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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 9, 2015/02/19) */
Received call from *** of ***, explaining that although he has been in contact with Ms *** about ways to make needed repairs more cost-efficient, her purchase was actually from AC Motors of Crystal
complaint guidelines, complaint will be transferred to AC Motors for response
Final Business Response /* (1000, 11, 2015/03/17) */
Ms*** ***,
It is unfortunate to hear that your car-buying experience with *** has not met your expectations
To recap the situation, Ms*** went to *** and picked out the Mazda Protégé*** does not provide options for vehicle financing, and so Ms*** was referred to AC Funding (a division of Automotive Concepts) to assist in obtaining an auto loan*** then wholesaled the Mazda Protégé to AC FundingAC Funding obtained financing, resold the car to Ms***, and completed the vehicle's titling, registration and lien perfection
Since this vehicle had already been selected by Ms*** from ***, AC Funding had no involvement in determining the condition of the vehicle or assessing if there were any repairs that may have been needed, and so the vehicle was sold "as is"
As an additional note, AC Funding has ceased doing business with ***

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2015/06/11) */
At Automotive Concepts our goal to deliver a positive experience to our customers, and it's unfortunate to hear about Mr*** ***'s dissatisfaction with his installation services
Based on the information available, Mr***
contacted Automotive Concepts on May 20th, requesting installation of a downpipe that he purchased from another source on his Ford Focus w/ TurboAutomotive Concepts provided an estimate to Mr*** and an appointment was scheduled
At the time of installation (May 22, 2015) the technician at Automotive Concepts proceeded to remove the existing part which was to be replaced with the customer-provided partDuring the removal process, it was found that the oxygen sensor (Osensor) had been welded into place due to prolonged excessive heatMr*** was notified that the Osensor needed replacing, and as a courtesy, the associate assisting Mr*** sold him the new sensor at the same price Automotive Concepts paid for the partAutomotive Concepts paid $for OEM replacement part, and charged Mr*** the same $-- list price on this part is $The amount Automotive Concepts charged Mr*** is less than retail price/value
As with any installation service, Automotive Concepts has control and responsibility for how a part goes into the customer's vehicle
Automotive Concepts cannot control the preexisting condition of the vehicle and its parts, nor can Automotive Concepts control the state of the existing parts when they are pulled off of the vehicle
In this particular situation, Automotive Concepts attempted to help the customer out by charging the same amount as the cost of the part, and did not charge any additional labor for this service
At this time, Automotive Concepts will not be issuing a refund for the Osensor as requested by Mr***
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 10, 2015/06/15) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
While I agree that Automotive Concepts cannot control the existing parts and condition of the vehicle, the method by which the Osensor was removed was improperIt was a part that was not tampered with and came straight from the factory in this conditionThe part may have been removed without damaging it by taking more time and careInstead, Automotive Concepts showed no concern for the Osensor or me by breaking the part in the process
If there was ever any concern for damaging the part during the installation, the associate could have STOPPED working and let me know that there was a chance the Osensor could become damaged
I still would like a refund for the Osensor
Final Business Response /* (4000, 12, 2015/06/25) */
The method used by the technician to remove the Osensor was the proper methodAutomotive Concepts is unable to predict when a part may be stripped or welded into placeThe customer service representative at Automotive Concepts did show concern for both the vehicle and Mr*** by getting approval to charge Mr*** the same amount as the cost of the part, and did not charge any additional labor for this service (Automotive Concepts paid $for the OEM replacement part, and in turn charged Mr*** the same $137.84)Automotive Concepts will not be issuing a refund to Mr*** at this time

The person writing this complaint is not the person who bought the vehicle. Her son is the buyer and he went to jail shortly after this purchase occurred and is to remain in jail for a extended period. The son came to us and asked us to help him finance a Suburban. He put $2500 down and We helped...

him get a loan. He never made any payments on the loan and the bank made us buy the vehicle back. The mother of the customer brought the vehicle back to us as a voluntary repossession and it was missing the rear 3rd seat and the wheel and tires. They put on some very old wheels and tires. The missing equipment was valued at over $3000. She demanded her down payment money back but she refused to acknowledge the missing equipment. We told her to bring the missing equipment and we would refund the down. Now she claims the odometer has been tampered with.

