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D.I.B. Leasing Inc.

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Reviews D.I.B. Leasing Inc.

D.I.B. Leasing Inc. Reviews (7)

Review: I went to the company on 7/2/14 with a down payment of 1600.00 for a car to lease. I was told by the director Mr. [redacted], that the car would be delivered to me on 7/3/14 once they have received my insurance card. I emailed my insurance to Mr. [redacted] on 7/3/14. I called Mr. [redacted] and Mr. Gould several times from four different phones because that would stop answering my calls once the knew it was me calling. The was not delivered on 7/3/14, on the the 4th because of the holiday and not on the weekend because their off 7/5/14 - 7/6/14. 7/7/14 I was told by Mr. [redacted] the car would be delivered by 7/7/14 before 6:00 pm never happened. I was then told that the car would be deliver by 9:30 am on 7/8/14. As I write this complaint the has not been delivered as of 7/8/14 2:04 pm.Desired Settlement: The company deliver the car with proper documentation.



Good afternoon, DIB Leasing has received Ms.Tina [redacted] complaint after this situation has already been resolved. The vehicle was delivered to her on 7/9/2014 at her place of residence around 10:00am. The owner of the company reached out to her after the delivery was made and Ms.[redacted] stated she was satisfied with vehicle and would reach out to sometime today to fix complaint.

Review: On August 23, 2013 I purchased a used vehicle from D.I.B. Leasing Inc., where my then current vehicle was used as a trade-in as part of the new purchase. D.I.B. Leasing has failed to payoff the loan amount of the trade-in to the lien holder and finance company which has resulted in my credit reflecting that I am over 45 days late on a vehicle payment that I no longer own or even have possession of.Desired Settlement: Immediately make a check of the full trade-in value to the financing company and overnight the same so this matter can be resolved.



To whom it may concern,

Mrs. [redacted] purchased a 2006 Mercedes Benz R350 on 05/13/2013. She did not like the car, returned to the dealership on 9/23/2013 and purchased a 2008 Mercedes Benz GL450 with her husband. The 2006 Mercedes R350 was traded. [redacted] and [redacted] purchased a new vehicle with a $3000.00 down payment which they did not have at that time, but since they were previous customers and were not satisfied with the 1st vehicle, we gave them a short time frame to gather up their down payment. We advised the customer that the current trade would not be paid off until the deposit was received by the dealership. Customer paid the deposit on 11-15-2013. At this time was when the customers trade in was paid off.

Review: I purchased a vehicle from this dealership on June 2013, the salesmen's name was [redacted] and the owner is [redacted]. I also purchased an extended warranty through this dealership with a company called [redacted] I had an issue several months ago where I needed warranty coverage and had to make a claim, I called [redacted] to file a claim only to find out I was never enrolled in their services. I do have documentation stating that I paid for the service ($1700 warranty on their bill of sale) and I have made countless efforts in trying to contact the dealership, they will not work with me with this issue.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund for the extended warranty or to be enrolled in the [redacted] system so I can use their services as I did pay for it.

Review: I purchased the car on June 20, 2014. The dealership never sent me my license plates and tags for the vehicle. The dealership sent me 4 temporary plates which covered up until October 2014. In December after multiple attempts to contact the dealership I decided to contact the bank and DMV. The bank said the did not have the title, and the DMV could not issue me a duplicate because the dealership, DIB leasing, was still technically open. I went down to the dealership The and it was closed so I called the bank, and the bank has been working with me and began its own investigation as well as the DMV of NJ. I stopped paying for the car being that I had no plates. The bank repossessed the car on January 16th because of that and now the bank has their car back, the dealership has my money and I am left out here in the cold. The dealership sold me a car they did not own. The committed fraud. I have sent them a demand letter (attached), I also am getting a statement from the bank as well as complaint forms from the DMV.Desired Settlement: I want my money back my down payment OF $2000 plus the money in payments I made on the car 1,800 and the money I lost in travel taking public transportation for 4 months $800.

