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Diamond P Labradors

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My first lab came from Diamond P Labs seven years ago so I didn't think twice about reaching out to get another one. My second experience has been incredibly painful and I feel like i've been take advantage of. Long story short, I sent in a deposit of $850 to be put on a wait list, which eventually turned into a confirmed litter list. But fate intervened in the meantime, and we ended up rescuing a neglected lab from a horrible home. I called immediately to alert Diamond P Labs about our acquisition and request a refund of the deposit. Patti Jo refused to issue a refund and ended up selling the dog to someone else. She didn't have a problem cashing my check nor did she have me sign anything prior to this agreeing to a no-refund policy. I believe Diamond P Labs is more interested in money than the well being of animals. I have repeatedly called Patti Jo to discuss this situation and attempt to recover all or even part of my deposit, but she has NEVER called me back. Due to these shady business practices, I would avoid Diamond P Labs

Review: Owner lied to me in order to sell the puppy and after puppy was returned 3 days later haven't returned my money.

I wanted to get a puppy that would be trained as service dog for my 7 yo diabetic son. I paid $1250 for puppy and $200 for crate training and dog was obviously left the whole night to sleep in her own pee because she was wetting the bed at night and not asking to go out at night. As a result she did same thing at day time - first pee in crate and then start crying. I learned from vet that no dog at 10 weeks should be able to hold their pee the whole night. I called [redacted] and she said it never happened there and it's our fault. She intentionally lied so we pay extra and she sell puppy. That was my only concern, I wouldn't buy a dog that has to get up at night, I have to get up to check on my son 1-3 times at night and that's the reason. I returned the dog 3 days later. She said she would charge $300 for taking her back, but refused to return money. She said she would have to sell her first. Now 1 month later I have no money or dog. She has few litters available for sale and not sure if she even offers this puppy for sale. I am completely disappointed and cannot pursue search for the right dog for my sonDesired Settlement: At this point I want full return $1565 (as puppy and crate were returned, as well lots of extras). My son is devastated and I cannot believe someone would intentionally lie to you and use bad situation you are in.



Business' Initial Response

[redacted] knew that I could not return her money until I was able to re-sell the puppy. I had to wait for new registration papers to be sent from the AKC.. I sold the puppy, sent her the inital price of $1250, plus the $200 for the crate training. Her husband, [redacted], agreed to the $300 return fee, which I took off. I also told her she could come pick up the crate. I sent her $1150, which she has now deposited the check. I consider the case closed.

Consumer's Final Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I paid the money to Diamond P Labradors for the puppy (not [redacted]) and clearly stated via phone and email that I want full refund back because I was lied to and wouldn't buy a puppy in a first place if she told me truth. I complained to her right away about puppy going in the crate twice at night, and returned puppy 3 days later for that reason. I don't agree that she has the right to hold my money. Breeder lied to me when I specifically asked before purchase: "Is she sleeping at night, can she hold all night? I couldn't take care of puppy that aren't doing that! I have my T1D child I have to check on at night and wouldn't be able to take care of puppy at night". I wouldn't buy puppy if she would tell me that puppy is too young to hold. She blamed my lifestyle and made inappropriate comments. I have proof that at this age puppy is unable to hold and her written promise that puppy is trained and sleeps at night as well as her verbal verification; I have other peoples complains about this breeder for same reason.

[redacted] offered to write a check for $300 at the time of return ONLY for exchange of check for $1560 I wrote on the puppy and [redacted] declined. She hold my money and puppy for over 6 weeks and I believe she didn't plan to return it.

When I finally told her - ok, I'll pick up puppy and will sell her myself she told me that puppy was sold 10 days ago.

Diamond P have to return all money back because dog wasn't what was promised.

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Description: Pet Services

Address: 4699 Ryer Rd E, Walnut Grove, California, United States, 95690


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