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Davis Roofing Group

141 Johnson Ct, Inman, South Carolina, United States, 29349-8897

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I have been trying to get in touch with someone for months,called all numbers,no one will answer can't leave message mail box is full.Have been told twice someone would come and check our shingles,no one has come, That is a bad way to do business.

I am under warranty for my roof, which was replaced by Davis Roofing in April 2011. A home inspector found a leak, which resulted in water damage in my attic. Davis Roofing sent someone to inspect it, but due to snow, he had to reschedule to come out the following Monday. I called the office on Monday to tell them where he could find the key, as I was not able to get off work to meet him. Tracy, the office manager, said he had already been out to fix it. She said he only fixed the outside but she would not provide any written documentation that anything was done. She said they only provide written documentation if there was any money exchanged. She also said she had no record of my ever having had my roof fixed by Davis, although I provided copies of everything I had, and the roof is still under warranty. Meanwhile, two other contractors informed me that they would certainly fix it if it were under their warranty, as well as provide a description of the work in writing. My attorney sent them a letter demanding written documentation, and after 14 business days, Davis Roofing still has not responded to my attorney.

Davis Roofing Group Response time Apr 02, 2018

The customer called in about a leak found in inspection of her house getting it ready for sale. We sent our repair guy out to fix the problem and to stop the leak. When I spoke with her she never even mentioned interior damage she only stated she need the leak fixed. We explained to her that we don't give a receipt for warranty repair because we don't charge anything to repair leaks that are preformed under warranty. We went out in good faith and did the warranty repair even though the customer only had a paid invoice and not the original contract showing that the roof was still under warranty. The damage that she had was caused by high winds , which is an act of God and would not have been a warranty claim. However, we went the extra mile and repair it for her at no cost to try and help her out. Our contracts state that we are not responsible for interior damage caused by leaks due to the fact that there are so many factors that could be beyond our control that could cause a problem. We still went out and repaired the leak and did not charge her. We are continuing to work with homeowner to resolve this matter. We have requested that she send us a copy of her original contract. The owner spoke with the customer this morning regarding this matter and we are waiting on her to send us the requested information.

Customer Response time Apr 11, 2018

I do not accept their response because their claim was false. They said that I had never mentioned the problems in the attic; however, that was the entire reason for my pursuing this claim and I talked about it with the office manager each and every time we spoke on the phone, once being in the presence of another roofer, as well as in our emails. I was contacted by the owner who asked for some information from the realtor and home inspector, and I am currently waiting to hear from them so I can get back to the owner.

That is all the information I have for now. Please contact me with any further questions.

Thank you,

Davis Roofing Group Response time Apr 11, 2018

I am not sure what she is referring to as false. She called in with a problem of a leak that she stated was only found during home inspection. We send out someone to repair the leak and to our knowledge the leak is repaired. We asked the customer for a copy of her original contract to show that she is under warranty still. According to our records the roof is no longer under warranty. We are awaiting the customer to send us the requested documents. We ask that the customer forward a original copy of her contract.

Davis Roofing Group Response time Apr 12, 2018

The customer was told that the warranty period during that time was either 5 or 7 years. The owner states that at that time it was 5 years. Every customer signs a contract that states that we are not responsible for interior damage and also states what the warranty period would be for that job. We do not have a record of doing her job so according to our records she has no warranty with us. However, because she provided a invoice we in good faith sent someone out to repair the leak even with this job being approximately 7 years old and without warranty. We have requested several times for a copy of her contract and canceled check so that we could help her further. She has not provided either document. We strive to do our best with customer service. As to her request for something in writing we do not provide a written document when we do not charge for a service. We have explained this multiple times to the customer. The owner did speak with her directly and told her if she could provide a original contract showing she was under warranty or a canceled check that he would try to help her further. To date she has not called back or sent any information by email. We don't know how to further help her without documentation.

Customer Response time Apr 12, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.


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Address: 141 Johnson Ct, Inman, South Carolina, United States, 29349-8897


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