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375 N West St, Westerville, Ohio, United States, 43082-1400

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I'm having the same problem as everyone else. My last communication with them was in July. At that time I was told I was due $40.12. Now they're trying to claim that my account is past due. I've asked them for documentation, and all they want to do so far is to discuss the issue over the phone. I have contacted my insurance provider, *** and filed a complaint as they are now trying to place the blaime on ***. I'm a patient with the ***, and have asked for their assistance since they now have a contract with them. I have contacted my doctor who practices in *** system, to let her know about the manner in which this is being addressed. They lost me as a customer.

DASCO HME Response • Aug 17, 2020

Mr. spoke with a Billing Manager on 8/14/2020 via email at which time the details of his billings were discussed and explained. At no time was "blame" placed on *** only an explanation of how billing must occur. The balance is not past due it is a current balance. In the email correspondence, Mr. insisted on a refund for coinsurance paid OR having his current bill credited for items received due to being told in a previous phone conversation that a refund was due. This was indeed not the case upon further audit of the account. However, in an effort to resolve the matter DASCO has agreed to credit the current balance of $40.12 with the knowledge moving forward of how the billing takes place on his supplies.

Purchased a cleaning system for my CPAP machine. Before the system arrived the $250.00 purchase price was debited to my checking account. 2 weeks later my checking account was debited a second time for $250.00. I immediately called Dasco and they acknowledged the error and informed me they would make the correction to my account. I waited a week and called again, same answer. I have waited another week and I am reporting to you.

Customer Response • Jun 18, 2020

Complaint #***8:45 AM (18 minutes ago)---------- Forwarded message ---------***Date: Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 5:39 PMSubject: Complaint #***Attached within the page 2 attachment is the authorization for release of health information to the Please let me know if you have any questions.Thank you

DASCO HME Response • Jun 19, 2020

is absolutely correct. His checking account was charged twice in error. We have refunded his account for $250.00 today and emailed a copy of the refund receipt as well as an apology to the following email address: ***

We have also identified how the duplicate payment happened and have taken steps to re-educate as well as addressed the slow response to his phone inquiries with the appropriate associates.

Billing and collections from services back in 2017. 10 charges appeared last week on my credit report. I received an alert from my credit report service. I haven't received a bill, call, letter or anything from Dasco. The collection agency they sent the bills to never contacted me and just put the old bills on my credit report. The *** had limited information and just put it on my credit report. They had an old phone number but the proper address. The services provided were covered by insurance back then and Dasco was provided a HSA debit card to process anything the insurance didn't cover. I can not go back and get the HSA to cover the costs now after three years. The total of the 10 bills report on my credit report are at $499.

DASCO HME Response • Jun 30, 2020

We have audited ***' account with DASCO. Upon set up of his equipment, an HSA card was provided; however, it is also noted that DASCO was only given permission to charge this card for the upfront copay/deductible collected and not any on-going rental/supply charges. Therefore, the HSA card was not placed on record for recurring charges. The series of written invoicing/collection attempts are as follows: 7/21/2016, 8/23/2016, 9/8/2016, 9/27/2016, 10/13/2016, 1/3/2017, 2/2/2017, 2/21/2017, 3/9/2017, 3/28/2017. All of these statements were mailed to *** which *** maintains was correct. The debt is valid; the amounts were billed to *** based on the EOBs from his insurance company and any attempt to resolve the debt must be done through the collection agency.

DASCO HME Response • Jun 30, 2020

The copies of the invoices, which also show how the invoices were addressed, have been printed and will go out in tomorrow's mail for ***' review. Along with the invoices is the copy of the card information with the notation that all future invoicing should be by paper and not automatic payment. There is no record of any returned mail for insufficient address for any of the invoices. Further, there should have been Explanations of Benefits from the insurance company that coincided with any charges billed by DASCO. These also would have shown an amount due as determined by insurance. Any review of the HSA card activity would have indicated the balances due were not being deducted.

