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Diamond Parking Honolulu

439 Kamani Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States, 96813-5270

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I shopped at *** store yesterday, Aug. 5th. I entered the covered parking lot from the Mauka entrance. I parked in an area parallel to the sidewalk. Upon returning to my car,I had a parking ticket for $45. There was no sign indicating that "NO parking" was allowed in that space. Also, there was no marking in that area on the ground (e.g. striping) that it was a no parking area. I frequently shop at *** and have parked in that space before when it was open.
I think this is a "parking trap" to gain parking revenue from unsuspecting customers.

Diamond Parking Honolulu Response • Aug 10, 2020


The parking at *** has been re-paved and re-striped by the managers of the location. Unfortunately the area that you have been parking at in the past no longer is a parking stall. They have not re-striped it to allow vehicles to be parked in that area.

As our service to our customers we monitor the lots and vehicles that park longer then the allowed time, enforce proper parking in marked stalls as well as people who park and walk off the property. We work with our customers to identify issues they have with parking and opportunities to eliminate these issues.

I am unsure at the time of this response why the stall was eliminated, but it is not uncommon that there is not a no parking sign. Normally if there is no stripe to indicate a parking stall you are not allowed to park.

We would gladly assist her in waiving the citation and asked that she please park in the marked stalls in the future.

Customer Response • Aug 14, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


We parked at the First Hawaiian Parking in Kapahulu. We specifically parked in the banking stall and used the ATM machine and the parking gave us a ticket attempting to extort $45 and $75 if we do not pay by 15 days. This ticket is erroneous and a mistake.

Diamond Parking Honolulu Response • Oct 22, 2019

Individual was parked in a paid parking stall rather than the provided ATM stall for bank customers to use while the bank is closed and when using the ATM. A notice was written as there was no payment made to park in this paid stall. I was able to speak with *** (the customer) in regards to what happened, as well as the policies and procedures for this parking lot. I also provided a courtesy void for this notice so there is no balance due to Diamond Parking. *** now understands the policies and procedures there, and was thankful for the courtesy void for this notice. This matter has been completely resolved.

On 6/26/19 I was issued a monthly parking permit for lot *** and was charged $277.25 to park from 7/1/19 through 7/31/19. The morning of 7/15/19 I was unable to find my parking permit, wrote a note to explain this, and left it on my dashboard. I promptly called the Diamond home office to explain my situation and had to call twice because of the length of time I was put on hold for each time. I finally got through to someone that morning on 7/15/19 at 7:14am Hawaii time. I was told to look for my permit again and if I still couldn't find it they would send a replacement permit. At 9:09am I was ticketed for "no advance payment" when the vehicle's license plate was registered to my monthly permit. Fortunately, Diamond waived this ticket because it was the first one and I did give them notice of my situation. They informed me this is the last time they will do this. After work, I checked again, took out everything from the vehicle and still could not find the permit. This is the first time this has happened to me. I called Diamond on 7/15/19 at 3:47pm Hawaii time to request a replacement permit and was told I must pay $25 and it would take several days to arrive. I cannot park there at the moment because Diamond will ticket me $45 each time I park without the paper permit even though I already paid $277.25 for the whole month. I have only parked there 9 times this month and we are halfway through the month. Essentially, no matter what I do I have to pay more money to park elsewhere while I wait for another permit, or if I don't pay a replacement permit cost I still have to pay to park elsewhere. This company is shaking me down for every last penny. I called Diamond's home office three times on 7/16/19 and was not able to speak to anyone to address this issue. Mahalo for any help.

While parked at Diamond Parking lot H445, my family and I received a ticket for leaving the lot. We were unaware that this was not allowed, as we saw no conspicuously posted signs stating the terms and conditions of parking in the lot when we entered and parked. We also saw no signs for the penalties for unauthorized vehicles, so did not realize that we could not park here and then go across the street. Upon returning to our car, we had received a parking “notice” that was clearly designed to look like a parking ticket for a $45 dollar fine for leaving the lot. This seams unreasonable for a lot that is free to park in and had no clear penalty signage. Upon receiving the ticket we looked around for a sign but found only a small rectangular sign posted fairly high on a light post that only said “*** Customer Parking Only.” We would have been happy to find parking elsewhere if the parking lot rules had we been aware of them (We will not be parking here and leaving again now that we know) and found it very frustrating to receive such a high fine.

Customer Response • Jul 26, 2019

Aloha,I am writing in regard to complaint # *** that I filed. I wanted to inform you that although Diamond Parking failed to respond to the, they did reach out to me regarding my complaint. The issue of the fine has been resolved. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.ThanksMrs.

