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Days Inn Columbus Airport

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I have talked with this several timesI was not rude, but, did try and explain to her why she was chargedThis is what I know:Guest came in BEFORE the 4pm chetimeGuest was told that she would be charged for two nights since she was checking in that early in the morning around 7:15amGuest said ok and credit card was authorized for two nightsLater around noon, guest did come to desk to check out and the desk clerk didnt see her name on the departure list so she pulled up the guests room numberThis is on a screen that only shows the guest name and cheand check-out datesWhen desk clerk saw that the checkout wasnt until the following day, she told guest that the computer showed her not checking out until tomorrowGuest never said anything to the desk clerk about the situation at check-inMs [redacted] should have informed the desk clerk of the conservation earlier that morning with the other desk clerkHowever, Ms [redacted] never said anything to desk clerk and left the desk areaGuest was in a room and was never left to sit in the lobbyThe next day, I checked Ms [redacted] out and she never said a word to me, even after I gave her a copy of her folioShe did call later and I talked with her about the situationI did apologize several times and all she could do is yell at meI did tell the guest she had the option to contact her credit card company to dispute the charge, thinking this might calm her down and it didntShe got very rude with me and hung up.If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.Joyce A R [redacted] ManagerDays Inn Cols AirportCase #

Reservation was under the name of [redacted] not [redacted] . This is why we were having a problem locating the reservation. I will issue a credit back today for the guests problems for the full amount

This guest did call our Customer Care Department to complainAs I explained to them, I was really confused on how you see white stains on a white sheetDoesnt make any senseGuest were given new sheets for the bedThe only reason we would have given them sheets is if they didnt want to move
roomsAlso, by the time they checked in, housekeeping was already gone that dayI also got with the Laundry person and asked if any stained sheets had come down, since we put those in a different pile to be washedShe informed me nothing had come down stained in over a week. I also explained that we do have other guests that will put something in the doors to prop them openThey will do this when bringing luggage in or if they are expecting companyWe have a shuttle Driver who walks the hallways every night and makes sure all doors are closedHowever, we do have guests that will come back behind us and prop them open againWe do try very hard to stay on top of this since it is a security hazard having doors openedI also explained to the guest that we had no notations in our Front Desk Log Book that there were any other concerns with the roomI explained to guest that if they would have let us know about the other concerns with the room, we would have moved themBut, since they didnt, we had no idea until after the guest had left and we got the Case from our Customer Care Department. I did apologize to the guest for any inconvenience during the stay. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.Joyce A R***ManagerDays Inn Cols Airport

Columbus AirportJanuary 7, 2018Revdex.comDublin Rd,Columbus, OH 5-1005To Whom It May Concern:Thank you for your email correspondence dated January 3, regarding Mr*** **'s stayat our hotelPlease allow this letter to serve as a brief responseMr*** ** was briefly
aguest at our hotel on the night of October 27, He checked in at 10:37pm and out 2:03am onOctober 28, 2017.As general background, we have a "No Party and Noise Abatement Policy" at this hotelThispolicy is clearly posted at the front desk upon check- in, at both chestationsA copy ofsaid policy that is posted is attached as Enclosure NoSpecifically, paragraph of this policystates:It is expected that all guests respect our quiet hours from pmuntil am every night...Notwithstanding, according to the logged notes and my conversation with the guest clerkworking on the night of this incident, Mr*** ** came down to retrieve room keys after beinglocked out of his room at approximately 1:am, naked with only his privates parts covered.Another guest that happened to be in one of the common areas at that time offered him a pair ofsweatpants so he did not have to be exposed in the common areas of hotelAfter retrieving hisroom keys, Mr*** ** told the front desk clerk that he had been robbed by the stripper thathe had brought back to the hotelAfter retrieving his belongings from the room, Mr*** **then asked the front desk clerk if he was able to walk him to his car just in case they werewaiting for him outsideExcerpts of the Front Desk Log are attached as Enclosure No2.Thereafter, a woman and a male came to the front desk demanding room keys to Mr*** **'sroomWe presumed this was the stripper and her friend and/or bodyguardThe front desk clerkdenied this request because neither of them were registered guestsWe then asked the stripperand her bodyguard to leave immediately or he would have to alert the policeThe female andmale refused angrily and started to become verbally abusive as well as physically threatening ourfront desk clerkThe front desk clerk then had to call the Columbus Police Department.Not only did Mr** violate our policy and disturbed our peace, he put at risk the safety ofhimself, our staff, and our guestPursuant to the Hotel Policy, we informed Mr*** ** thatwe reserved the right to keep the $deposit if the "No Party and Noise Abatement Policy"was violatedIn this case, it was and that is why Mr*** **'s deposit was not returned.If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at ***My Best,*** ***DAYS INN COLUMBUS AIRPORTEnclsNo Party and Noise Abatement Policy- Excerpts from Front Desk LogDAYS INN COLUMBUS AIRPORTStelzer Road + Columbus, OH 43219Tel: (614) 238-Fax: (614) 238-2429*** ***

