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Very pleased with the workmanship, the staff, and follow up for our kitchen remodel with granite. The end result was all we had hoped for

The company ordered and installed the wrong sink, dropped the sink during installation damaging the cabinet, and damaged a wall.
Initially, DFW Stoneworks incorrectly cut our countertops. My wife had to take two days off of work in order to have DFW Stoneworks install our countertops. The company changed our sink order without any notification. We wanted a 70/30 sink and I provided them the item number for the particular sink we wanted. They ordered us a 60/40 sink instead. The owner nonchalantly blew me off when I pointed out the fact they installed the wrong sink. We also noticed a chip in the countertop which had to be fixed a week later. During installation, the installers dropped the sink causing epoxy to stick to the sides of the cabinet and scratching the inside of the cabinet. The scratches and epoxy are clearly visible when the doors are open. Finally, during the installation, the workers ran into a corner bead on a wall near the island. Drywall mud has fallen off and is in need of patch and repaint. I have tried to work this out amicably with both the owner Ryan and Erika. Following a conversation with Erika, we received an email from their Docusign stating our order had been changed. Now, when we log in to see our order on DocuSign, our order reflects the incorrect sink.

Desired Outcome

I am looking for a refund in the amount of $2200 to replace the cabinet, fix the wall, labor to replace the cabinet and wall, for lost vacation time, and for inconvenience.

D.F.W. Stoneworks Response • May 20, 2020

(please see attached and below)

Business # XXXXXXXX
INSTALLATION: 02/03/2020
DATE OF REPORT: 04/02/2020

*** and *** (who will be referred to as "Customer") visited DFW StoneWorks Showroom on December the 9th of 2019. The DFW StoneWorks Designer Consultant created a customized project proposal for Cambria quartz in accordance with DFW StoneWorks policies and policies, the Customer did purchase at this time. As the DFW StoneWorks process, all customers start to receive emails to schedule a
Measurement and Templating Appointment once purchased, where their personal Project Coordinator
takes official measurements. Three to seven business days after purchase, the Customer started receiving
emails to schedule his Measurement and Templating Appointment with The Project Coordinator in keeping with DFW StoneWorks workflow. The measuring and templating email was first sent on December the
17th 2019, and the Customer requested an appointment time and the Project Coordinator confirmed the appointment time. The Project Coordinator arrived for the appointment on the scheduled date of December 30th, 2019 in the scheduled timeframe of 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Upon arriving for the Measuring and Templating appointment, The Project Coordinator noted and addressed with the Customer that the cabinets were not set in their final resting place, nor was the length of the island completely solidified, and all cabinets would have to be removed to cut down pony wall to cabinet height.

The Customer assured the
Project Coordinator that the cabinets would be placed identically where they were removed from. This could cause there to be several different issues arising from just the measurements and also cause us to break a few of our procedures and policies. Our policies explain to our customer in writing, in our
agreement as well as in the templating email and the scheduling process, to make sure that everything is
in its final place prior to the Templating and Measuring appointment, as our measurements could be compromised. The Project Coordinator should have left the property immediately and not have done any measurements as the cabinets nor walls were completed, and the customer should have been billed an additional allocation fee for an additional Templating appointment of $299.00. However, the Project
Coordinator was working with the Customer to best solve and achieve their goals from the very beginning.
Timelines are addressed by the Design Consultant during the initial proposal, by the Project Coordinator at the Templating Appointment and by the Project Assistants when scheduling based on scope of work. Due
to the size of the Customer's island, which required 2 slabs, it was going to require at least 2 to 3 days.

Most projects take two to three days for install of countertops and is scheduled around the customer's schedule. The Project Coordinator updated his measurements and sent the Customer their updated project
agreement with the slab imaging and layouts including seam placements and all other materials including the sink, on January 14th, 2019, via one span sign (an electronic contract such as DocuSign). As a side note, when we revise an original agreement after the Templating and Measuring appointment in our
countertop software, we call it the Updated Project Agreement, due to changes in comparison to the original. DFW StoneWorks does this in order to prevent any miscommunication in cuts, sizes, shapes, placements and to itemize in detail what DFW StoneWorks is doing for each and every customer as many changes can take place at the Templating Appointment. This also gives the customer a chance to review
changes in comparison to the original, as many times cost can increase or decrease. We ask every customer to review the Updated Project Agreement thoroughly to make sure it is everything they are wanting and looking to achieve. Any discrepancies are addressed prior to signing off on the Updated Agreement and Layout. The customer did reach out to us about making changes to the seam placement
by the window and we were able to remove the seam to accommodate his needs. For this reason, we deleted the Updated Agreement and Updated Countertop Layout we sent to him initially on January 14th, 2020, via one span sign in order to reflect changes made to the Updated Agreement, as we cannot modify
a document once sent via one span sign. We must remove it entirely in order to avoid confusion and recreate and send the correct and final updated documents. The Customer said he reviewed and accepted all measurements, and all products including the sink as well as sizes, shapes, etc. and he did so by electronically signing off on the Updated Project Agreement (Document C) and Updated Countertop Layout
(Document D), which are two separate documents, to assure no confusion in what DFW StoneWorks is doing. These documents were signed off on electronically as every customer prefers it done this way to avoid having to print something out, sign and then scan it or avoid an unnecessary trip to our showroom.
The Customer electronically signed his two Updated Agreements on January 23rd, 2020, confirming all parts of the project.