Customer Response • Jul 05, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: As previously stated I received no notifications or mail from Dasco. I will review the bills when they are received. I can not address why DASCO didn't get returned mail from ***. These collections put on my credit report are over 3 YEARS OLD. When was the last time DASCO attempted to mail an invoice to me? The collection agency sent a collection letter to me when I gave them the address over the phone. NO MAIL EVERY REACHED ME FROM THE *** EITHER. When they got the address from me over the phone a collection letter did arrived but they couldn't provide any detailed invoices for what the bills were for. This address screw up is between the ***, DACSO and the *** or a combination of all three is a DASCO problem. I will pay what I owe for services or products I received. It seems to me that whatever I was supposed to receive in products or services never happened other than the in person items delivered at an appointment. In any case I want the collection and credit report damage FIXED! I will look at the invoices when they arrive and not sure why they weren't available from a collection agency trying to collect money. Can a *** damage a credit report based on a company sending them after a customer without any invoice information? This whole thing sounds like a scam or a disorganized / poorly run company, DASCO trying to collect REALLY OLD PAST due accounts that were screwed up internally. Poor customer service and accounting systems that blame customers will put a company like DASCO out of business.


I want to very strongly complain about this company's billing service and general business model. I received a bill from your office, with an account number and a price to pay. Nowhere in this bill does your company think to inform me about what you are charging me for, or even the date I received the medical equipment you are charging me for, or even, in the smallest attempt at transparency, the place I received the equipment you are charging me from. Luckily, I am a fairly healthy person and have only received one thing that can be considered medical equipment in the last year, so I can conclude what you are charging me for,, but someone who has had an accident or is otherwise unhealthy would have trouble figuring out what you are billing them for. I will be contacting anyone in consumer protection and maybe even local authorities regarding this utter lack of respect. Sending a bill, without any information of where or why it comes from is highly irresponsible and would easily lead to fraud. Honestly, this is almost predatory. I went to the *** to receive the treatment that led to me needing medical equipment. I will also contact them and tell them about your lack of transparency immediately and urge them to employ a company that shows a modicum of respect for the client. In no other time in my life have I ever been sent a bill with no date or explanation of where the bill comes from, even within the low bar set by medical insurance companies in this country. Not when I buy something online, or in a store. To think you deal with something as precious as people's health is appealing. I also called, but I imagine your high volume of calls must be due to other people also trying to ascertain what your company id charging them for. Your bill and company are an utter disgrace!

DASCO HME Response • Apr 29, 2020

Dear and Ms.,
It appears that we received a complaint via our company web in regards to this issue and a billing manager has reached out to Ms.. The bill she received was the second billing for the item mentioned. The original billing does in fact contain information about the item that is being billed along with a date of service. The original bill was sent and unfortunately we cannot know why it did not reach Ms.. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Horrible company to work with! Send supplies that I did not order. Have been trying for months to get them to cancel a bill for the products they incorrectly sent me. They are spending more in time to create bills and postage than the bill is worth. They said someone would call me in 24 hours to review issue. Never heard from anyone. Not a well run company to say the least! Still waiting on someone with authority to call me. Dan

DASCO HME Response • Apr 06, 2020

To: Mr. / -
We have reviewed the account for Mr.y. He was set up with a machine from our company in May of 2019. We never received any paperwork back from his to refuse the automatic shipment program allowed by his insurance which would have been included with the set up. His automatic resupply was shipped in Aug 2019. He called our office and the automatic resupply was turned off in Aug 2019. We then spoke to him again in Nov 2019 to confirm this. The bill that generated in Jan 2020 was for the dates of service from the original shipment of supplies back in Aug 2019. As a courtesy we always bill the primary insurance and do not process the co-pay to the patient until the insurance has paid. Unfortunately this took longer than normal but once insurance processed the claim, the bill was forwarded to the patient.
Our billing department did have an open inquiry to follow up but had not processed the request as of yet. As of today, I have instructed the billing department to credit the patient portion of the payment and Mr. has no outstanding balance. I verified that his account is updated and no further supplies will be shipped without his specific request. Furthermore, Mr.y may keep the supplies he received so he has back up for his therapy if needed.
Please let me know if there is anything else we can be of assistance with in regards to this matter.
Dawn T

Ordered nasal pillows for my CPAP machine from Dasco on February 10 2020. Received a bill on February 26 for an $89.94 deluxe fee, which I have not had in the past. I called Dasco that same day and was on hold for 35 minutes then cut off. Called Dasco again on March 2 and was told this fee was for deluxe nasal pillows and could not be sent to my insurance for payment. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was told some one would call me back that same day. March 4 received a call from Dasco. I asked for clarification of this charge and again was told it was for a pack of 6 deluxe nasal pillows. I explained that I have had my CPAP machine for 5 years, have ordered all my CPAP supplies from Dasco and never had this charge before. The nasal pillows I received are the same ones, in the same packaging I have received from Dasco in the past. The Dasco rep told me he would check into this and let me know in a couple of days. He assured me he would put a hold on the bill until this matter was resolved. Never heard from Dasco, so on March 18, I called and was placed on hold for over 15 minutes. I was given the option for a call back from Dasco so I gave them my phone number to contact me. March 23 got a bill telling me my account was past due and late charges were going to be assessed. On March 25, I called and again left a message to Dasco to call me back. Today is March 27 and still no call from Dasco.