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me

In the dormer in front of house leaked, I had to remove the siding, install felt paper over wood siding, & put siding back on, billed for work but never got paidthe leak was not due to my workmanship.After a heavy snow, ice damns may form due to freezing, & back water
up, this is an act of GOD, & not faulty workmanship.A rule of thumb, a roof will leak after the first rain due to workmanship, not years later.I will be more than happy to go back only if I am compensated for my time & payment from work in 2012.Sincerely,OTHowell

I have talked with this several times. I was not rude, but, did try and explain to her why she was charged. This is what I know:Guest came in BEFORE the 4pm check-in time. Guest was told that she would be charged for two nights since she was checking in that early in the morning around 7:15am. Guest...

said ok and credit card was authorized for two nights. Later around noon, guest did come to desk to check out and the desk clerk didnt see her name on the departure list so she pulled up the guests room number. This is on a screen that only shows the guest name and check-in and check-out dates. When desk clerk saw that the checkout wasnt until the following day, she told guest that the computer showed her not checking out until tomorrow. Guest never said anything to the desk clerk about the situation at check-in. Ms [redacted] should have informed the desk clerk of the conservation earlier that morning with the other desk clerk. However, Ms [redacted] never said anything to desk clerk and left the desk area. Guest was in a room and was never left to sit in the lobby. The next day, I checked Ms [redacted] out and she never said a word to me, even after I gave her a copy of her folio. She did call later and I talked with her about the situation. I did apologize several times and all she could do is yell at me. I did tell the guest she had the option to contact her credit card company to dispute the charge, thinking this might calm her down and it didnt. She got very rude with me and hung up.If  you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.Joyce A R[redacted]ManagerDays Inn Cols AirportCase #11932184

Reservation was under the name of [redacted] not [redacted]. This is why we were having a problem locating the reservation. I will issue a credit back today for the guests problems for the full amount


I do not accept the response because the manager admits the front desk clerk did not look at the correct screen when I originally came down to check out ar 12p the same day that I had checked in. That was NOT my fault. I didn't feel as if I needed to say anything about my checking in early because of course, I thought the employees had access to all of the guest's information. All I want is a refund of ONE nighy to my credit card. I don't see that as too much to ask. Just in staying in good faith and being a fair and reasonable location of business, I don't see why the hotel would'nt want to provide a refund and keep a customer (me) satisfied and happy ?? I don't see how their disreguard for my issues as a guest of theirs makes any sense.

First let me explain that the room was not in his name but in the girlfriends name. Here is why the guests were asked to leave. Talking with my Night Auditor, Desk Clerk, and Shuttle Driver, the girlfriend was seen several times by all these people, at different times of day, coming through lobby...