Review: On Saturday, March 30, 2013 I purchased a vehicle from DI B Leasing located at 430 Industrial Ave Teterboro, NJ 07608. While In the dealers’ office signing paperwork with one gentleman, another gentleman working in the office asked me if I had inquired about insurance for the vehicle. I told him I had not started insurance shopping but would start that moment. He told me he would take care of it; all he needed was a credit card. I handed him my credit card and he later came back with a price from Progressive with "full coverage" as he stated. I then accepted. After the paperwork was finalized and the insurance was put on the vehicle, I drove off the lot with a 2013 Camaro financed through Santander Consumer USA.

Two weeks after the purchase of the vehicle I was involved in a car accident. When I called Progressive to put in a quote I was told the vehicle only had liability. The agent stated that she didn't understand how this vehicle was able to leave the dealer with no collision, being that the vehicle was new with a lien holder. I was informed that an investigation would take place to see exactly what was done on the day the insurance policy was purchased. I called the dealer after my conversation with the insurance agent and the dealer salesman stated that the vehicle had full coverage. The salesman stated that he had even seen the paperwork himself and that it’s against the law for a new vehicle to leave the lot with liability, therefore stating the insurance is at fault. After a week of investigation the insurance company denied the claim. The vehicle damage was estimated at a value more than the vehicle value, which means the car, was a total lost. At this very moment I am stuck with a damaged vehicle and a loan and neither dealer nor the insurance company wants to take responsibility for coverage mistake. As of today I still have not received the plates for the vehicle for which they were suppose to register.Desired Settlement: The company put the insurance on the vehicle improperly. They should cover be at fault for the vehicle not having collision coverage.



On 3/30/12 [redacted] purchased a 2013 chevy camaro from DIB Leasing Inc. On this date he retained insurance from Geico. Mr.[redacted] received full coverage insurance at the time of purchase of his vehicle.

Mr.[redacted] failed to take the vehicle to a geico prefered inspection station in the 5 days that are required, at time Mr.[redacted]s comp & collision were dropped from policy. Customers was in accident almost totaling car, insurance company did not want to pay for claim

Mr.[redacted] is trying to say we did not tell him to get the car photo inspection, so that is is our fault.

After many consultations with myseld and insurance company Mr.[redacted] realized that he was at fault. Came to us on 6/15/13 and apologized for any inconvenience vehicle was repaired cutomer purchased a new vehicle in November or 3013


Review: We paid for an extended warranty for the vehicle and 2 months after purchasing the vehicle it needed servicing under the warranty we purchased with the car. I called the warranty company[redacted] and they said to bring the car in to them. I took the car and when they ran the warranty it was never processed by d.i.b. leasing. They said I had to pay out of pocket for the cost of the service. I contacted D.I.B. Leasing and they did nothing so far to resolve this issue. my car still needs service and im stuck without warranty. I am paying monthly for the warranty which is added to my car payment through [redacted] bank. I contacted [redacted] to explain that the warranty is not valid and I want to stop payment towards it, they said I have to take it up with D.I.B Leasing. I have tried many times to resolve the issues but [redacted] the only contact I have at d.i.b., does nothing to resolve it. He always says he will and will call me back with an answer but never calls back. so far nothing has been done to honor my warranty.Desired Settlement: I would like the extended warranty be removed from my car note ( an additional $35/month) or I would like the warranty to be activated so my car can get serviced. I am paying for a warranty service that is not valid.

On August 23, 2013 I purchased a used vehicle from D.I.B. Leasing Inc., where my then current vehicle was used as a trade-in as part of the new purchase. D.I.B. Leasing has failed to payoff the loan amount of the trade-in to the lien holder and finance company which has resulted in my credit reflecting that I am over 45 days late on a vehicle payment that I no longer own or even have possession of.

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Address: 430 Industrial Ave, Teterboro, New Jersey, United States, 07608

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