DASCO HME Response • Apr 01, 2020

The manager at our CPAP Central has reached out to *** to explain the fees and remedy the situation. Our current call volumes are very high during our current crisis with COVID-19, and we ask for understanding and patience during this time. Previous orders show deluxe fees being charged and paid for, but there was a change to those fees in 2020. Below is an account of the actions taken by the store manager:

Attempted to see who he spoke to but there was nothing the *** call log.
Due to the inconvenience he experienced trying to reach someone and the
difference in charge for the upgrade fees I am waiving the fees and would like
his account credited. Did p/u for fees. Advised that $14.99 per pillow was the
accurate upgrade for the pillows and that would be the cost going foreword.
Patient was happy with the outcome, but voiced frustration with our billing
call center and said they were difficult to understand and they never
resolved the issue. He would like a new statement with the amount he owes after
the credit, and will then pay his balance.

The charges in question have been removed and new statements mailed out.

DASCO HME Response • Apr 01, 2020

The manager at our CPAP Central has reached out to *** to explain the fees and remedy the situation. Our current call volumes are very high during our current crisis with COVID-19, and we ask for understanding and patience during this time. Previous orders show deluxe fees being charged and paid for, but there was a change to those fees in 2020. Below is an account of the actions taken by the store manager:

Attempted to see who he spoke to but there was nothing the *** call log.
Due to the inconvenience he experienced trying to reach someone and the
difference in charge for the upgrade fees I am waiving the fees and would like
his account credited. Did p/u for fees. Advised that $14.99 per pillow was the
accurate upgrade for the pillows and that would be the cost going foreword.
Patient was happy with the outcome, but voiced frustration with our billing
call center and said they were difficult to understand and they never
resolved the issue. He would like a new statement with the amount he owes after
the credit, and will then pay his balance.

The charges in question have been removed and new statements mailed out.

Customer Response • Apr 07, 2020

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.


Customer Response • Apr 07, 2020

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.


Worst customer service. They send supplies that are not requested and never the ones you request. I am now reporting them to my insurance. They continue to lie directly to your face. I have a broken filter on my CPAP and I have requested a new filter for the last 3 fills and not even an ***.

Poor customer service.
They send supplies that are not requested and then try to bill you for them..

DASCO HME Response • Dec 19, 2019

We provide supplies based on insurance allowable and manufacturer recommendations. The system utilized by the consumer requests all supplies to be replaced. We have several options available where a consumer may request specific items only.
Also, once the consumer notified us that the specific item was not needed, a return label was provided for him and the item was credited from his account. Further, a permanent reminder was placed on the account to prevent the specific item from being shipped again in the future.
Hopefully the steps above have rectified the situation to the consumers satisfaction.

Worst company I’ve ever dealt with. They told me I had to prepay for my machine, then I was later told that was not supposed to happen. Billing has been screwed up for a year and their billing website said my balance is zero but I’m receiving notices from collections. Thanks jackasses for screwing up my credit and maybe teach your billing call center English.

DASCO HME Response • Oct 07, 2019

An itemized statement was requested and sent on 10/4/2019. If after reviewing the statement there are still questions, please contact our billing department. Thank you.

Dasco was cooperative in exchanging my CPAP mask which I found very uncomfortable.
What Dasco did wrong was tell me that my deductible for my insurance had been met for the year, so I would not have any payments until the following year(2020). Within 2 months of getting my CPAP machine and equipment, they began deducting money from my credit card that I never agreed for them to use in that way I gave my cc# to have the equipment delivered: not o pay a bill that I was told that I wouldn't have. Very misleading in their information! Actually they down right lied to me and offered no explanation or apology when I called customer service. Do yourself a favor and find a better company.

DASCO HME Response • Sep 06, 2019

We are sorry to hear that this is the experience you had with our company. We are looking into this matter and researching the call to find out what happened. Thank you.

DASCO HME Response • Sep 09, 2019

We did retrieve the call between the patient and our representative. We were correct in letting the patient know at the time of set up the deductible was met however the out of pocket cost were not met which could have caused a bill. We also advised that an invoice would be sent if there was a balance due and the patient could contact our billing department if there were any concerns. We always bill insurance first for the patient so the patient portion is dependent on the deductible and out of pocket guidelines of the patients insurance.