with different wigs on. She would meet gentlemen in the Lobby of the Hotel and walk outside with them. There was even one gentleman that the Shuttle Driver knew who came in and met with this lady. To us, this is a sign of prostitution and yes there was traffic in and out of room. While checking rooms yesterday, the Shuttle Driver, was in the same hallway, at the other end from where their room was. Mr [redacted] was standing in the hallway outside their room. As the Driver approached that end of the hall, Mr [redacted] told her that this was his room and that she could not go inside of it. She explained that his room was not on the list to be checked. Driver went onto another floor, same building to continue her checking and when she returned to the first floor Mr [redacted] was just then leaving to go up front. Driver thought this was odd that he made sure to stand outside of that room so she wouldnt enter it. This person works different shifts and has seen this lady come into the Hotel, go and use the restrooms, then come out wearing a wig and makeup that wasnt on her when she arrived. This person stated to me that she had seen the girlfriend in four different colored wigs. I have two Desk Clerks who state that he would come and sit in the lobby while she had someone in the room. Once that person left, he would return to the room. If this isnt prostitution, then I dont know what is. After guests checked-out, we went to the room and it was a total mess. We have pictures of the room. Oatmeal everywhere on the floor, dirty uneaten/half eaten bowls of food, and trash everywhere. As for the Oatmeal that was thrown away, this was because she made the oatmeal and left the Breakfast Area without taking it. We must keep this area clean for guests who come down for breakfast. Since no one was around when we went to check Breakfast Bar, yes the oatmeal was put in the trash. Any food that is left and no one is around will be placed in the trash to keep the area clean looking.Also, we have the right to refuse service to anyone without a reason. In this case, however, we had reason to believe that prostitution was taking place at our hotel and for the safety of staff and guests, we asked them to leave. There was no discrimination towards these guests. In fact, yesterday, we asked three other rooms to leave also. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me Monday-Friday, 9a-4p.Joyce A R.ManagerDays Inn Cols Airport[redacted]

I was traveling with my family to OH and arrived at this hotel on November 26, 2014 the day before Thanksgiving. The room was reserved at least 3 weeks in advance. In the initial room we received the television was not working,the refrigerator was leaking water, and the phone was not working. I had to go to another room to call the front desk and the front desk personnel [redacted] was very rude and had an "I don't care" attitude. She then stated we had to go down to be moved to another room. We were given the key to 3 other rooms and they were all terrible. All of these issues occurred between 11-11:45pm after a long drive of traveling to OH from GA. All three of the rooms had the AC units on the floor waiting to be replaced. One of the rooms didn't even have any bedding. In the meantime the front desk personnel [redacted] continued to be rude and behave as if she didn't care because it was time for her to leave soon. My mother then had to come back to the hotel to also address the issues with the room as she had reserved it. I recorded the encounter with my phone of the front desk personnel [redacted] being extremely rude to my mother and telling her to call the manager Joyce R.when she returned the following Monday after Thanksgiving.[redacted] didn't care and proceeded to say she has another job and only works at the hotel two days a week. She stated there was no other person in management that we could speak to.We were then assisted by another front desk person taking over for [redacted]. She appologized and actually walked to the 5th and final room we were given.This room was ok for the night considering the previous 4 rooms we were given but it was also not very nice. The next day we checked out and to my surprise there were children cleaning the rooms. There was a young boy around age 12 and a young girl around age 10. They were pulling a laundry cart and was previously spotted on the 3rd floor cleaning a room. I also have video of this as well. The children's mother also works at the hotel. Overall staying at this hotel was a horrible experience and I honestly would not recommend it to anyone. On Thanksgiving day we had to find another hotel. This should have been a relaxing vacation and instead it was stressful evening in a below standard hotel.

