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I was promised a Full Refund and they refuse to pay. I have called them several times and they do not return my call and keep giving me the run around May 2013 I was scheduled for a MiraDry procedure in the Feeding Hills office. I was living in Vermont at the time so I drove the 6 hour drive and stayed in a hotel the night before so that I could be there for my 6:30am appointment. I arrived on time and was taken back to the treatment room. The staff prepared the machine and said they would return shortly. After being left alone in the room for about 30 min a staff member returned and said they were still waiting for the doctor to arrive. Finally, after about an hour in the room laying on the bed with my body exposed, the doctor came in and administered the required 50 or shots required in both armpits. During this process, Dr. Stanley Swierzewski made the comment "Wow, you are a gymnastics coach, you're kinda big for that?". I laughed it off at the time but was very offended by this statement. After that process was complete, the staff said they would be right back to start the procedure. After waiting another 20 minuets or so the doctor came back in and said "My staff misplaced a piece of the machine needed to do the procedure and that this procedure would not be happening today and will be free and the hotel bill would be paid for as well. Just send it to my staff and we will get you a refund". Now I have been there about 2 1/2 hours at least and have had 50 shots to numb my armpits and now was told that nothing could be done that I was free to leave. I got dressed and headed out and the staff kept telling me that they would take care of the refund right away. After about a month after, I called and asked to speak to Sandie the office manager. She would not respond to my calls. I called once a week for several months and never got anywhere. Finally, in early November 2013 I received a phone call from Sandie the office manager. After an intense conversation where she said they weren't in the wrong and that I would not be able to take any other course of action legally at the same time laughing at me when I said I was going to get an attorney involved. She finally said she had been waiting for the doctor to sign the check and that it was going out that day. After one month (December 2013) of not receiving the check in the mall I once again called and tried to get ahold of Sandie. She finally calls me back and says that she sent it and doesn't know why I haven't received it. She says she will stop payment and issue another ASAP. It is now March 2014 and I have yet to receive a refund check for $3,000 that was promised to me in May 2013. I continue to call but get nowhere! Something has to be done!Product_Or_Service: MiraDryDesired Settlement$3,000 refund that was promised to me several times!


On 12/15/2012 I was scheduled for a cosmetic procedure with LaDermique. Unfortunately, the procedure had to be cancelled because of an irregular heartbeat. I was urged me to see my primary care doctor, which I did the following week. She advised me not undergo any elective procedure in the foreseeable future, and started a cardiac work up. On January 15, 2013, I called LaDermique asking for a refund and was told the doctor would return $4000. The total amount for the procedure was $7995.00, which I paid for via check, in advance. I thought that was unreasonable considering that I did not receive the services I paid for. Instead, I suggested he keep $2000 to cover his staff and his time and return the balance. I was told by the office manager that she would ask him and get back to me. She didn't. Two weeks later I called again. The phone call was a repeat of the first call with a promise to get back to me, which they did not. On January 25, 2013, my primary care doctor sent a letter to LaDermique stating her findings. I called again but to no avail. In February, I sent them a letter stating that I wanted a refund minus the $2000, and I wanted it within a week of receipt of the letter or I would have to pursue other avenues. On the evening of the eighth day, they called and offered to send me $4000. I said that amount was unacceptable and they said, "Do what you have to do." So, I contacted the Mayor's office of Consumer affairs in Springfield MA. They were told by La Dermique that it cost $2910 for me to be in the office for two hours. My response was, "Fine! Return the balance to me ASAP." A letter was sent by the Consumer affairs office regarding my counter-offer but it was ignored, as were attempted follow-up phone calls and faxes. As of today, 5/1/13, nearly five months from the date of the canceled procedure, I have not received any refund money.Desired SettlementHad they responded to the Consumer affairs letter, I would have accepted the $2910, but since they blatantly ignored even their letters and phone calls, I am now reverting back to my original request and asking them to return all but $2000 to me. Business' Initial Response This is In response to your letter dated May 3, 2013, regarding the above referenced patient from our office.[redacted] entered into a contract for surgery on 12/15/12 for which she paid In full $1,995.00 (see att I). She signed a consent form on 5/18/12, stating all deposits and payments are non-refundable (see Att II) and any unused amounts will become an office credit. Furthermore, she signed our SmartLipo Cancellation/refund Policy on 11115113, (see Att III) stating any cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will not be refunded. Additionally, she signed the Consent for Surgical Procedure on 12/15/13, (see Aft IV) stating that she recognized that during the course of having the operation, medical procedure and/or anesthesia, unforeseen conditions may necessitate different procedure/treatments than that listed.During the surgery, [redacted] developed heart abnormalities and [redacted] and his team felt that this "unforeseen condition" warranted halting the surgery until she had approval from her primary care physician to continue at a later date. He drove her home to ensure that she was medically sound and he was comfortable with her condition.To perform [redacted]s' surgery, whether she proceeded with the entire treatment or not, costs this office $750.00 in operative equipment and supplies, $2,000.00 for the operating scrub nurse and the doctor and $160.00 for the pre and post operative nursing staff. In additional the room and office staff costs this office another $500.00. This brings the total to $2,910.00.[redacted] also had a pre-operative appointment for two hours with our office manager, a Dr. Examination before we quoted her a price to see if she was a viable candidate for the procedure she selected and a post operative appointment five days after her aborted surgery with the physician. These charges must also add into the final $7,995.00 total for the procedure. Page 2We have already answered to this issue with the mayor's office of consumer complaints yet, [redacted] is continuing to pursue this matter. While we had no requirement to return any of [redacted]s payment, in good faith we offered her the return of $4,000.00 and office credit for the remaining amount.As stated, we contracted with [redacted] for a procedure and performed it to the best of our ability. We are obviously running a business and to that end we feel that we have been more than fair and will contest this complaint not only to retain our fee but to clear our name with the, [redacted] Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Since I do not have a copy in my file of the attachments, I would like to see a copy. Can you email them to me?

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Description: Skin Care, Laser Therapy

Address: 107 1533 Broadway St, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, V3C 6P3


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