I want this bill deleted. My reference # is ***. I am a senior citizen who parked in the *** plaza which its most favored visited tenant SAVERS is located. I parked in one of the stalls that is all the way in the back on Monday 6/10. This particular day was busy I roamed around a few times, the parking lot was full the only ones that were empty were the ones in the back so I parked there. THERE IS NO BIG SIGN WARNING YOU NOT TO PARK IN THE LAST ROW STATING YOU NEED A SPECIAL PERMIT TO PARK THERE. MAYBE WITH ALL THE MONEY YOU COLLECTED THROUGHOUT THE YEARS/MONTHS YOU CAN PUT A BIG SIGN LIKE THE STANDING SIGNS THAT SAVERS USES FOR A SALE/DONATE HERE. I was shocked to see a ticket on my car. Please be mindful that this ghetto shopping plaza all walks of life need to be accommodated which are the elderly and disabled. If I saw a huge sign telling me not to park here special personnel permit needed I would have not parked there. This $45 charge is absurd because I am retired on a fixed income.

Diamond Parking Honolulu Response • Jun 24, 2019

Good Afternoon,

In response to the complaint that was sent on 6/13/19 – The customer received a notice because they were parked in clearly marked reserved stall. The customer was contacted multiple times regarding the notice however there was no answer. A voicemail was left explaining the reason for the notice. The notice was also voided as a courtesy to the customer.

Thank you.

Diamond Parking Services

Customer Response • Jun 24, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I parked in a stall I’ve been parking st for the last few months daily and I walk out and see a notice from Diamond Parking for $45. I called and told the person on the business phone that I had paid a parking stub and she told me to provide the stub that I no longer have. I looked up on reviews and apparently they do this all the time to people who park regularly and it is a scam. I’m not understanding why you would want me to pay 45 then if I don’t pay 75 dollars for a parking stall I paid for.

Diamond Parking Honolulu Response • Jun 17, 2019

On 5/16/19 - we reached out to the customer and resolved the issue. The customer's notice was voided and no further action was needed.

On Saturday 3/23/2018 my partner and I dined at Sasabune restaurant in Honolulu. We parked in the lot behind the restaurant. We were unaware that this is a paid lot as it is not well marked. The stall itself wasnt marked and I dont recall seeing other prominent signage. We parked at approximately 7pm (for a 7pm reservation) and were ticketed by 7:16pm. This short interval seems extremely predatory. Additionally the fees of $45 and $75 seem excessive and not commensurate with other locally owned parking lots. We would have happily paid for parking if it were well marked. The lot isn't very well lit at night so perhaps your company should invest in installing lighting near the parking signs or install additional signage.

Diamond Parking Honolulu Response • Mar 29, 2019

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We were in the process of having the signs changed out and unfortunately Ms. parked her vehicle before we changed/replaced the signs. We have spoken to Ms. and have waived the notice fee that she received and no further payments are needed.

The signs have since been replaced.

Thank you again and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 808-592-7275.


Sandi M - City Manager

I was stuck in United Parking's Expo Building garage for more than 30 minutes. There was no visible number to call the company to let them know that an entire line of traffic was stuck in the building. No one answered the help button the entire time all of us were there. It took the owner of the building to call 4 different numbers to find someone who could come down and let us out. We paid $6.14 to park there and almost had to stay there. The customer service was atrocious and there was someone behind us who had to get to the airport and may have missed their flight because of this. And in the end the person they sent to open the gate was rude. I attempted many different ways to find a contact for them to take the complaint directly to them, but to no avail. I want my money back and the time I wasted to be paid back as well. I will never visit the business in the Expo building again because of this.

Diamond Parking Honolulu Response • Apr 30, 2018

Dear Ms.,

I am sending this letter expressing my deepest apologies for the negative experience you had in our ExpoParking garage on 3/29. While there are no means for me to give back the time you wasted at our facility,I'm hoping that my explanation of events and apology will prove helpful in understanding why thingstranspired as they did.

The credit card that was jammed in the ticket slot prevented customers from inserting tickets into themachine, causing extensive delays. Our office received a phone call from the gentleman who stuck hiscredit card in the ticket slot, and I was notified and subsequently drove down to the location to clear thejam and let customers out of the garage. I realize there was no phone number on the facility signage,making it difficult to address issues such as this one. Additionally, the call-button function was notoperating properly, adding to the wait time for guests.

As for the negative customer experience you had with the gentleman who helped open the gate, I wantedto apologize for any rude behavior displayed on his part. We never want to present ourselves in a mannerthat would reflect poorly on our company ox· our property management groups. I have taken the time toaddress this issue with the gentleman in question and both he and I are incredibly sorry for the undesirableexchange.