Review: I was a guest in this hotel for 2 nights from 2/19/13 through 2/20/13. I was given room 369 then the agent changed to room 175 primarily due to the disability of my spouse.Shortly after 9pm while getting out of the tub the grab bar gave way and I fell backwards out of the tub onto the floor.As I lay on the floor my spouse tried to use the room phone to call the front desk and it was inoperable. I told him I would get up on my own but I had to lay there for a few minutes. When I did get up I tried to call the front desk with the desk phone and it also did not work. I called the long distance number on the notepad to no avail. I then called my son to ask him to call the front desk to have someone come back to make a report and view the damage in the bathroom. I also called and left a message with my doctor knowing I would have to be seen. When I finally reached the desk the young lady did come back to the room, she was also the shuttle driver. On the phone she asked was I alright and I told her" I am not bleeding but my back arm and head hurt, I'm old so I will feel this tomorrow. When she left stating she would tell her manager first thing in the morning when "SHE" arrived. She had pushed the bar back into the wall. On 2/21 my son called me to see if I had spoken with a manager. The female desk clerk [redacted] told him that the Manager had come in at 9:05 but was not available at the moment but "HE" would come to my room. I waited another hr or so and my spouse was told the manager was called, he was in the building, but had not come up yet. Several more attempts were made throughout the day by myself, my spouse, and my son: speaking with [redacted] and [redacted] respectively. I was told only a manager could file a report,then told there is no official report and something would be typed then faxed or emailed to me, As late as 8:05 pm I was told [redacted] was in the building but not available for me to file a report. I am visibly injured and the non response and gross lack of concern is unacceptable!Desired Settlement: To be determined. It is my desire to file an official report. I am clearly being ignored and given the run around. It has been over 24 hrs and I have not been contacted by management.



Thank you for your letter dated March 5, 2013 regarding above-referenced complaint.

After regarding the compliant, I am terribly sorry that Ms. [redacted] felt a lack of concern

by our staff and/or management. We were in fact very concerned about the situation with Ms.


It is my understanding that Ms. [redacted] checked into Days Inn Columbus Airport

on February 19, 2013 in the evening. The incident in question occurred sometime during the

evening of February 20, 2013. And Ms. [redacted] checked out of her room around 10:30

am on February 21, 2013.

As indicated above, the incident giving rise to the complaint occurred on Wednesday,

February 20, 2013 at or about 9:00 pm. I am advised that [redacted], our hotel's front desk

associate on duty at the time, received a call from Ms. [redacted] advising that Ms. [redacted]-

[redacted] had fell, and there was some damage around the bathtub. I am further advised that Ms. [redacted] asked [redacted] to come to the room thereafter lo inspect the room. [redacted] arrived at room 175, and verified that the bathtub rail was as described. [redacted] then asked Ms. [redacted]-

[redacted] several time if she was okay. Ms. [redacted] said her back was a bit sore but she

was fine. Ms. [redacted] said she didn't need anything else. Therefore, an ambulance was

not called. Before leaving, [redacted] apologized for the situation, and again inquired if Ms. [redacted] was okay. Ms. [redacted] verified that she was. However, Ms. [redacted]

appeared to be more concerned about being charged for the damage regarding the rail at the time.

She continually stated that she did not want to be charged for the broken rail. Days Inn

Columbus Airport did not, and never intended to charge Ms. [redacted] for the damage.

On the following morning, I arrived to the hotel a little after 9:00 am. I specifically recall

a conversation among [redacted] (my front desk associate on duty in the mornings), Ms. [redacted]-

[redacted]'s husband, and myself. During this conversation (sometime between 9:00 am and

10:30 am), [redacted] asked Ms. [redacted]'s husband if Ms. [redacted] was okay. Her

husband responded that that Ms. [redacted] was more mentally hurt than physically hurt.

I was present during this conversation between [redacted] and Ms. [redacted]'s

husband. This is why I was surprised to receive this complaint. After I received this complaint,

I gave Ms. [redacted] a call, leaving her my cell phone number on a message. She called

back and left a message on March 7, 2013. It appeared that she wanted to see an internal report

of the incident, and I advised her that we don't have any such reports. We do document the facts

after incidents such as these, but we do not have a formal or informal report available to the

public. I did promptly return Ms. [redacted]'s call on March 7, 2013 and advised the same

on a message.

We deeply regret that the situation lead up to this complaint. It appears there was some

miscommunication as to whether I was available or not on the morning after the incident. We

hope Ms. [redacted] is feeling well, and look forward to her next stay at our hotel.

Best regards.




