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Dan's Handyman Services

840 Ida Lane, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, V2B 6B1

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I hired a local business, Dan's Handyman Services to remove my bathtub/shower and enclosure and install a new one. This business gave me an initial quote for labour of $1170 and told me the job would take 2 days and that he could do all the work himself. When I was ready for the work to be done, he put me off for a month, wanted to start work with giving me little to no notice. When he finally did start the job, he brought his wife to work and left a huge mess in my house each time he/they were here. Dan, made major decisions without consulting me first, did not follow our agreement and kept adding additional charges on the bill. This job took Dan 5 days, and part way through I told him I was unhappy with decisions he made without my consent while I was at work and my daughter was home. The shower head, control and tap do not line up, there were 12 spots in the tile job that had no grout at all. The tiling was not complete, crooked and inconsistent in surface levels. There was no finishing done, the shower leaked, the caulking all split and was wet and mushy the first time the tub was filled with water, and the grout was never cleaned off the tiles. Dan sent me an invoice for 2082.23 with minimal details, I asked for a detailed invoice and the next one was for 2502.23 with hours for him and his wife and materials as well as a plumber he hired. I requested all receipts for materials and Dan refused to produce the receipts. I hired Dan only to do the job, that he said he would be doing alone and he hired his wife and the plumber without my consent and expected me to pay for them. I was advised by ***, ***, *** and 3 contractors not to pay Dan at all. I sent Dan a detailed email outlining all that we agreed upon and what he did and did not do according to our agreement with payment of $500 as the job was very poor workmanship that was done incorrectly and was not complete. Dan did not respond which left me no choice but to hire someone else to finish the job. Just recently the water faucet started leaking and running constantly, I had someone have a look at it and the water spout is broken inside, the brand new copper pipe is all scored and wrecked, the spout inners are glued in and the set screw is jammed in the faucet and impossible to get out. The rubber seal to cover the set screw on the tap was never put in and the rubber seal for the actual tap is on the outside of the of the tap altogether not sealing anything. When investigating this we discovered the the tile wall is moving and not secure which is indicative that the tiles were also not installed correctly. I am handicapped and this could be potentially dangerous if the tiles fall on me.