I used Dasco Home Medical for medical supplies from roughly April 2017 through June 2017. Equipment was returned and they were instructed that I no longer needed it. For the past year I have been receiving robo calls (I would classify to generate sales) stating they are inquiring about my medical supplies. I have called them at least 3 times and been reassured that my phone number would be removed from their system and that the calls would stop, and each time I explained that the nature of the original use of their equipment was a very traumatic near death experience (my airway had collapsed and I required emergency airway and later tracheotomy) and that each of their calls was triggering the resulting PTSD that I now am dealing with. I have once again begun to get the robo calls at least 2 to 3 times a week. On the two occasions that I answered the call and tried to enter the required phone number it dialed to reach a live rep I have gotten a message that the number I have entered is not on file. I want these robo calls to STOP!!!!!

DASCO HME Response • Aug 26, 2019

To Whom it May Concern:

Complaint # ***

We have changed the status on this patients account and removed the phone number in our system. This should ensure that the patient no longer receives any supply reminder calls. Our agents did attempt to assist with the request to discontinue the calls but unfortunately the account was put into the incorrect status. The calls were supposed to stop but the incorrect status on the account did not stop them.

We apologize for the confusion. We did attempt to complete the request. We have re-educated our staff on the account status changes to make sure we are using the correct status to stop the calls.

We apologize again for any inconvenience.


Dawn T

Customer Service Director

Customer Response • Aug 26, 2019

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
I am still receiving these calls. The latest was last Friday at 11:08 am. This is now 2 weeks in a row that the calls have come in at exactly the same time and day of the week.

DASCO HME Response • Aug 26, 2019

To Whom it May Concern -

The correct system was just notified today, 8/26/19. As previously stated, the staff member that attempted to turn off the calls put the account in the wrong status. As of today, the correct status has been added and the system has been notified not to make further calls. The calls may be mid-round but have been turned off going forward once this round is complete.

I have also removed the patients email & phone number from the primary system as a redundant back up.


Dawn T

Customer Service Director

I returned unused and unopened supplies in person to Dasco in Westerville Ohio on 4/06/19. The supplies were for an older machine that I no longer own and they were incredibly over-priced. An employee at Dasco accepted the box of supplies on 4/06/19. I then received a bill for $276.34. I have written Dasco and their billing company Carecentrix once before about this to no avail.

DASCO HME Response • Jun 28, 2019

I apologize for the delay, the supplies were dropped off at the branch while the branch was closed. The insurance is being notified & refunded in full for the supplies paid today.

I stopped service and they told me I owed a little more. I said I would pay if they sent me an itemized bill. Instead they continue to try to charge my credit card. I've messaged them repeatedly to stop the billing and they promised to discontinue but they lied.

DASCO HME Response • Jun 08, 2019

DASCO took care of all the items this patient has requested prior to recieving this review. DASCO followed up with this customer and there are no open items needing resolved.

Customer Response • Jun 08, 2019

They claim Issue was resolved prior to complaint. They tried to debut my account same day as this complaint. I have the email as proof. Lying again.

DASCO HME Response • Jun 12, 2019

I apologize for the misunderstanding - the comment from DASCO was meant to convey no further action was needed based on this Review - please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly if you have concerns that need addressed in the future.

For several years, I have purchased my Cpap Equipment from Dasco. In October, I submitted a request to refill my order. In addition to the regular supplies that I use I was sent an item that I did not order and have never ordered. It is described as Cushion (Wisp Mask) Petite.. I was billed $90.15. It took two phone call conversations to customer service before they sent me a mailing label to use to send the item back. I have documentation from the post office that the package was delivered to an individual at their address on December 11, 2018. However the charge has not been removed from my bill. I also now have a $15.00 late fee although the previous bill did not indicate that they charge late fees.
I have unsuccessfully tried to call and have left voice messages but I cannot get through the phone tree.

DASCO HME Response • Jan 22, 2019

An internal audit has been performed on *** account. DASCO has no record of the supplies being returned; however, going on the information supplied by the complainant, a sales credit has been entered and all charges, including any/all late fees, have been removed from the account. The account balance as of today stands at $0.00. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Customer Response • Jan 22, 2019

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.



