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Diamond Crest Motel

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Review: I booked a room 2 years ago (2012) and I cancelled few days before my reservation. Owner did not refund my money but instead he gave me a credit of $310.00 to be use within 3 years. I call today May, 28, 2014 to make a reservation and honor my refund credit voucher and the manager [redacted] (refused to provide last name) and she refused to honor this voucher due to a change of ownership. I explained to her that change of ownership has nothing to do this. I paid for this room, is my money.Desired Settlement: I want my money back or honor my credit of $310.00 for July 3, 2014.

Review: I made reservations to this motel on May 11th and to stay for the weekend (May 30th, 2014 till June 6th, 2014) with 5 others(six in total) and we have proof that this is so on our reservation papers because they continually say we are lying. We asked the owner or manager if we would be ok to check in at the time that we arrived in wildwood since it would be late and they had no problem over the phone they told us as long as we called they would open the doors for us because it was a "24 hour motel". When we got there no one was at the office and when we called the number they didn't want to open the doors ,finally after almost and hour or so they opened our room doors. The next day the manager that was there, a woman, began to scream at us and went back on what they had promised us. Suddenly they wanted to charge us for an extra night and didn't want honor our reservations. We tried to reason with the manager but she continually yelled in a disrespectful manner and did not want to honor our agreements over the phone when we made reservations and put down a down payment and she constantly said we were lying. We had to leave that same day not even staying a full day just because they wanted to charge us more for an extra night that they told us they wouldn't, in fact we came at 2:21 am Friday morning because they told us their would be no problem even though we asked multiple times if it was alright since its not usual check in time, if that weren't the case we wouldn't of traveled 49 miles away from home and the rooms were not cleaned correctly. Since they did not honor their agreement we were left with nowhere to stay, searching for a new place because of the distance from our homes.Desired Settlement: I hope they can change management because they treat their customers poorly and don't honor what they promise you. I'm only writing this complaint because I sincerely wish this doesn't happen to any future customers especially families, I only hope that they will better the company to better serve their customers and give them a great experience they deserve.

Review: On Saturday 6/29/after 1/hours of driving, my fiance and I attempted to check into the Diamond Crest Motel located at [redacted], NJWe were informed upon our arrival that there was a plumbing issue and our room was not available and there was no vacancyThe employee behind the counter told us they had called us and left a messageMy fiance had no call and no message on her cell phone, and we had not received a call at home before we leftThe woman said they would get us a room at another hotel and not to worryShe called around and found us a room close by that was $more than the price we had expected to payWe were already running late for a friend's wedding so we agreed thinking the motel would compensate us for it considering the huge inconvenience this placed on usThey refunded our deposit for the room we could not inhabitI ran over to the new motel and paid for the room in a hurryBecause of all of this, we missed the entire ceremony for the wedding! The room we got at the other motel was probably the worst room they hadThe AC in the room leaked out all over the carpet during the night and we woke to a musty smell in the room that morningThe room was also located in a high traffic area and people were up late making a lot of noise which made it hard to sleepWe also had no hot water for a shower in the morningNot worth the extra $34! When we called the Diamond Crest Motel and spoke to the manager, she was insistent that she called and left a message on our voice mailWe explained there was no call from them on our caller ID and no message at our homeShe then told us there was nothing she could do for meWe explained again how the extra $was, to us, a major extra expense as we both have limited funds, which is why we had chosen their motel in the first placeShe again said there was nothing she could do.Desired Settlement: I believe the business has the responsibility of at least paying the $difference for the room at the other hotelEspecially since we had no warning whatsoever, and had a terrible experience at the other place as well! I would not have missed my best friend's wedding if they had contacted us and taken care of the situation much earlier in the dayI have a copy of our motel confirmation at the Diamond Crest MotelThe room I had held was going to cost us $for the nightThe room they got us at the other motel was $I understand that plumbing problems are not plannedHowever, taking care of their customers should be their number one priorityThey had completely forgotten about us until we arrivedThey were confused about who we were and had to search for our informationAnd only then did they explain about the plumbing and then tried to say they called us early in the dayI didn't leave my house until a.mand we had received no call at that point in time

Review: On June 3, 2015, I was on [redacted] website looking for a Motel room for Wildwood Crest, NJ for a few days around the 4th of July weekend. I made an online reservation for four (4) nights: July 2 - 6 at the Diamond Crest Motel. I paid a $501.03 reservation deposit with my credit card on-line. Within the hour, I cancelled the reservation because my sister had simultaneously booked another motel. A few days later, I saw a $501.03 charge to my credit card. I called [redacted] about it and they told me to call the motel. I was surprised that the charge to my Credit card was not [redacted] but the Diamond Crest Motel.

The Motel desk person answering the telephone said they would not refund my $501.03 Reservation Deposit despite me canceling within the hour of booking it. I asked for the owner and they repeatedly gave excuse after excuse as to his non availability to speak to me. After many phone calls he finally returned my call after three days. He repeatedly gave excuse after excuse as to why I should not get my reservation deposit refunded. He stated that if I make an airline reservation, the airline will charge you for the cancellation or change., etc. I had my father talk to him and my father explained "that nowhere on [redacted] website advertising Diamond Crest Motel does it state their NO REFUND POLICY regarding reservation deposits and they do have a section of "Hotel Policies". Also on [redacted] website it states "No [redacted] cancellation fee to change or cancel almost any hotel reservation" . The owner stated on Saturday, June 6th that he would call me back on Sunday to try and resolve this dispute but had not and since had not.

This should not be a "buyer beware" situation where the consumer is duped into losing a substantial deposit because of material omission of Hotel Policy disclosure, intentional or unintentional. It is deceptive and unethical business practice, not to mention unconscionable for the hotel to believe they are entitled to keep the $501.03 deposit. It is unjustly enrichment for them to keep my hard earned money in this situation.

The owner blurted to my father "what does your daughter do, go round making reservations, then cancelling them?!" This should give some insight as to the motel owner's mind-set.

I am seeking a 100% refund of my $501.03 reservation deposit that I cancelled within an hour of booking it online via the [redacted] website. Also, with the motel's attitude in handling this dispute, they have lost any future possibility of my family ever doing business with Diamond Crest Motel,Desired Settlement: Complete 100% refund of $501.03 to be credited back to my Credit Card

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Address: 7011 Atlantic Ave., Wildwood, New Jersey, United States, 08260


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