work ethics are quite strange; at one point he basically went racist. Due to some changes in the work plans we asked if the charge for this part of work would be removed from the bill and his response was: "You are not Jewish, are you?"The provider can't read even very simple blueprints. He installed the wrong size windows in our house and when the house inspector noticed that they are not to the code the provider tried to blame our architect and us instead of taken any responsibility.The provider "borrowed" some of our tools and items which we never seen again.The list can go on and go. Our main concern is that this particular business may cause damage to other people. We think that they need to be held fully responsible for what they've done and prevent other people from dealing with them.Desired Settlementplumbing electricityfloorsother issuesBusiness Response To whom it may concern:I represented DAG Construction & Real Estate Development (DAG) in the matter statedabove. DAG and Mr. [redacted] entered into a contract on [redacted] 2013. The contract offered a 1 year warranty that expired in [redacted] 2014.I first became involved with the matter when Mr. Graham (DAG) contacted me and informed me that he felt that the homeowner was continually contacting him and harassing him due to what the homeowner felt were repairs DAG should address. My client had been trying to address the issues himself however he felt that the harassment and abusive behavior became too much for him to handle, he contacted the police and then asked that I become involved.On [redacted] 2014, I contacted Mr. [redacted] and discussed the issues and concerns he had.I followed up our conversation in an email. There were 11 issues brought to my attention during the phone call with the homeowner and they were:1. The shutters have not been installed;2. Two exterior lights on the back porch are not working;3. The master bedroom I bathroom towel rack is loose;4. The kitchen faucet is loose;5. The laundry room ceiling is in need of another coat of paint;6. The floors near the island and sink in the kitchen are squeaky;7. You do not have the proper key for the lock to your office door;8. The closet doors need to be adjusted as they do not open and close properly;9. There is a piece of molding missing on the front porch and there is only one coat of paint;10. One of the stairs on the front porch cracked;11. The power outlet on the back porch is loose and has only one screw and needs to be tightened. would only speak to a DAG worker or myself and was uncooperative with arranging time and access to the home.DAG found and repaired as follows:1. The Shutters had not been installed due to the homeowner delaying in the color and style choice; They were installed a week later.2. An electrician checked out the back porch lighting issue and the electrician found that the light bulbs had burned out and upon replacing them the lighting worked fine;3. The Towel rack was loose but not due to installation issues, rather aggressive use of the homeowner, my client still made the repair;4. The Kitchen faucet was loose again from aggressive use of the homeowner which my client repaired;5. The Laundry room could use another coat of paint and two coat were applied;6. The floor was not defective and had been installed properly;7. The homeowner had been given a key to all doors more than once as he had lost the original set, another set of keys were provided;8. The closet doors were adjusted;9. The piece of molding that had been installed was reinstalled and painted;10. The stair board was replaced on the front porch;11. The power outlet on the back porch was fine however it was tightened.Following a detailed conversation and email correspondence Mr. [redacted] sent a list of additional repairs he wanted addressed:1. There was a space between two wood floor pieces in one of the upstairs rooms;2. Disturbed area of grass was not seeded;3. Gutters sizes was inappropriate for the home;4. Toilet is wet at base;5. A part of the porch was touching/ underground a bit and concerned about the pressure treated wood rotting;6. Air conditioner unit was not working properly;I spoke with DAG and he addressed the following:1. The floor spacing was fixed;2. The grass area and an additional space was seeded;3. I personally spoke with the gutter company. The gutters were of proper size, it was stated that you cannot go bigger unless you go to a commercial gutter. The manager of the gutter company informed me that his worker found leaves and dirt clogging the gutters, his workers cleaned the gutters and informed the homeowner that he needed to keep the gutters clear of leaves and dirt.4. A new wax ring was installed although there was no evidence that the toilet was leaking;5. My client graded and adjusted the footing on the back porch;6. The Air conditioner contractor reported that the homeowner had admitted to him that he had someone adjust the unit outside and the contractor found that someone had shut of a switch that is required to be on in order to run properly.On [redacted] 2015, 5 months following all of the issues being addressed, I received a new voicemail and email from Mr. [redacted] after the warranty had expired. I contacted my client immediately on Sunday evening to see what was going on. The warranty on the property had expired. The homeowner was trying to send me a list with issues that had already been addressed satisfactorily.The immediate issue that Mr. [redacted] was contacting me for was that the lights in the upstairs bedroom would not work. My client went over to the property immediately and all the lights were on upstairs, he knocked on the door and when Mr. [redacted] saw that it was my client, he slammed the door in his face.Mr. [redacted] continued to add issues to the list that had no correlation to DAG construction of the property. He continued to add things to the list even after they had been addressed again and again. My Client took all of the issues above very seriously. He took the time to repair, replace and fix any and all of the issues the homeowner expressed concern with and then some that he was not even responsible for. During the process, Mr. [redacted] was uncooperative, rude, untruthful and unwilling to cooperate with addressing his concerns.My client went above and beyond the expected level of his responsibilities and tried to maintain a client relationship with Mr. [redacted]. Mr. [redacted]'s behavior and his own actions have led to DAG ceasing any further contact with Mr. [redacted].if you have any questions, please contact my office at XXX-XXX-XXXXSincerely, [redacted] Esq.Consumer Response Unfortunately, this response from the company is a mixture of misrepresentation and lies.I don't know why they decided to deny the obvious facts but those are such that hardly any of the discussed issues were addressed in any satisfactory manner.Again, all those issues started during the warranty period and some of them almost immediately after we moved in the house. I