Dan's Handyman Services Response • Mar 10, 2020

Between Sept 30 and October 4,
2019, I completed the demolition of the old tub and surround, and installed a
new tub and tilework around the bathtubI was initially contacted by
the client in May of 2019 to replace a bathtub and tub surround. As she
requested, we had postponed the project in order to allow her to acquire
materials on her own. When she contacted me in August saying she had a tub
ready, and then again on September 29 she said she would like to switch from a
tub surround to tile (I have attached a screenshot showing the client requesting
this change). The client was notified on that tilework would cost more due to
the increased labour required, and also that it would take more time than
installing just a tub surround. I was booked with other clients when she eventually
reached out, so I could not begin work immediately. Sept 30th I removed the old
tub and surround, and installed the new bathtub and backing with the help of my
wife who is also my business partner (Moving/installing bathtubs is not
practical with a single person). My wife was conversing with the client
throughout our time there, and it came as a surprise to us that she was
uncomfortable with the situation. An extra hand on site does not translate to
additional costs to the customer, it allows me to spend my time more
efficiently and speeds up the entire process, which clients generally
appreciate. While working on this
project, I did my best to work with her varied schedule; she would request
start times of around 10:00am, and one day as late as 11:30 (screenshot of this
request also attached). This was not a concern for me, however I assumed that
she would understand this would delay the on the project overall. The project took longer than
initially estimated because tilework takes longer than installing a surround,
which I had told her would take 2 days. The mortar needs time to dry, as does
the grout before the caulking can be applied.We were also delayed by some
unforseen plumbing work that was required, as the client had purchased a taller
bathtub than the original one, and the valve and downspout had to be moved up
higher to accommodate this. I hired a *** (the client was home when I called
them) to perform this work, as I am not insured for plumbing behind the wall
and believed that a professional plumber would give the client a better piece
of mind. I could not continue working until this was complete, so we were
pushed back about a day. *** performed the work, and charged a very
reasonable rate of $187.As for any current plumbing
concerns behind the wall, *** did all the work on those components. If
any of the plumbing work was faulty, I would need to refer it to *** as they
did the work, I only facilitated the transaction. As for the moving wall, the
backing was screwed to the studs. The tiles should not be moving, I am
confident in the work I did. It is difficult to say without examination what
the cause is.Regarding the clean up, I
did my best to sweep up any debris left on the bathroom floor and around the
toilet before I left each day. I did not clean the tub area that I was working
on, however, and this may be the mess that the client is referring to. Regarding the receipts,
copies of material receipts could have been provided, but client was requesting
original receipts which I need to keep for tax purposes. The materials charged
on the invoice were $182.63, I have attached the receipt and invoice showing
the amounts were legitimate.I am unaware of any decisions that were made
without her consent. She was aware that I had hired a plumber; I have attached part
of our conversation where she acknowledges they would be coming the next day.Unfortunately, none of these
concerns were mentioned until after the invoice was sent. I could have and
would have been able to address all of these concerns very easily if they had
been brought to my attention. The day the tub/shower
portion of the work was complete, she requested the bill. The job was not fully
complete, as some finishing touches were still required, so I sent the bill for
the work completed so far. I did not hear back from her until a few days later when
I noticed she had reached out to me by sending a message through ***
regarding some problems with the caulking and plumbing. When I tried to respond
by calling and sending emails I could not get a hold of her and received no
response. A few days later I received an email in which she was very upset. She
outlined her concerns and expressed her discontent, and ended the letter saying
that her email concluded our dealings together and she would not be contacting
me for any further work. This is the reason I did not reach out to her again.During our time there, the client
mentioned the possibility of having to set up a payment plan depending on how
high the cost was going to be. This is not something I typically do, or
something we had discussed prior to starting the project. After receiving the
invoice of $2502 the client has only paid $500, an amount sufficient to cover
the plumbing bill and the parts I needed to purchase to complete the project.I am disappointed that I was not given the opportunity to address any of
her concerns. I believe my work was done properly and in a reasonable amount of
time, and that it provided a significant improvement for the customer. I have also
attached before and after pictures of the tub and shower. As for a resolution, I am unsure of anything that can be done to resolve the issue
for the client’s. I am not able to return to assess or fix any of the current problems,
and do not believe that would be reasonable to refund an amount that is nearly equivalent to
the amount I spent on materials ($182.63) and the plumbing work (187.95). I have
requested assistance from a mediator, who has had difficulty making contact
with the client.

Customer Response • Mar 17, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: I do not see that Dan's Handyman Services has accepted any responsibility for a job done so poorly it is falling apart and I continuously am finding things that are done incorrectly, falling apart or broken. I have never seen a copy or otherwise of any receipts for anything. I do not see that Dan *** has offered any resolution to the issues at hand and am seeking a full refund.


Dan's Handyman Services Response • Mar 23, 2020

I have attached the receipt for the materials purchased, as well as the plumbing bill. I would have returned to the clients residence and resolved any problems if I had had the opportunity, however the customer had made it clear that she did not want me to complete any additional services. Perhaps it would be helpful for some unbiased advice in order to reach a reasonable resolution.

Customer Response • Apr 02, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: I contacted Dan immediately when I discovered leaks and serious issues with the work he had done and he said he would fix it and then I did not hear anything back from him for several days leaving me with water all over the floor and an unusable shower/bathtub. The receipts for some of the materials are bulk amounts, ie the liquids come in containers that have enough product to renovate 10 bathrooms and cost to me should be less than $10. l simply would like a full refund


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Description: Handyman Services, Plumbing - Renovation & Repair, Construction & Remodeling Services

Address: 840 Ida Lane, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, V2B 6B1


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