After all paperwork was agreed to, signed and returned, this moved the Customer's project into the production stage of DFW StoneWorks workflow. During the production stage, all of the Customer's material is ordered, shipped, and fabricated to the specifications on the project contract and slab layout.
When this process was finished and ready to install, the Project Assistant called the Customer to schedule his installation. The Project Assistant worked with the Customer's schedule and scheduled the Customer's
project to begin on February 3rd, 2020. Customers are informed that an installation can take 2-3 days depending on the individual project. Due to the cabinetry not being set in its final place and no existing
side panels or walls being built yet or in place, a measurement for the sink center was off, thus causing an issue with the installation. The foreman notified the Project Coordinator and the Project Coordinator
immediately purchased an additional slab for this customer of the same color of quartz from Cambria at no additional charge to the customer as it was not the Customer's technical mistake. However, this could have been prevented if the policies of DFW StoneWorks were followed as initially described of making a
customer having everything in place prior to the Templating Appointment. We then left the job site and moved to fabricating a new piece that day after picking it up. The sink the customer purchased as reflected on the Updated Agreement (Document C) and the Updated Countertop Layout (Document D)
was left at the Customer's home in full display. Upon completion of the newly fabricated slab, DFW StoneWorks immediately returned to the job site to complete the project, still within our original time line
of the project being completed.

The installation on that day included the large island being replaced and the sink mounted onto the island. Upon completion, the install team instructed the homeowner to review the DFW StoneWorks Inspection Completion Form, which outlines the homeowner to inspect their project immediately for any concerns and/or issues with the craftsmanship and/or material, including seams, profiling, sinks, placements,
adjustments, faucet holes, fixtures, cooktops, flooring, issues with debris, damages, leaks, stuff left in their yard, etc. They are to inspect everything as stated in the Inspection Completion Form prior to the
install team leaving the project job site to avoid additional reallocation charges. The Customer signed this completion form (Document "F"), agreeing that she had approved completion of the project understanding that the balance must be paid in full for the Customer's warranty to be processed and to receive any
additional services. On the form it was noted that there were some irregularities in the quartz itself and that there was a small spot by the seam on the sink that was uneven and had a slight mark. It was also
noted that they were missing the sink drain fixtures and the wrong sink was ordered.
The customer downloaded the Updated Agreements various times as reflected on Document "E" and from different IP addresses. They opened and downloaded it several times before and after installation which
clearly states which sink was being purchased and installed multiple times on both Documents "C" and "D". As for the Sink Fixtures, we do not leave flange and strainers on job sites with our installers due to the fact that plumbing and reconnections cannot be done until 24-36 hours after the installation of an
undermount sink. This is done in an attempt to prevent people from breaking that rule as it is critical, as our 15 Year Warranty covers if the sink fails and falls at any time. However, if they follow the guidelines
the sink will not fall ever, so we find this best as a policy. It also gives the customer the opportunity to make their final payment.
Upon completion the Project Assistant contacted the Customer to discuss their final payment as well as their warranty, flange, and strainer as we do for every customer. At this time the Customer indicated that
they were inconvenienced by not having the project done in one day or in a timely manner and correctly.

However, the project was installed correctly as you'll see in the pictures below and within the timeline guidelines given. The Project Coordinator authorized a $50 credit for their inconvenience and the customer declined on the credit and said they would prefer a discount of $1,000-$2,000 dollars. They also requested
to speak to the owner after our Project Coordinator explained to them that any time there is a surface scratch, chip, ding with a Cambria product, no fabricator can make adjustments, alterations or any kind of
filling, or resetting to the surface of the product as it will void the Cambria Warranty. Cambria specifically has a service technician whose only job is to go to job sites and handle Cambria's concerns or issues of surface blemishes, scratches, etc. for every Cambria customer, and that is a Lifetime Warranty. As to not void their warranty, we contacted Cambria on February 10th, 2020 for them to setup a service call and notified the Customer that same day, that Cambria would be contacting them directly to set up the home warranty inspection. They were concerned about multiple things including the seam which was a long
seam (the entire depth of the island) the polishing and the blemish. Upon inspection, Cambria stated that the seam was acceptable and took care of the blemish themselves, as they instruct us to have them do on
any surface issue.

