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Diamond Auto Sales Inc

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Review: These guys are crooks! Spent $33k on a boat and the boat was never serviced as I was told. A main power cable was touching the exhaust manifold and melted the wiring harness. Luckily my wife and kids were not on the boat. I emailed them after the first incident and they could not even reply or call to see how things were going. [redacted] excuse was he was away on vacation. These guys are so clueless they were swapping parts on the opposite engine trying to resolve this issue. After this I brought the boat to a real mechanics and we would that most of the items that were supposed to be replaced or serviced were never done. they didn't even flush and removed the winterizing antifreeze out of the fresh water cooling system. I was even provided with a work order with all the items they supposedly repaired or serviced. The boat almost burnt in the middle of the ocean the first weekend out then that is when we discovered all of the problems. These guys can't even wire up a stereo correctly. They shouldn't be in business and the reason why they are not still in auto sales is just that. See you in small claims and i'll be filing a complaint with [redacted]. The repairs with total over $5200 by the time I have repaired everything Diamond marine was supposed to service.Desired Settlement: I would like them to pay all repair costs. I was lied to and taken advantage of. [redacted] misrepresented this boat and all service work performed. I will not allow them to touch this boat now that I cannot trust them.



We are very sorry that Mr. [redacted] was unsatisfied with the vessel purchase. When [redacted], president of [redacted] became aware of the situation he contacted Mr [redacted] and offered to give him his money back on the boat. Mr [redacted] refused the offer.

Review: We were originally scheduled to pick up our boat from Diamond [redacted] on Saturday May 3, 2014 with a guarantee from the owner, [redacted], that all systems were going to be a go and fully functional. When we arrived to inspect the boat after traveling over 3 hours there and back and trailering our trade-in boat, there was a huge list of problems with our boat. From a bug infestation in the refrigerator, to 4 inches of water in the cabin with soaked carpets. We had to wait 2 weeks for these issues to be resolved and had to make another 3 hour trip on May 11th back to the dealer to test drive it and pick it up. Upon test drive, I was concerned about the shifting and steering being stiff and was repeatedly told it was fine. We drove the boat back to our home port across the Long Island Sound and noticed The Radar system was not responsive because upon further inspection, a wire was crushed when the radar was put back on top of the radar from the dealer after being stored at their store location during the winter. The generator would not stay running the very first time we went to use it, it was running hot and we had to have the thermostat replaced. The stereo system was not working and was never responded to then nor after to this day along with a missing table leg for a bed conversion. Never rectified. The Boat was barely used for the next few weeks due to unexpected major surgery I underwent on May 28th. On June 8th we were aboard our boat in the Long Island Sound, we noticed a slight water leak coming into the bilge from the transom where the drives attach. Upon further inspection, the drives were raised and immediately gallons of water began poring into the bilge from the transom like a water faucet that would not shut off. We had our 6 year old son on board with us and we were now in a grave emergency situation taking on heavy amounts of water quickly, we had to have a friends boat come take our son off of our boat for his safety and have our boat emergency hauled out of the water at [redacted] Marina. It was taken to our reputable Boat mechanic with 25+ years experience, who inspected the boat thoroughly and found that the Bracket was off and above the bellow (rubber boot) and did not appear to have been installed properly (glued into a grooved area). When we bought the boat from Diamond, we were told specifically that the boots were new and put on by that dealer. The Owner, now denies that statement as well as many other lies and false statements he has made and only "apologizes" his way out of saying false claims. Upon further inspection of the starboard drive the interior components of the drive had so much corrosion to the bearings, joints, drive shaft, and shifting cables, that the mechanic will testify in court that this problem had been existing for quite some time before we took ownership. We, upon numerous requests, asked for the maintenance records for this boat because we were told that Diamond [redacted] was the only one to ever service this boat as they were the original owners and re-took ownership after trade-in deals were made with the prior owners. To date, we still have not received those records. This emergency situation that could have been fatal with a sinking boat has now cost us $3000 in repairs and $600 in hauling, we lost 2 prime weeks out of our short summer boating season and now still have the costs to undergo with the other Port Drive which has been slowly taking on water causing water to mix with the drive oil. We fully understand this was a used boat and things do deteriorate, HOWEVER, this condition existed before we took ownership and was covered up, lied about and Diamond [redacted] is refusing to come to any kind of agreement on settling this. I have been hung up on, avoided calls, have not been returned calls and A lawsuit has been filed.Desired Settlement: Refund cost of repairs to Starboard Drive and haul (all receipts were provided)

Repair Port drive - water has been coming into Port drive since boat was picked up causing damage to bearings, drive shaft, shift cables and inner joints.



To Whom lt MaY Concern,

[redacted]'s did consummate the purchase a 2005 [redacted] boat from Diamond [redacted] on May 11 2013. Mrs. [redacted] and her husband originally

visited our showroom on Dec. 28 2013, at that time she was aware that the vessel would be sold

as-is. We did discuss the option of her having an independent marine surveyor inspect the boat

prior to her purchasing, she conveyed to me that she and her husband had plenty of knowledge

about boats and were comfortable inspecting the boat themselves. On that date she had

concerns about a few items most important one, being minor water leak in the forward cabin

from the exterior anchor cabinet. We agreed if they purchased the boat these items would be

repair prior to them closing on the boat and taking possession of the boat. Over the next few

months Mrs. [redacted] was very skeptical about the leak and how the boat would run. We had

reassured her that if the boat was not what she wanted we would be more than happy to refund

her deposit before delivery in May. When she arrived on 5 /05/2014 for the sea trail and final

inspeciion she had a punch list of new items that were a concern to her.(view attached

documents). At that time she became very defensive and I suggested that we.refund her deposit

and part ways before entering in to this contract. She was persistent in that this boat was what

she wanted. We then repaired all ltems on her punch list and scheduled another deliver

date. With over 35 years in retail sales, I had the feeling that Mrs. [redacted] had much higher

expectations of this used vessel than I could ever deliver her. I suggested agajn that we refund

her deposit and cancel the sale; she insisted that we had an agreement and.she wanted to

consummate the sale. On OSl11l1013 she re-inspected the vessel accepted the conditions,

paid in full and had taken possession. Approximately two month later she notified Diamond

[redacted] that she had incurred a repair issue and wanted to know what Diamond [redacted] was

going to do about it. we told her to forward all repair invoices and we would review them to see

if these items were listed on any of the punch lists, service memos, etc. we had previous had on

file. we then notified her that the repairs that were needed were normal repairs from wear and

tear on a 9 year old vessel and Diamond [redacted] had no legal obligation since the vessel was

sold as-is two months prior.

lf you have any questions of the details of this transaction, please do not hesitate to contact me

by phone or email.

Diamond [redacted] prides ourself with 35 years of providing impeccable customer service.

Thank you,




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Description: Boat Dealers, Trailers - Boat, Boat Storage, Marine Sales & Service, Boat Dealers (NAICS: 441222)

Address: 650 Coe Ave, East Haven, Connecticut, United States, 06512


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