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Dan's Auto Restoration

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We have charged Mr [redacted] a $85 service call fee every time for many visits dating back to 4.28.14 when we first met.  The service performed was running tests on all the components to find the problem then reassembling the unit.Mr [redacted] is mistaken about taking advantage of the situation....

 I have charged a $85 service call fee to all of my customers including Mr [redacted] for many years.  Until and / or if the following companys reduce my mandated fees, I am unable to reduce, waive, or refund the service call when I have delivered a accurate service.The Texas Department of licensing and RegulationEPAToyota Motor companyTexaco gas companyChristianson auto repair & serviceDiscount tireHome Depot 4 power tools & batteriesInternal Revenue serviceCarrier A/C & Heating corporationGeico for Auto InsuranceTime insurance agency for Bond & liability insuranceNational refrigeration equipment. Vacuum pumps, recovery machine, $700 electronic gaugesTexas toll waysAT&T phone CompanyWes Anderson, CPACity of Austin permit & inspection DepartmentCoworker(s)Air gas Company for nitrogen, oxygen, & acetylene for installing repairing freon lines.R.M.I. a/c parts & component'sHoneywellWilliamson County franchise tax CorporationField piece instrument Company for diagnostic toolsDupont for freonGen electric for Motors & breakersWe did not install a carton box with the motor repair / replacement.  There was a carton box already in place before our arrival inside a weather proof box in the exterior unit.  Since the carton box was inside the weatherproof box, we did not feel that the issue needed to be adjusted or changed.  Unfortunately I am not considered descent and fair to all customers and most likely will not be in this instance.  I am unable to refund the $630 motor we installed last year or the $85 we charged for a service call and labor installing the motor.  If there was a problem with the motor we would have replaced the motor at no charge since we honor a 1 year warranty on our motors.  Myself and my assistant tried explaining this to Mr [redacted] repeatedly during our last visit.  The break down recently is as Mr [redacted] stated, a bad compressor.  This is a different component in the unit.[redacted]

Mr[redacted] hired my company to fix a air conditioner at [redacted].  My assistant and I (witness) analyzed the problem to be a freon leak after disassembling the unit and performing a leak check with a freon leak detector.  We then advised Mr [redacted] to replace the 25 year old...

unit.  I informed him at the time of the discussion that the service call and labor fees would be waived if he choose to replace the system with my company.  After a follow up call with Mr [redacted] a few weeks later he informed me that he would not be replacing the unit so I sent him a bill.

Complaint: 12260653
I am rejecting this response because: Mr. [redacted] clearly has a problem with integrity and honesty. His response once again is a lie. Nothing was disassembled and the fact that he claims a witness that is a paid employee that has no choice but to back up his boss' story is ludicrous. And I too have a witness in the form of my stepmother that can attest to the fact that nothing was disassembled.Regardless, the point of the matter is that the Collection matter needs to be withdrawn as it was never communicated that there could or would be a charge to provide a repair estimate. Even in Mr. [redacted]'s response, he does not purport to have communicated a charge to provide the estimate.Regards,

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Per the sticker on the Unit, Texas A/C installed or previously repaired this system in the first place. No crystal ball necessary. But regardless, the description isn't even accurate. 10 ft.? Wrong! And I had sent Texas A/C and many others pictures of the unit via text and email. Again, no crystal ball necessary. Regardless, the collections matter needs to be withdrawn as a matter of law, regardless of what claims you make about looking at the unit. You did not disclose any charge for providing a repair estimate (and you have still not claimed to have done so). Since when can you just randomly file collections against somebody because they "translated" for you and did not accept your bogus and predatory bid for a $7,000 A/C system? 

Dear,On October 31, 2017 Ireceived a letter regarding a complaint from [redacted].According to our notes, this is my version of this issue:On August 14, 2017 Mr. [redacted]'s daughter (sorry but I did not gether name) called our office and informed us that she would like to cancel the monitoring...

service because her mother just keeps paying for the Yearly service and they have not use the Alarm System for years. We keep providing the monitoring service to our customers until we receive a written cancellation notice from them. At this time, I requested a written cancellation to Mr [redacted]'s daughter in order to cancel the monitoring service. I told her that she could send the cancellation by mail or email. According to our agreement with Mr [redacted], they are required to send us a 30 day in advance notice cancellation per our month to month contract. Up to this date, we have not received a written cancellation notice from their daughter or Mr [redacted].Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm and after hours I have an answering service. On August the 14" was the first and only call from Mr [redacted]'s daughter and no messages from the answering service to call them back.Mr [redacted] has been a customer for many years and we have not had any issues. We wish Mr [redacted] had contacted our office himself to be able to resolve this cancellation and reimbursing of funds in a friendly manner. I will cancel the account immediately and we will reimburse the $228.00 to Mr [redacted] that covers the monitoring service from August 2017-July 2018. The check to Mr [redacted] will be mail out today to his present address.Thank you,[redacted]. #[redacted], CA [redacted] * ([redacted]) [redacted]

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