Mr [redacted]/associates are not being honest in their response. I will list as given in his notice. I did indeed ask an associate to come back to the room for documentation of the room . To me this is standard proper procedure as damage was done to their property and to protect me if I had any further medical issues as a result of the fall. If the actual conversation can be pulled from my cell phone because neither of the room phones worked in the room I said to who I now know to be [redacted] that " I'm not bleeding but my head, back and arm hurt: I'm old so I will feel this in the morning". While in the room the room, the second time [redacted] asked was I okay I said to her that"I am not bleeding but I do KNOW I will have to be seen". We briefly discussed how cold it was in the building and how they had rigged some heat at the front desk and that she was on shuttle duty. She assured me that she would tell her manager and "She" would be in to see me in the morning. I told this information to my son during the night as I hurt so bad I could not immediately rest . When he found out that the manager had not come in to see me the next morning he called and spoke to [redacted]. He was told Mr. [redacted] was present, came in at 9:05 but not available. I was expecting a female! I waited until the point that I had to leave. I was upset that management did not come to see me. The only thing I said upon checking out was that "I just want to go home, I guess [redacted] happens as [redacted] tried to force breakfast on me and breakfast was over. My husband had to hold my juice for me because my grasp was weak. Several calls were made throughout the following day(2/21/13) by my spouse, son, and myself to reach who I now know to be. Mr. [redacted]. We all made it known that I never filed and official incident report. He NEVER made himself available until he received your report. We were given numerous excuses throughout the day. If the actual conversations could be pulled you will see that I am telling you the truth.The only reason I made the report with you is because of Mr [redacted]'s NON response! My spouse has NEVER spoken to Mr. [redacted]. only [redacted] and the trainee. Given my physical symptoms my husband would have never told anyone that I was not physically injured .After your report Mr [redacted] did call my cell and leave a message . I returned the call and again he was not available. I spoke with [redacted] the one who actually came to my room. I told her to tell Mr [redacted] the only reason I had to file the complaint was that he was clearly ignoring me. She kept making me stop as she was writing because she wanted to get everything correct. I wanted to FILE an official report, Not VIEW one. His words are misleading! I never asked any staff member too SEE a report. [redacted] stated she remembered the incident. The second time Mr. [redacted] called back he left his cell he then stated that they did not have an official incident report form but I could submit a letter and they would accept it. Since I had filed with the I felt it was pointless and I DID NOT return his call. Mr [redacted] did not make himself available to me nor any other management personnel the following morning. I waited in the room for them. His listing of the facts is what is being miscommunicated here. He should not be suprised at all to receive a complaint.He knows he ignored me .I would never stay there again nor would I recommend it to anyone primarily because his lack of concern of a guest who fell on his property. I am not at all physically well as a result of that fall.



Thank you for your assistance in this compliant to a close.

Again, I do apologize to Ms. [redacted] that she felt ignored or neglected by myself or any staff/management members at the hotel. I empower my staff to take care of customers and situations such as this. My last response was based upon my communication with staff involved in the incident. I was not implying that Ms. [redacted] was not telling the truth. I was simply conveying the factual perceptions of my staff members present during and after the incident, as I was not actually involved on the night of the incident. Furthermore, I believe Mr. [redacted] mistaken me for the "trainee."

Again, I regret the situation is where it is, and we hope Ms. [redacted] feels better soon. You or Ms. [redacted] are free to contact me regarding the above-referenced complaint.

Best Regards,

Days Inn Columbus Airport



I waited to speak to management before I left the building as there were a few details I wanted to share with whoever was supposed to come to the room. My spouse did not fall, I DID. Trust me my spouse knew I was injured. If my spouse is mistaken about the identity of the trainee being Mr. [redacted] then so am I. This same individual(young black male with [redacted]) NEVER said a word to me upon check out! I wanted to speak to a manager and my son was promised one would come to my room. Never Happened.At the time of the incident I was very upset when [redacted] came to my room. I indeed wanted to document the damage to their property. Given my past line of work documentation is second nature to me and very appropriate given these circumstances. I was looking a mess and feeling a mess, that is what she saw. I even apologized to her for my appearance, if she is an honest person. I also told her"I'm not bleeding but I would feel this in the morning". Again, my husband knew I was visibally injured. I did not share much of what he could not see as to not worry him. My spouse could not speak for me. Had Mr. [redacted] come to speak with me I would have been able to partially show him for their own documentation.That is why I waited in the room for a Manager who never showed. Per his initial response I feel as though he was trying to twist the facts. I feel at this point that he and/ or his staff are trying to minimize my experience because I was concerned about their property, not paying for anything, but simply because damage was done. I was equally as concerned about myself. I contacted them in an attempt to FILE an Official Incident Report as I did not do so before leaving because I never spoke to a manager. Given the fact that this is not their standard procedure, I have no furthure discussion for them on this issue. In the future the medical expenses that I am currently incurring will be brought to their attention. It is not just that I suffer these costs alone. That rail was not safe enough to hold a six year old. I use them every day and when I travel. I have never experienced this. They all need to be replaced if they are similar. Thank you for your time and patience.

