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Debra's Classic Cleaning

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In regards to this complaint here is my account of what happened. [redacted] called my business on March 1st, 2017 requesting the price for 3hrs of cleaning services. I told her my cost was $50hr and the cost would be $150 in which she replied "I have 2 master degrees I would never pay that price"....

The call only lasted a few minutes an I thanks for calling hung up. She called back a couple of times that day and a total of 14 times within the next couple days. I finally agreed to go out to her home and give her a formal estimate. A few days later I went out and looked at the home which was still going to be $150 for 3hrs. After 15 minutes of discussion I agreed to do 3hrs for $100 giving her a $50 discount to help her out. She again claimed that she could not afford the $100 but that she would get part of the money from her son. The appt was made for March 20th 2017 at 9am. She also inquired what the additional price would be if the time exceeded 3hrs? I told her it would be the regular rate of $50 as I had already given her a discount of $50. In which she agreed. I also advised her to check my website for pricing. She continued to call me asking if I could clean the home for $80 in which I reminded her she was already getting a $50 discount. At that point I had to block her so she would not call anymore. She was able to call me from a different number and send some sort of an email texting. I asked her if she would just like to cancel the appointment and she said no the $100 would be fine. I told her she did not need to call me anymore that I would remind her of the appointment as it grew near. I kept the number blocked as I knew she could send the text if she needed to contact me.On March 20th 2017 I provided the services to a very different [redacted]. She was pleasant and we conversed about our children, marriages, and our lives as parents. She told me she had not eaten in days and I advised her to eat something. She constantly asked me if I was going to finish the job in 3hrs and I told her I can stop at the 3hrs time. She replied "No I need the whole house done". She told me I did not have to vacuum the living room rug to save time. The job took a little over 4 hours. I gave her the total of $150 and she asked me to write out the check and she would sign it. I told her I would try and find another cleaner for her at a cheaper price. She told me she would just use me again but I was not comfortable with coming back after the whole calling ordeal. She thanked me and I left.A couple of days later she gave me a 1 tar review on [redacted] which totally surprised me as I thought the cleaning went well. When I called her she said I owed her $50. I explained that the job took longer and I had already given her a discount and would not be giving her a refund as I did the job I was paid for. Then I received this complaint. She has left messages on my phone claiming she was going to take me to small claims court and sue me for elder abuse. I have since review her on [redacted] in which I saw that she has at least 40 reviews and 35 of them are 1 star reviews to business. I contacted the Rocklin police dept who told me to not contact her and to continue to block her in hopes that she would move on and forget about it. I have included some of the reviews from [redacted] of my business, and some from her [redacted] page. This might give a little insight to the state of mind we are dealing with.

I am rejecting this response because: She never told me she charges $50 an hour.  She agreed to clean my house for $100, never stated that it was only for 3 hrs.  She was only here 3 1/2 hours and charged me for a full hour.  She said she had the time to vacuum my living room but never did vacuum and she still had l/2 hour left to clean.  I have never paid more than $85 to have the house cleaned.  The upstairs bathroom was a real mess when she finished cleaning.  As far as I am concerned she owes $50 since she said she would clean the whole house for $100.  I am sure she does this to most seniors.

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Address: 301 W Main St, Rocklin, California, United States, 47601-3037


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