Worst company I have ever used I made orders and order would come and order would be short or have things I did not order made appointments for medical machines to be delivered and no one showed up or called numerous times when I called they said driver will be there in 2 hrs every time I called they told bunch of lies STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY

Customer Response • Dec 09, 2018

12/8/2018 had 1pm appointment called every 2 hrs was told driver would be here within 2 hrs at 7 pm was told my delivery would be made by 9am 12/9/2018 no delivery I called they said would not have a delivery for new machine because I could plug in and it worked I travel for work and use this machine it is a portable machine that has bad battery does not stay charged I pay for portable machine I do not have electric in my car has now cost me 2 days of work over this machine this is a company that no one should do any business with they are very unprofessional

DASCO HME Response • Dec 13, 2018

Manager listened to call recording from 12/9 and customer indicated supplies were needed, not machine malfunction. DASCO did test machine for malfunction and found it to be working properly. Since the time of the negative review, DASCO has been in contact with patient - due to wanting a different machine.

I was trying to resolve an issue with DASCO regarding supplies that I did not order and other supplies that I did not get (that my nurse practitioner/DASCO rep prescribed for me) and the DASCO billing department would not respond to my email and just started sending me invoices rather than working with me to resolve the issue. I still have never received the prescribed medical supplies. To my knowledge, the same or similar issues happen with other DASCO customers, and I've heard several complaints about this company. Sadly, they are known for billing issues and poor customer service.

DASCO HME Response • Sep 17, 2018

An audit was done on Ms. account and we agree with her issues: while it appears in our system that she did receive supplies, the fact remains that she has consistently maintained only the tubing was ever shipped to her. DASCO has taken the following actions:

1. The total balance of her bill has been removed for customer satisfaction

2. The remainder of supplies that should have originally shipped have gone out today at $0.00 charge

We hope this amicably resolves this issue and look forward to the opportunity to continue to improve our service.

Customer Response • Sep 18, 2018

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.


Today is July 7, 2018 ------------ On November 28, 2017 I visited the *** at 1*** I had a sprained ankle and the doctor put one of those Velcro wrap things on it.
Now --- OVER 7 MONTHS LATER --- I have received an invoice from this company. Not a second or third bill --- THE ONLY INVOICE I have ever received.
And -- the company notes that --- I have only 10 days to pay this bill or it will be deemed late.
My EOBs from my insurance company show that all fees involving this visit have been paid.
It appears that -- like others on this website -- I have been duped into being treated with a product from this company, and that they are attempting to collect money that is not owed them.
At the least -- doctors at this immediate care center -- need to tell patients, that patients are being proved products --- supplied to the medical provider -- by a company with numerous complaints. I'm left to wonder how they have an A+ rating.

DASCO HME Response • Jul 11, 2018

In reviewing the account, we can see the item in question was received on 11/28/2017 from the ***. That paperwork arrived at our Corporate office for processing and the claim was billed to ***. DASCO did not receive payment and/or any type of EOB in our office. Through our process of reviewing aged claims, we investigated and discovered *** did process the claim and applied the item to ***’s deductible for $58.98. DASCO will be happy to work with *** if she is able to provide proof of payment showing payment by the insurance company rather than the deductible processing that DASCO shows occurred.

My doctor ordered a hospital bed with a low flow mattress. I call Dasco so many time complaining about it. The mattress sink to nothing and you are sleeping on the springs of the bed.
Brittany is the worst customer service agent I have ever seen. She does not email back and knows exactly what my issues are and does not follow through.
Do not buy anything from this company as there is no follow through at all. Taking my business to a company that owns their responsibility. Brittany does not.

I had a wrist injury and the ER slipped a brace on from Dasco without asking me...just told me I should use it. I didn't really want it, but figured it was covered by insurance. The brace was on *** for $13, but guess what.....Dasco sent me a separate invoice for $68. I refused to pay $68 and we agreed on $21. I paid that amount and now can't get them to stop calling and sending me late notices even though I have it in writing. I've emailed twice and called 3 times to tell them it is paid. This company has been harassing me and at this point I think I'm just going to pass it on to my family lawyer just to make a point.

DASCO HME Response • May 08, 2018

Pt called in regarding balance on 3/20 and negotiated a price for $21. The balance was not adjusted at that time (DASCO error). Pt called in on 4/20 to have account adjusted. DASCO completed 5/3/18. I called Mr. and let him know that his account balance is now at zero. I apologized to him that this was not done sooner and let him know that this is not our normal business practice. I let him know that he should not receive anymore phone calls or letters regarding the balance and again apologized for the mishandling of his account. He seemed appreciative for the call and thanked me for the help.