I hope you can understand that there were a series of unusual events that transpired over the evening youwere waiting in the garage, from credit cards being placed in wrong places to answering service calls notbeing connected. All these events led to an unpleasant experience for you and others stuck in the garagebetween the time of the initial phone call and the gate being opened. We take all complaints seriously andhave taken proper measures to ensure events like these never happen again.

Once again, I apologize for the negative experience you had at our facility and I have used this as anopportunity to improve communication and signage at the property. As previously mentioned, I knowthere's nothing I can do to refund the time spent waiting in our garage, but I have requested a monetaryrefund from our accounting department, which will be mailed to your home address within the next 5-7business days. Thank you for taking the time to read my response to your initial email and please do nothesitate to reach out to me should you have any additional complaints or comments regarding yourexperience or my letter.


Nolan B

Customer Response • May 06, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


The Diamond Parking automatic pay station at the *** has been out for months. This has not been rectified and although Diamond has told me that they are not responsible, their name is clearly plastered all over the machines. Further to that, they suggest, since their hourly machine is not working, to go to the pay station manned by people and pay for an all-day pass, which is bait-and-switch tactics to get you to pay a higher parking fee than you normally would if you were there for only a short time, making this practice illegal.

Further to this, nothing has been done to fix this, and they continue to ticket your card despite a faulty and non functioning parking system.

Diamond Parking Honolulu Response • Jan 04, 2018

Aloha, I hope this email finds you well.

Please be advised that Diamond Parking only performs revenue collection services at this account. Diamond Parking does not set rates, dictate pricing strategies or perform equipment maintenance. This matter has been turned over to the *** for review. Thank you again for bringing your concerns forward.


Diamond Parking Management

My husband drove to the *** to mail a package. He was in the post office for 15 minutes and came out and there was a ticket on the car. He parked in the lot specific to the Post Office and directly in front of the Post Office. He went straight into the post office and walked straight out. He was surprised to discover that he is being charged to park while using a federal post office. We believe this charge is erroneous at least, fraudulent at worst. The company is preying on a senior citizen and US air force veteran who cannot imagine having to pay for parking at a federal Post Office WHILE USING THE POST OFFICE!

Diamond Parking Honolulu Response

We apologize to Ms. and he husband for the notice they received at the post office. Diamond Parking does have paid parking stalls at the *** post office however they do not include those stalls directly in front of the post office. We have voided the notice that was erroneously issued to Me. ***. We also understand that he paid $40 for the notice and will be processing a refund.

Customer Response


I am providing an update to my complaint (ID ***).

Sonia N and I played phone tag trying to contact each other. Initially they told my husband that they would not be able to refund his ticket because we had already paid the notice. However she contacted my husband yesterday and notified him that she was able to get a refund for us and it would be via a check. She requested our mailing address and would send it to us. She followed up with an email to me stating the same. We have not yet received the check since she just notified us. I will provide an update once we receive the check.

Mahalo for following up on our complaint!


Sent from my

Customer Response • Jan 03, 2018

Sorry, just saw your email. I have not yet received the refund. IF I get a check I will accept it. Thank you and Merry Christmas,***Sent from my

Diamond parking manages ***'s parking. At the faculty of music is a broken pay station. And Diamond parking, instead of fixing the situation (which has been out at least 2-3 months minimum), has a lousy sign on their service saying "Go to this station and buy a ticket and come back." And then if you don't have time to do so - because who comes early enough to spend 20 minutes driving around looking for a working station? - they ticket and fine you. This is wrong. Point blank. They need to fix their payment system and not expect customers to lose their time because their system didn't work.

They need to get this problem fixed and in the mean time, stop ticketing people who are there to do business with the people that they work for.

Diamond Parking Honolulu Response

Aloha ***---

I wanted to reach out to you in reference to the complaint that we received from the This was in regards to the Music Paystation at ***. I tried to reach you last Thursday 10/26 by phone, and left a message on your voicemail to discuss this incident with you. I wanted to first of all apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced. To give you some background information, we are contracted through the *** to provide gate operations at the booths on campus both at Upper and Lower Campus, and also to collect from their Paystations. Unfortunately, Diamond Parking’s Operating Agreement with *** does not include repair and/or replacement of any machines which are out of order, those decisions are made by . When this machine stopped working the *** was notified and they are currently working on a solution to this problem. In regards to the citations, I have passed your comments along to *** Commuter Services since we do not have anything to do with fines/citations. I did speak with Commuter Services about your citation and they said that it had been appealed and that they had reduced the fine to the price of parking when you were there which was $6. Since the fee hasn’t been paid as of yet, there was also a $10 late fee which was incurred. Please feel free to call or email me back so we can speak further about this situation if you have any additional questions, and again I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.


Jason P
Area Manager- *** of Hawaii

Customer Response

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


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