With the completion of the project and the Customer inspecting, reviewing and asking all question pertaining to the project, the Customer signed off on all aspect with the exception of items listed on the Completion Form. All Completion Form items were promptly addressed by DFW StoneWorks team including a project inspection by DFW StoneWorks and a Cambria Service Tech inspection and fulfillment
service call. The Customer was adamant to speak with the Owner however DFW StoneWorks is an LLC
with investors and a Managing Partner which is Ryan ***. Mr. visited the project to address any and all questions including the sink size, seams, a myriad of other questions and the customer requesting a substantial monetary discount; at no time during the meeting did the Customer mention the
erroneous items now stated in this claim with the exception of the sink size and monetary request. The Customer did not like the policies and procedures answered from Mr. and called the office several hours later attempting to find an ownership member to communicate.

A DFW StoneWorks Customer Service Representative again reached out to the Customer on February 11th, 2020, in hopes to answer any additional questions for the Customer. The Customer stated the final
agreement signed did not reflect the sink installed and the Customer now has the agreement that reflects a different sink size. Customer Service Representative asked the Customer to send in an agreement or
documentation reflecting these statements, after some time, the Customer replied the documents could not be found. Customer Service Representative requested the Customer to look at the last signed Updated Agreement, on January 23rd that illustrates in writing the agreement between both parties. The Customer
stated the documents could not be opened with the expired link. Customer Service Representative then went into One Span Sign and refreshed the link of the "Document Transaction Completion" from One Span Sign, which does not reflect on Document "E" the Evidence Summary of the Electronic Signatures as no additional document was uploaded or created or sent. Basically, this act provides any customer the ability
to reopen what they signed off on inside of One Span Sign. The Customer received it and opened it and misunderstood the title of the DFW StoneWorks document "Updated Agreement" as a new or alter document. Customer Service Representative attempted to explain several times the process to the Customer to no avail. The Customer became threatening and disrespectful to the Customer Service
Representative. Customer Service Representative patiently again requested if any supporting documents,
emails, text, etc. can validate the claim as all documentation and approvals from the beginning contradict
the sink claim, which is the main basis for the monetary claim.

The Customer claims with the of the sink somehow damaging inside the wooden base cabinet, damaged island drywall (which is clearly damaged in the before pictures provided), we are truly shocked.
DFW StoneWorks has never been notified, called, email, text, etc. These issues were never expressed by the Customer on any document including the completion form or communicated to any DFW StoneWorks team member including the Project Coordinator, Administration, Design Consultant, Customer Service Representative at any time during installation or afterwards in multiple meetings, prior to this claim.
DFW StoneWorks worked hard at provide this customer and all customers a high level of service from the
beginning and throughout any project to fulfill customer's expectations, goals and project needs.

Everything is written out and signed multiple times to avoid a mistake of a breakdown in service we provide. We offer customers a service that is agreed to within a contract/agreement and signed off on
reflecting anything pertaining to any customer's project, including sink sizes. We wish the Customer the best on future endeavors.
If any questions remain please contact Mr. at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Know the industry terms, ensure that everything is documented. I would not buy from DFW StoneWorks.

Ryan is highly professional & is quite knowledgeable in his area of expertise!! He really cares about providing excellent customer service & goes above & beyond. Great company!! I highly recommend!

Never completed promised agreements on product and service
D.O.P. 2/9/13, Installed 2/21/13

- Edges of granite need to be polished
- Sink Cutout needs to be delivered with polished edges as promised
- LG Dishwasher damaged by grinder needs repair completed
- 15 year sealer request unfulfilled

Advised Ryan Morgan, President & Salesman, we purchased from, of issues 2/26/13: LG Dishwasher received grinder damage & requested 15yr sealer application.

The following dates 3/19, 4/9, 30, 5/2,6 & 20 were all text attempts to [redacted] Ryan Morgan to resolve these issues. We were pushed off several times that product is ordered and pending receipt. Inspected on site by Ryan 3/29, was promised the sink cut out would be dropped off on my doorstep in a few days, repair kit was on order for LG Dishwasher, material ordered to polish edges, said they were supposed to be done during installation. Was advised by text on 5/6/2013 "I will put you on the warranty schedule & remove you from the remnant list" (As we were considering additional work at the time) After 5/6, could never receive any response.
On 8/6/2013 I posted a request on Facebook if they even responded to voice mails at the corp. number, only to receive a Facebook reply stated they were just returning from a Granite Factories & would contact me in the following week, no one ever returned a call.
Additional phone calls were made to XXX-XXX-XXXX on 7/30, 8/5,6,16. Texts requesting contact were sent on 8/20,21,22,26 &27, not a single response. Attempted to go to showroom 8/6/13, 7801 Alma Dr is a box office. There is no business to follow this company directly.
Work Order XXXXXX, Granite Slab - "Supreme Fantasy", Ryan [redacted] XXX-XXX-XXXX salesman, paid by AmEx & Visa

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