Review: To whom it may concern:Im writing to inform you of the troublesome experience I had with both and the hotel for which my reservation was placed, Days Inn Columbus Airport (trip number[redacted]). I made a reservation for 28/Feb/14 thru 02/Mar/14. This was a trip for my spouse and I to attend the Arnold Sports Festival at the Columbus Convention Center.I paid $119 a night for this room. Upon arrival, it took 3 trips up to the room and back down to the front desk before we were given a key that actually worked the door. Once in the room, we realized that the toilet did not function. The mattress was quite old and everything sunk to the middle of it. My spouse has sleep apnea and requires a PAP machine to sleep there were no outlets near the bed so we were forced to pull the bed away from the wall and unplug one of the lamps behind it. That night, we both felt as though we had bugs crawling on us. The room was not clean and in general it looked like something I would expect to pay for by the hour, not $119 a night. The following morning we decided that we would not stay in the hotel for the second night. We wanted a place that was clean and had a functioning bathroom. We asked the woman at the front desk ([redacted]) about the policy for checking out early. She informed us that we needed to call Priceline and ask them if this was allowed. I called Pricelines customer service and spoke to a gentleman named [redacted] informed me that this was not up to them, and it had to be approved by the hotel. He attempted to contact the hotel but was unable to reach anyone. After some time, he eventually called me back and asked me to take the phone to the person at the front desk so he could speak to them. This is quite indicative of the type of service this hotel provides. I accommodated his request. He was then informed that the general manager of the hotel would have to approve our refund for the second night. She attempted to call him but was unable to reach him again, indicative of the type of service provided at this establishment. We gave the woman at the front desk our cell phone number and she was going to call us when she got in touch with the general manager. After several hours we had not received a call so we called them she told us she had attempted to call but had the wrong number (again, indicative of the type of service and competency). We were then told that we could not receive a refund because we had pre-paid for the room.I find this completely unacceptable. First of all, the room was not functioning, and quite frankly I believe if we had stayed there another night we would have acquired some sort of unknown species such as bed bugs and/ or lice. When we asked about a refund we were given the runaround by both Priceline and the hotel. Ultimately we were told that because we pre-paid we were not entitled to a refund. My concern here is that there is no protection for the consumer in this scenario. If we had known the area and known that this hotel was dirty and provided rooms with bathroom that are not functional, we certainly would not have made a reservation. The fact that we were forced to pay for a second night at this place is completely absurd each party in this experience washed their hands of the issue and passed it to the other party.Desired Settlement: I would like to be reimbursed for my second night. This hotel was not a healthy environment and I do not feel that I should have to pay for the second night simply because I made the reservation via



We received your letter about your concerns with your stay. I have looked into your comments and found the following. I did go and check the room that you were in. I am sorry that your key didnt work for the room and that you had to go back to the desk to get it redone. I checked the bathroom and found everything in working order. Im not sure why you were having problems, but everything seems to be working just fine now. As for the outlets in the room, we do try and leave a couple of them unused, however, with all the items that are required in the room, sometimes the extra outlets are not where guests would like them. We also had the room inspected and we found no sign of anything in there. I do apologize that you felt the room was not cleaned. Rooms are cleaned and inspected everyday. I have gotten with the Head Housekeeper about your comments. When you made your reservation, you made it online through a third party. When making a reservation online, there are certain conditions with those reservations. One of the conditions is the reservation can not be changed or cancelled. I wish you would have contacted us while you were still here, so we could have addressed your concerns and we would have offered to move you to another room. Again, I do apologize for the concerns you had with your stay. Best Regards, Days Inn Columbus Airport

