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Davis Homes, Inc.

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

In Response To Complaint ID # [redacted] Prior to the end of 2017, this car was brought in and did remain on site for a period of time while diagnostics were run and possible problems ruled out.  It was determined the integral module system, the "computer" that operates the car's electronic...

systems, needed to be replaced. MasterTech's shop manager remained in contact with the owner of the car while in the process of trying to locate the part, which is no longer being manufactured. MasterTech offers a 2-year, 24,000 mile warranty on all parts we provide and install. For this reason, we are particular about all installations we provide.  The owner purchased a module system online and asked that it be placed in his car. After doing so, it was found the system was not compatible. It's not uncommon for electronics in some cars to be a bit delicate.  Usually because of where they're often located (under the dashboard) and accessible only after dismantling the dash and, in this case, needing to go through the car's glove box, as well.  The make, model and age of the car are a factor, too. Each time a mechanic had to go back under the dash there was always the chance additional damage might occur as the dash casing is old and brittle. In addition, we found the wires and cables had extensive corrosion and many no longer made 'contact' therefore, these needed to be replaced.  A second system was obtained by the car's owner and again, we made the installation without knowing the origin or compatibility of the system.  It's unfortunate, sometimes unavoidable, that many older model vehicles pose such dilemmas both for our mechanics and our cus[redacted]ers.  However, we did refund the full amount of $576.97 and our shop manager has assured him that once a proper fitting dashboard and handle for the glove compartment can be located, MasterTech will replace these damaged parts, as well.  Cus[redacted]er satisfaction is of upmost importance and we are in contact with the car's owner, assuring him that MasterTech Auto Center will continue to work with him as best we can to resolve any problems he has with his car.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:The Shop Manager's response is not all true. First of all, he never stayed in touch with me. I would not hear from him for weeks at a time. I always had to call him. And, on two occasions, I was told the car was ready and when I walked to the establishment to pick it up, I was told by him that he wanted to keep it longer because it still "didn't feel right". He said he started to call me to tell me not to come get it after all, but "oh, well". ??. Second of all, as for the Integral Module System, or "computer" they're mentioning. I was told it was the Anti-Theft Module. That and this "computer" are two different things. (I have previously mentioned in my opening complaint that I was a General Motors Dealership Parts Man/Parts Manager for 30 years). Mr. [redacted] told me the anti-theft module was bad, and that it was discontinued, so he was calling parts stores in town to find a "comparable" part. That should tell you that they were going to try to install a part in my vehicle that was not compatible at all. The next day, I called him to tell him that there were several of these modules on Ebay, and he told me to get one. I asked him for the part number off my old one, because all you have to do is make sure the replacement is the exact same part number. I was tired of waiting so long for my car already. The day after I took the part to him, I called to check if the part was installed and worked. He told me yes! About 1-1 1/2 weeks later, he calls me and puts his tech, [redacted], on the phone. The tech wants to know what kind of vehicle the part I got came out of! ???. That doesn't matter. It was the same part. Anyway, I contacted the vendor I bought the part from, asked him for that info, and, in turn, gave that info to the shop manager, Mr. [redacted]. I call a couple of days later, and the car is not close to ready. Now, it's a "resistors" problem, and all different kinds of resistors need to be tried and "mixed" I'm told. Again, no word from the Shop Manager for almost 3 more weeks. So, I call him. Now, they've decided that the anti-theft module that he told me to get was defective! He had told me the month before that it worked fine! He told me to get another one, then!! And, he even asked me if I thought the vendor I bought it from on Ebay would replace it. The part was almost out of warranty when I contacted my vendor, and I was embarrassed to ask if he'd replace it. He was so kind and professional. Not only did he send me another one, but stayed in contact by email with me during the holidays to see how the progress on my car was coming along. And, something else before I finish. When I took my car to Mastertech late last summer for this problem, they installed a starter. The next day, same problem. I get it back to them, now a new battery. I paid for the battery, but they didn't charge me labor since they misdiagnosed the starter. Next day, same problem again! I get it back to them, and now it's a ground problem!  One week later, same problem again! This is the beginning of them having my car over 3 months at that point. Also, before I close, I was so upset about the broken dash, the glove box, and the missing underhood lamp lens that I forgot to mention the mechanics grease all over my passenger side seat from his dirty uniform, and the collapsed seat foam on my drivers seat where someone sat on the edge of it quite a bit and now the spring is about to tear through the upholstery. Also, why is it taking so long for Mr. [redacted] to replace these parts? I am touch with a fellow on Ebay right now that has a complete dash for $190.00 + $140.00 freight. I have already bought my glove box latch, which will have to be keyed to my car key, and that process will cost extra, for $21.00 including the freight. And, I have bought a underhood lamp lens for $12.00 including freight.  

2-8-16To Ms [redacted], From MaterTech AutoMailed check for disputed amount of 49.95 to customer todayThanks[redacted]

We are contacting you,  mrs. [redacted] per your recent email in regards to a complaint against our company I am writing to touch basis in regards to this issue. We have recently contacted our customer to resolve and come to a sensable solution for the better. We have already...

corrected and rectifided the problem with the customer leaving satisfied. Thank you for contacting in regards to this so that we could fix it.       Sincerly,       [redacted] MasterTech Auto Center [redacted]

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Address: 2716 Westport Rd, Howard Beach, North Carolina, United States, 28208-3648


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