don't know if I should provide much technical details here but we still experiencing that very same issues that Mr. [redacted] and Mrs. [redacted] claim to be solved. Just few to illustrate:1. Between [redacted] and [redacted] this year we lost water in our kitchen/bathroom area about two dozen times. This first happened during the first month after we moved in and has been happening ever since. Mr. [redacted] first admitted that they "forgot" to insulate the pipes in the garage and kitchen area and made some repairs cutting through our kitchen cabinets walls and putting ugly extra insulation foam around the pipes in the garage. Still, this year again, as I said we've been having very same problem almost every other day. I asked a third party to take a look and they found that the pipes in the kitchen sink area were installed too close to the outside wall. In fact, there is no any room to put insulation between those pipes and said wall so no matter what, they will freeze during the colder period. In short, they need to be rerouted. Apparently, we have same situation with the pipes going to the bathroom but they are currently cover behind the wall and ceiling so it should be uncovered first.2.The floors in the kitchen/living area are very squeaky and this was brought to Mr. [redacted] attention numerous times during warranty period and he never did anything about that.3. Our heating system needs to be tested as we have a very significant difference in temperature in various parts of the house when the heating is running. There could be problems with the ductwork improper design. Mr. [redacted] never did anything about that.4. The electrician that we had to hire discovered that 3 out of 9 smoke detectors installed by Mr. [redacted] were defective. That's 1/3. Mr. [redacted] suggestion to solve the problem was to change "bad batteries". We still haven't figure out why we lose electricity time to time in one of the bedrooms and in the laundry/furnace room. The list may go on and on.I also don't understand why, supposedly being a lawyer, Mrs. [redacted] choses to put direct lies into writing and then sign them with her own name. Again, just name a few:1. "The shutters had not been installed due to the homeowner delaying in the color and style choice; They were installed a week later." In fact, the shutters were installed 8 (eight) moths later than indicated in the contract and not because "homeowner delaying". This is a direct lie. We called Mr. [redacted] for months to install the shutters and for some reason he brought two different companies to the site. We waited for the first one to come back for several months and then same story happened with the second company. 2. The tower rack fell off again the next day after "repairs" and not due to a "heavy usage" but due to a very lousy job. Direct lie.3. The kitchen faucet were not "heavily used" and it was not repaired by Mrs. [redacted] client. Lie.4. "The grass area and additional space was seeded." - I am not sure what seed Mrs. Thomason had in mind when writing this but on a single seed was put into our soil anywhere. Compete lie.5. "The piece of molding that had been installed was reinstalled and painted". I am puzzled really, why anybody would lie about such small thing. The truth is the molding wasn't "reinstalled" , it was installed because before that there was just open space. Secondly, it wasn't painted. In fact, it is still unpainted and anybody can see that with their own eyes.I don't have energy or desire to go through every piece of lies presented by Mr. [redacted] and Mrs. [redacted]It's noteworthy, though, to mention that Mr. Graham came back to our place to solve one or another issue about 20-25 times. And we are talking about something like wrong size furnace or garage door that would open on its own in the middle of a night, for example.Mr. [redacted] turned out to be completely unprofessional. He can't read blueprints. Because of that our design is completely botched. He installed wrong size doors and windows throughout the house. Mr. [redacted] choice of his subcontractors is extremely unprofessional. He admitted that he never worked before with plumbers, electricians, heating crew that he hired to work on our house. As a result we've had so many issues and wasted so many time. Mr. [redacted] installed a furnace that was too small for our house and for the first couple months our propane bill went through the roof while Mr. [redacted] was saying that that's OK. Mr. [redacted] is constantly making racist, sexist, and just plain disturbing comments so his work ethic is very questionable at the very least. He would discuss and ridicule his previous customers tastes and choices; the way woman dress and behave in the United States comparing to Russia; people going to college to get a degree ("those is go the college and then don't even know how it work in a real life" - this was his first reaction when the house inspector found out that the windows and doors were not even to the code. Mr. [redacted] thought it was our architect's fault and didn't waste any time to blame her. Turned out he just can't read the blueprints properly. When I asked him about reimbursement for the part of the work that we decided to omit, his response was "You are not Jewish, are you?" He was making some unpleasant comments regarding a disabled Home Depot staff member who wasn't fast enough to Mr. [redacted] taste. In short, as customers who paid Mr. [redacted] a very good money to do the job we are extremely disappointed and not happy. We still have numerous issues that need to be address. And the ethical side of this whole story is just very unpleasant. I wouldn't recommend Mr. Graham's business to my worst enemy.Final Business Response Attorney [redacted] Servicing Central and Western Massachusetts and Northeastern Connecticut 6 Park Avenue, Suite 100Worcester, MA XXXXXRe.. Case # [redacted] Dear [redacted]1. received your facsimile with Mr. [redacted]' rebuttal to my client's response, to the initial complaint. My client was under the impression that this matter was closed.In response to the rebuttal:1. Mr. [redacted] now includes many new issues that he himself had not included in the initial complaint or in his emails to my office or to my client;2. Mr. [redacted] mentions several times that 1 am lying throughout the letter when my statement was "DAG found and repaired as follows" Not my statements but those of my client's;3. It was brought to my attention via my client that Mr. [redacted] recently contacted the local police department and accused Mr. Graham of stealing his tools; and4. Mr. [redacted] states that my client returned to his home 20-25 times to make repairs. That statement validates my client's statements that he has done everything he could to make this homeowner happy.We respectfully request that the close this matter.If you have any questions, you may contact my office at XXX-XXX-XXXXSincerely, [redacted]

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