This company provides me CPAP Supplies. I have been sent invoices and packing slips that state different things. One invoice was in the amount of $48.75 and I paid $48.75 but the invoice is showing a balance past due of $23.24. Their online system is not showing the $48.75 as a Previous Payment but the payment came off of my card and has been posted. When I look at my Explanations of Benefits the Member Responsibility is less than what I am being billed. It appears as though they are taking everything that insurance did not approve and wrapping it up in a so called "Deluxe Fee" and billing me for it.

I have contacted their billing department multiple times to try to get this straightened out and always receive a voicemail. On one occasion I was contacted back but when I returned the message nobody contacted me back. I have left more voicemails since then.

DASCO HME Response • Apr 03, 2018

On 2/9/18 Ms. spoke to a representative at our CPAP Central location and inquired about ordering a specific mask and additional supplies. It is noted that the Upgrade Fees in question were discussed in detail and Ms. agreed to pay and also agreed to a 3 month shipment of said supplies. The Upgrade fees come into affect on certain supplies where the cost of supplies exceed the insurance allowable. Because Ms. requested a supply that carried the upgrade fee, said charge was applied to her order. The store also carriers a variety of supplies that do not carry an upgrade fee to provide consumer choice. These upgrade fees are above and beyond any copay or deductible that insurance may apply to claims and are not billable to insurance.
Our call log shows calls made on 3/7/18, 3/9/18 and 3/29/18. Voicemails were left on 3/7 and 3/9, Ms. spoke to a billing representative on 3/29/18 when the upgrade fees were explained.
Payments will only appear on the Online Portal that are made through the Online Portal. The $48.75 in question was sent to our Corporate office via mail; Dasco has indeed received said payment of $48.75 and applied it to Ms. account. There is currently at $0.00 balance as all outstanding balances show paid in full.

Customer Response • Apr 06, 2018

the fees and structure were not explained to me in the detailed manner described by the business. I was told that the out of pocket amount would be higher because insurance covers it at a different level for the mask and nasal pillows. What I was not told is that they wouldn't even bill insurance for it. They knew they were exceeding the insurance contracted rate and therefore did not bill insurance for the full amount but billed me for the difference. Because they did not bill insurance for this amount my out of pocket was not applied to my deductible. This bothers me because I can get supplies online cheaper but insurance does not apply that to my deductible. I chose to get supplies through this company so that it would be counted toward my deductible. Instead I am paying them for these fees and they're still not being applied to my deductible.

Another problem that I have is that they knew that I was being charged this fee and told me that I should get 5 nasal pillows (3 months supply) when I instructed them I would only change my pillows every month. They told me I should have extra for just in case and I then wouldn't need to order more the next time. Thinking that it wouldn't cost me that much I didn't make a big deal about it. Now, because of these fees, those extra pillows are costing me $54.14. Now I am stuck with the premium nasal pillows even though I will get supplies cheaper from another company next time.

As far as my $48.75 payment I am still concerned about how that was allocated. I had a $0 balance prior so the entire amount of that payment should've been applied to invoice ***. On my next invoice it showed I had a past due amount of $23.24, meaning they only applied $25.51 of my payment to that invoice. I want to know where the rest of the money that I paid went as it is not reflected on my account. My account currently has a $0 balance because I was told I would be turned into Collections if I didn't pay the amount by the due date even though we were in dispute. I want a refund of $238.32, which is the difference between what my Health Insurance Company said I was responsible for and what I was charged by Dasco.

I have attached documentation to support this response and the complaint.

DASCO HME Response • Apr 10, 2018

Attached you will find an itemized statement of the items, charges, amounts paid and dates applied to the account. This should serve as a guide to how money was applied. Upgrade fees are not billable to insurance; the particular items received cost more than insurance companies allow, so they are not subject to deductible or out of pocket maximums. This is why the Explanation of Benefits does not show the same amount. It is noted on 2/9/18 that the upgrade fees were explained in great detail. It is also noted that Ms. wanted to wait and see how long the supplies would last prior to ordering again due to the cost of the upgrade fees being higher than the insurance rate. Not all items/supplies carry an Upgrade Fee; there is always a variety and choice when selecting supplies.

In an effort to meet Ms. halfway, Dasco is willing to refund half of the cost of the upgrade fees incurred, which would be $112.58 due to the misunderstanding. Moving forward, Ms. now has the knowledge of how upgrade fees are applied, that there is the ability to choose supplies that do not carry an upgrade, and make decisions based on this information.

Customer Response • Apr 11, 2018

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.

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