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Deer Pond Auto Repair Service, Inc.

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Deer Pond Auto charged me $78.00 and did no work on my vehicle. They would not release my vehicle until I paid $78.00.I arrived at Deer Pond Auto just before 8am for my appointment for front end alignment. I signed a form that stated I had brought my vehicle in for a front end alignment. No other repairs or work were listed on the form, verbally requested, or signed for. They took my keys and wrote down my license plate number. I was then told that there was currently a car being worked on and my car would be next. I was asked if I would be staying while my car was being done. She was concerned that it may take a little over an hour before my car would be seen. I told her I did not have anyone to get me and that I would be waiting. The clerk spoke with the mechanic and assured me that they would be quick with the car they were working on and mine would be next. Meanwhile I texted my mother and asked if she knew anyone that could get me if I would be sitting there for awhile. Unknown to me, my mom arranged for my godmother, [redacted], to pick me up. [redacted] arrived at Deer Pond Auto about 9am. Before leaving, I asked the secretary again how long it would be before my car was done. The secretary, after seeing I had a ride, told me it should be done within a couple hours and she would give me a call. I then left.Around 12:15pm I had still not received a call about my car. It had been a little over three hours since I had left. I called Deer Pond Auto to see if maybe they were done and just hadn't called yet. A female secretary answered the phone. I told her my name and that it was there for a front end alignment. She told me it had not been done yet and they were going to do it later in the afternoon. The time that my car would be seen had been pushed back again. I hung up. I spoke with my mother about the inconsistency.About 12:30pm my mother called Deer Pond Auto on my behalf to see when my car would be seen because she did not find it professional that they kept changing the time for me. She spoke with a female secretary who then told her my car was on the lift but the mechanics were on lunch and someone would call her back as soon as they got back. The secretary took down my mother's phone number.By 2:30pm neither my mother nor I had heard back from Deer Pond Auto regarding my car. My mother called again to see what they were doing. A female secretary answered and told my mother that "he" (presuming Mr. DiCentes, the owner) was busy talking with someone and would call her back in 5 minutes. At 3:15pm a male called my mother from Deer Pond Auto and said to her, "I have the key in my hand and I'm getting to it. I haven't touched it yet." At this, my mother told who she was on the phone with to not touch the vehicle and that we did not want any work done on it. The vehicle had been there all day at this point and no alignment had been done, so my mother and I decided we were going to take our business elsewhere. Deer Pond Auto, Mr. DiCentes called me on my cell phone at 3:23pm. Upon answering the phone he was immediately rude and loud with me. He told me that because of what my mother had said he was refusing to do any further work on my vehicle. He told me that he had had my car on the lift for the past 3 hours working on it. I told him to not work on my car and that I was on my way to pick it up. I did not want him to touch anything on my vehicle. He began to yell over me on the phone that my car was unsafe to be driving, I would have to sign paperwork stating that it was unsafe, and that I had to pay for the work that had been done already. I had never authorized any work to be done on my car other than a front end alignment, and so I became upset at the prospect of not even being able to get my car back. Mr. DiCentes was told again not touch the vehicle or do any work to it, we were on our way to pick it up and we were going to ask Leicester Police to accompany us. The phone was hung up. Sgt. Fontaine stated that he will file a report of what transpired and said that it would be available at the Leicester Police Station.Desired SettlementI want my $78.00 dollars returned.Business Response RE: [redacted] case#XXXXXXOn August 5, 2014 a young woman named, [redacted] brought her vehicle in around 9:00 Am. Because we had a full day's schedule, we told her that we would get to her automobile later that day, so she got her own ride home to allow time for the repairs. She called several times during the morning expressing her concern to have the vehicle back that day.Approximately 2:30-2:45pm I called the customer telling her that her vehicle needed an alignment that would consist of replacing the right upper adjustable ball joint, in order to adjust the caster which is related to her steering and to align vehicle correctly.I also tried to explain that she had a bad right front axle universal joint that was frozen solid causing the vehicle not to return when steering one direction. She was very upset and told us to remove the vehicle from our machine and put it outside. At this point we did so.When the customer arrived, she brought the Leicester Police Department with her and demanded her automobile. I proceeded to tell them there was a $78 charge for the set up and time spent diagnosing her vehicle. She eventually paid the $78 and left.I am providing you with information that was given to Ms. [redacted]. It is obvious her vehicle has not been aligned properly due to documentation that you provided me with.Again, let me emphasize that in the North East, the roads are made with a crown which makes it necessary to increase the caster on the right side of the vehicle to compensate for pulling. It is obvious by the paper work provided that this was not done. See Documents attached. The time charges was for diagnostics and setup.Again, we did advise that the vehicle not be driven because it was unsafe. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call. I am enclosing a copy of our original work order, a signed work order by customer, estimate provided to the customer and your correspondence.To innate the discussion regarding the disposition of Ms. [redacted] she was arrogant, loud, and defensive. Even sometimes businesses have the right to be treated cordially.Deer Pond Auto Repair Service Inc. Sincerely[redacted] DicentesAs an eye witness to the complaint I can assure you that the only person raising their voice was Ms. [redacted] which I could hear coming from the phone from 5 feet away. Mr. Dicentes ask her why she was yelling. She was belligerent. Mr. DiCentes never raised his voice. He was only trying to explain what repairs needed to be done to make her vehicle safe to drive.Also, I was the one who checked Ms. [redacted] in at approximately 9am that morning and Ms. [redacted] was fully aware that we had a full schedule that day and would not be able to get to her vehicle until later that day. She was also aware that a $78 dollar diagnostic fee would apply. Please see documents as well as a signed customer work order attached. Please feel free to call if you have any further questions.Thank you,Office Coordinator, [redacted] Consumer Response Mr. Dicentes account of what transpired was a complete fabrication of what transpired. Also the statement from [redacted] was completely incorrect. The vehicle has been aligned by a certified person which shows that Mr. Decentes was incorrect with his assessment and that if the universal joint was frozen solid causing the vehicle not to turn when steering in one direction. How did we drive it to and from his place? There is a police report of what transpired because of the way Mr. Decentes acted on the phone. My attachments show that he is not telling the truth. Based on what transpired the vehicle was put in the shop only after they were told that we were going to come pick it up and not to do any work on it. Ms. [redacted] was the one who kept telling me different times when the vehicle would be ready. I dropped it off at 8:00 AM not 9:00 AM as they stated and I only got a ride after they kept changing the times that the car would be ready. Again I only asked for a front end alignment and was not given any paperwork or receipts that I had signed.

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Description: Auto Repair & Service, Auto Dealers-Used Cars

Address: 14 Huntoon Memorial Highway, Leicester, Massachusetts, United States, 01524


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