I am rejecting this response because:   Auto Concepts totally LIED on the mileage.  United Auto Loan ran an audit on the mileage which was fraudulent & lied about.   United Auto voided & nullified the contract altogether.   Besides that, thre was no 3RD seat in the auto & I have a police report of the damage done to the tires & the rims. Therefore it was not a $3,000 estimate according to the New Hope Police Dept. on the night they came December 30, 2016.  Therefore this is unacceptable when they fraudulently messed with the mileage !    [redacted] did make a payment on the vehicle & that was returned to him in a check.        Sincerely,[redacted] ###-###-####.

It's unfortunate that Mr. [redacted] feels these issues have been swept under the rug. Prior to Mr. [redacted] providing this information via the, Automotive Concepts had only been made aware of one of the seven issues  listed.The issue that Automotive Concepts was aware of, is the the sub woofer...

enclosure. At the original time of install, Mr. [redacted] stated that he did NOT want to lose his under-seat storage to accommodate the recommended sub-woofer enclosure from Automotive Concepts. Mr. [redacted] maintained that he wanted a smaller than recommend enclosure. At a later time (after taking delivery of his vehicle) Mr. [redacted] stated that he would like a larger subwoofer enclosure and was ok with losing the rear under-seat storage. Automotive Concepts offered to change out his subwoofer enclosure at a reduced rate, as well as swap the old subwoofers for the new subwoofers that would fit the new enclosure at no additional charge.As far as the other issues stated: this is the first notice that Automotive Concepts has received regarding any front-end vibrations when driving over 65mph. The TPMS sensors are currently in Mr. [redacted]'s possession -- Automotive Concepts has offered to install them, and again extends the offer to install them. The front end vibration is definitely something covered under the warranty and can be corrected. When Mr. [redacted] came to pick-up his factory wheels, he did open the tonneau cover and made no mention of it not working properly. The is also something covered under warranty and can be corrected.

- Your complaint indicates 'Date Problem First Occurred' as 9/30/16 -- can you tell what steps you took when you first began experiencing issues?I took it to a mechanic to have it looked at because I was getting a check engine light. - When did the mechanic first diagnose a leaky...

manifold?2/22/2017. They indicated that someone had taken my manifold apart and did a bad job of putting it back together because it was leaking on all sides. My car has not been serviced by any mechanics since I purchased it from AC Motors, so one can deduct that AC Motors was the one who tried to service that, and cleared the check engine light. - What discussions have you had with the selling dealer about these issues?I told them that I would take care of the cost of the brakes (drums and pads), axle, and brake connections, but I expected them to replace the intake manifold. They said they would do it at a discounted rate, but would not cover it completely. I'm already paying $1,700 due to their neglect, and I expect them to pay/fix the rest.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2014/10/28) */
Upon speaking with the customer to address the concerns regarding his vehicle, Automotive Concepts and Mr. [redacted] agreed on the following resolutions:
- The taillight was not cracked at the time of sale, and any repairs are the...

responsibilty of Mr. [redacted]
- The motor mount was worn, and not failed. Automotive Concepts suggested to Mr. [redacted] that he fix this at his own expense, to which he agreed
- Automotive Concepts refunded the customer's payment for the steering issue
- Automotive Concepts replaced the oxygen sensors at a discounted rate which was approved by Mr. [redacted]
To the best our knowledge at this time, all issues have been resolved between Automotive Concepts and Mr. [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:
I feel that they sold the car with the service engine soon light on and said that they stood by their product knowing that this light was on.  They should cover the repair at 50%.  I still would like this complaint to stay on their record. It is pretty ridiculous that a car dealership would try to screw its customers like they did.  I want others to know what they are capable of.  I am 65 years old and needed a car.  I heard good things about this dealership.  That is why I went to them in the first place.  I am appalled now.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Mr. [redacted] purchased a 2007 Audi A6 with 107,787 miles on it September 12, 2016.  At the time of purchase he was informed that the car was being sold "as is" without a warranty.  He was also informed he could purchase an extended warranty and he declined the warranty and chose the "as is" option.  Mr. [redacted] went on Ac Motors Facebook page 2/22/17 to claim that Ac Motors somehow hid prior damage to his intake and demanded that it would get fixed at no cost to him. In his on line review he claimed that the repair would cost $3,300 to fix.  We informed him that we would be willing to do the repair at a discounted rate of $1,700.  That was not acceptable by Mr. [redacted] so at this point there is nothing else Ac Motors is willing to do.

The car in question is a 2005 Audi A4 with 103,217 miles.  This car does not qualify for a 30 day warranty because of the age and miles.  The car was sold As Is.  Option 1: We would offer the customer a discounted rate if they wanted to bring it to our shop for repairs....