Review: booked a smoking room. room was filthy ,door was broke heat and air did not work. got moved into another room that was also not clean .dirty towels on the floor and sink was nasty. never informed it was not a smoking room .manager came to the room told us that we could not smoke in it. so we stopped. was later in the night and couldnt find another hotel to go to . in the morning we left and went home. checked my checking account and they charged my account $250 for smoking in the no smoking room which was not posted in the room or by the hotel workers.contacted hotel about it and manager was rude on the phone to me and refused to refund the $250. asked for the corporate office number. he gave me a false number. found corporate number online and contacted them . all they could say is sorry and have to see if the manager that I just talked to will refund me. now its a waiting process. was a vacation trip for me and a buddy and it ruined the whole time.Desired Settlement: I would like to receive my $250 back they charged me .



Thank you for your letter dated April 22, 2013 regarding the above-referenced compliant.

Mr. [redacted] was advised by our front desk associate upon his room change that his room was non-smoking. He signed a registration card which provided notice that smoking in non-smoking rooms would incur a charge of $250. In each of the non-smoking rooms, there are no ashtrays, and there are signs above the television that these are non-smoking rooms. Furthermore, it is suspected someone continued to smoke in the stairwell right outside of Mr. [redacted]’s rooms on the night in question.

Beyond the cost associated with decontaminating cigarette smoke from a room, we further received complaints from other guests about Mr. [redacted]’s smoking. Moreover, Mr. [redacted] showed a lack of concern to his daughter, I presume, with respect to the dangers of second hand smoke. As such, we do not believe a refund of the smoking charge is warranted.



When I stayed there it was on a personal vacation as I did not have my daughter with me. I never signed any waiver pertaining to being switched to a non smoking room. Furthermore, they did not tell me it was a non smoking room and the room itself did not have any signs displaying that is was a non smoking room. I did not smoke in the stairway and once I was informed that it was a non smoking room, I proceeded to smoke outside of the hotel. I think an attachment of the waiver I supposedly signed should be in order because the signature on it is not mine and it should be checked for forgery. I was never notified by the hotel that they would be taking funds out of my account for smoking in that room.

Review: My wife and I made a reservation because we were flying in late. When we went up to our room we heard a party going on across the hall and could smell marijuana coming from there into our room. We explained to the desk clerk and requested another room. We were told there was nothing available, and they would do nothing about the "party" because it was in a "smoking room" even though ours was non smoking. They would not try to help us find another hotel in the area, saying they had no connections with them, and would not refund our money. We left and drove a few hours in the middle of the night to go home. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't live it.Desired Settlement: We would like our money refunded because they were unwilling to make other arrangements for us or even try to put an end to illegal behavior in their establishment.



Mr. [redacted] You made your reservation through Please contact them directly at [redacted] I wouldn't be able to issue you a refund directly because you reserved and paid through Expedia. Best regards, [redacted]



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

I have already contacted Expedia and they informed me that they tried to resolve this with Days Inn but they would not work with Expedia to refund any money to them, so Expedia cannot refund it to me.




[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I have checked my account and the repayment has been made to me by Expedia.


At first glance My Husband and I thought it was a good place to stay with our children, Btu when we arrived at the airport we had to wait 25 min in the cold with our small children when We finally arrived at the hotel it was freezing inside. They finally gave us our room in the back of the building, there was Marijuana smell coming from our hallway, I asked the front desk about it and they said it's like that "all the time" (umm ok) THe eventually changed us rooms to the front of the building... It had BED BUGS!! My baby was bitten up! THe manager didn't even apologize... NOTHING!! I do not recommend this place to anyone.

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Description: Hotels, Airport Parking Reservations, Event Center

Address: PO Box 31015, Capitol Hgts, California, United States, 20731-0015


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