Option 2: The customer would trade the car back in for another car with us.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2015/08/10) */
Hello [redacted],
It is unfortunate that your experience in resolving this issue has not gone well and that the issue is still lingering.
I have done some further research into the issue and what the cause(s) may be. The next recommended course...

of action to take is disconnecting the remote start system so that each of the issues can be isolated, identified and addressed. To setup an appointment, you may contact me directly at (763) [redacted]. ~Catherine
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 10, 2015/08/19) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I was told this would cost me $100.00 it is not mentioned if cost is still that. Also AC has disconnected the remote starter 4 times each time my vehicle has been left at place 4-5 hours with no resolve. I am asking that the dash is removed and wiring rechecked. The popping noise is resolved another place replaced my AMP. The issue is my running lights are not working properly, when suv alarmed the park lights should come on but instead the running lights come on but are not coming on when running lights should be on. The running lights were working properly before having AC install remote start. I have had to replace headlight bulbs 6-7 times and have only had the suv 8 months. I am asking that AC check the wiring. Also the batteries in the remote are going out every month one remote has stopped working, even though batteries changed. I would like to know the cost to replace the defective system with a properly wired working on.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 15, 2015/08/31) */
Hello [redacted],
Please Nathan at (763) [redacted] to schedule a time to have a completely new remote starter installed in your vehicle. This work will be performed at no charge to you.
If you have any other questions or concerns, you contact me directly at (763) [redacted]. ~Catherine

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/07/28) */
Mr. [redacted] came to Automotive Concepts to obtain financing for the purchase of a vehicle. Mr. [redacted]'* application was submitted to four banks ([redacted] (aka [redacted]), and [redacted]) on...

June 17th, 2015. No other requests for an auto loan were made by Automotive Concepts after that date. Please understand, that when an applicant is denied the extension of credit by a lending institution, that the lending institution is required to send a notice to the applicant citing the reason for their credit decision. Automotive Concepts does not have control over the timing of when these lending institutions send out the letters the letters may sometimes arrives several weeks after the application is submitted and denied. Please accept our apologies for any confusion this may have created. If any further clarification is needed, or any questions remain, please contact us so they may be addressed.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 7, 2015/07/29) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2015/12/18) */
Mr. [redacted] purchased a 2007 Toyota Camry from AC Motors on October 21st 2015. At the time of sale the car was eight years old and had more than 75,000 miles on it, which makes the vehicle an "AS IS" purchase.
When Mr. [redacted] purchased...

the Camry he was informed that the car had no implied warranty and signed the "As Is" agreement.
Mr. [redacted] was offered a choice of four different extended service plans and had the choice to decline all of them.
He decided to purchase an AllState 3 year/36,000 mile plan with a $100 deductible.
He was in no way forced to buy this warranty and he has the option to cancel it at any time for a refund.
If Mr. [redacted] would like us to fix his car, we can facilitate the claim with AllState and additionally offer to waive the $100 deductible fee that would apply to Mr. [redacted] upon completion.
At AC Motors we take pride in all of the used cars we sell and pre-inspect them to vet any problems. Unfortunately used or new cars need maintenance from time to time which may not be foreseen at the time of purchase.

Response received via e-mail to, 7-31-17: The customer purchased a 2005 Audi A4 with 112,725 on it May 31st.  This car was sold as is with no warranty from AC Motors.  However the customer did purchase an extended service contract from us.  The customer brought it in for...

service work July 7th for the problem described.  The problem was fixed and the customer picked up the car.  Please let me know if any other action is required. Thanks,Jeremy [redacted]Ac Motors###-###-####[email protected]

Reached GM Jeremy [redacted] by phone (6/6, 5 PM) to get business response. Mr [redacted] says that the customer purchased an '05 Ford with about 88,000 miles on it. The truck was inspected prior to sale, but the miles on it designated it an "as is" purchase under Minnesota Used Car Warranty Law. He says...

the truck went from MN to CO with no issues, but Mr [redacted] reported about a week later that his brakes had gone out. Although the truck was purchased "as is," AC Motors made arrangements to pay for half the brake repairs on a goodwill basis. Mr [redacted] says AC Motors will not be able to offer further assistance at this time. spoke to customer 7-31-17, 3:30 PM.She confirms that repairs were done and vehicle seems to be running better now, but adds that she feels the vehicle should not have been sold in this condition.

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