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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 11, 2015/07/23) */
Contact Name and Title: Eric [redacted], President
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: [redacted]
I think the prevailing problem with this complaint is a simple misunderstanding by the resident. That is that she...

is under the impression that she paid a $400 security deposit when she only paid a $100 security deposit. If she realizes this, I think the sting of injustice will decrease markedly. It's an easy mistake to make, and it has happened before because we charge a smaller deposit than most landlords.
In addition, when the resident sent a note of complaint with the requested $16 final charges, Amanda tried to call her, but was unsuccessful. Her solution was to craft an email to the address that we had on file ([redacted] In addition, she did not cash the check, it is still in our file because we hoped to part on good terms with [redacted], and we strive to reach concensus with residents about the move out charges. The text to amanda's email is posted below.
The email also included pictures which provide evidence that [redacted] maybe didn't clean the apartment as well as she thought. The main charge being a common charge, one for professional carpet cleaning, required in the lease after move out. All told the bill with out the carpet cleaning was $56 for cleaning and replacing light bulbs.
As for the assertion that the apartment was in bad condition, I deny it. We show clean apartments and we give the tenant opportunity to decline the apartment because of condition, and the very first section of our lease specifically states that the tenant has inspected the apartment and has found it satisfactory. In addition, our move-in procedure includes an offer to the resident to turn in a report about deficiencies that they find on move in so they won't be charged, and a copy of the regular charges which they initial that they received.
I hope after reviewing the response that [redacted] will agree that we have been fair and will call the dispute resolved. She is still more than welcome to deal with us directly without retaliation.
We suggest that [redacted] accept the charges of $116 as fair and drop the case.

Review: My 2004 grand cherokee had the check engine light on. I paid $115 for the diagnosis at the dealer. The technican said that the broken tab on the idle tab control connector lead to the issue. Although the cable is still OK, I decided to get a new one and fix it permently at a cost of 358.78 dollors. The parts were not in stock. I drove my car back and the car turned to noraml after their inspection. In a week, the parts arrived and I let them fix the connector. The next day, I was called and told that the car couldn't be droven and replacing the idle air control valve would fix it. I agreed to install a new valve at $143.64. On the third day, I was called agian. They said that the car idel speed is high and the car computer (PCM) should be replaced at 1100 dollars. I refused it and took my car with a idle speed as high as 2000 RPM. I asked the service representative if they replaced my good parts and ruined my car. The service representative explained to me that it was their routine to fix a car starting with the suspeced part.Desired Settlement: Their service doesn't make any sense. I ask for the refund of the labor that I paid already . My good parts have been replaced and I couldn't return them .

Review: My complaint deals primarily with two (2) issues. First, the dealer cut a check to my credit union [redacted] Credit Union) for balance owed on vehicle. There is a small balance that is due to customer (myself) of approximately $160.00. The credit union in return issued the title of the 2008 BMW 750Li to Route 1 on June 15, 2015. The dealer has yet to return monies due to customer as of 7/17/15. I have been in communication with several employees to try and resolved this with no success. The finance manager informed me that the owner of Route 1 has to sign the check and each time I call, he states he did not come in this week. Secondly, my 2012 Jeep Wrangler (softtop) had leaks in roof. After three (3) attempts to have it repaired, the dealership patched the top of my $30,000 car as if it was a flat tire on a bicycle. The dealer stated that they will swap another top as soon as a vehicle comes in. To date, nothing has taken place.Desired Settlement: I would like the monies that are owed to me immediately. In addition, I would like my roof to be replaced as promised by sales supervisor, [redacted]

Review: On 5 Jan 15, I took my car in for a reoccurring problem that I've had since last year. My initial issue pertained to my fan control switch not working properly. From there, the problem got worse. My heat hasn't worked properly ever since. The vents on the drivers' side blows warm air, and the two on the passenger side are ice cold. The dealership replaced my heater core and that was a temporary fix. I took it back in on 5 Jan 15 for the same issue and the dealership wanted me to pay for a radiator. If this was addressed at the time of my initial problem, I wouldn't be writing this complaint. Along with this issue, it seems like every time I've taken my vehicle in for service, parts are missing from my car. I was talking to the technician working on my car and noticed my engine cover was missing. He replied to me and said "it wasn't there when I got the car." This is THE ONLY place I've taken my car to have service done. I worked in customer service for 15 years and this is unprofessional. By the way, I've never even got an update or phone call as to know what the status of my vehicle was. I've called twice and was told both times that I would get a call back and that didn't happen.Desired Settlement: Refund for deductible in amount of $100.00

Review: I went to this dealership to get something fixed on a Jeep I have and started speaking with a salesperson about a different car. We got to the stage where he said he would only run a SOFT inquiry on my credit because a different dealer ran 11 inquiries and badly damaged my credit score, which is EVERYTHING in this country. He ran my credit six times. I never authorized it and it damaged my credit again. He knew that I didn't want my credit run several times and he did it anyway. Running my credit past a soft inquiry was NEVER authorized.Desired Settlement: I need these inquiries off my report and I need the dealership to acknowledge that I never wanted this to happen. I didn't authorize this. I specifically told the salesman about the previous instance with the dealership running my credit 11 times and that it damaged my credit to avoid this!

Review: We visited Greenfield Dodge based on an advertisement we received in the mail for vehicles that could be purchased. SUVs, trucks, cars. that could be purchased with little money down, low payments, and 3 months before your first payment. Low credit, no credit, all types of claims were documented in their advertisement. When we arrived at the dealership a salesman came out and told us there weren't any vehicle available that we were allowed to see. None were available but we needed to go inside and "pre-qualify" before we could see any vehicles that they may have in the back. When we told him we weren't interested in having our credit run until we viewed merchandise we "may" be interested in buying we were told we couldn't view any vehicles without a credit check. Our purchase would have been for our child that had just graduated from college. We felt it was an opportunity for her to establish credit since she has a specific car she is interested in purchasing (4 door Jeep Wrangler). When we couldn't get simple questions answered I retreated to my vehicle and left my husband to wait for our older child to see if they could make more sense of the situation. After 1 hour of back and forth double talk from the salesperson, my older child asked if there at least was a list of vehicles we could review to see if the vehicle my younger child was interested in purchasing even existed on their lot. The answer was NO. My husband and both children returned to their vehicles and left the dealership.Desired Settlement: Why bother asking for an apology? We are astute enough to recognize overt disrespect based solely on physical appearances. An apology is mute. Please log this complaint against the Dodge, Jeep dealership on Route 1 and let them know we did not appreciate the presumptions they made concerning our ability to purchase a vehicle from their establishment. My husband a retired law enforcement officer,myself a retired corporate manager, my older child currently an executive with a major corporation in the area and my youngest child, the one the vehicle was being purchased for, a graduate of American University. The ability to purchase was never a concern for our family and shouldn't have been for the Dodge Jeep salesperson or his manager we met at the door on our way out.

Thank y

Review: Since September 16, 2013, when I first picked up my lease [redacted]ehicle, I had nothing but problems with this car. Upon numerous visits, fourteen ( 14) I have gone to Dick Greenfield service regarding my GPS,Bluetooth & Radio. Each time they re-program this for me with unsuccessful results. After my six (6) visit they finally decided to order me a new radio which the components are hook up to the GPS & Bluetooth. This took approximately over two (2) weeks to install not to mention the wait for each visit. Once this was installed I still encountered the same dilemma which my Bluetooth would cut off while I was talking. On February 24, 2014, I had another problem with the sliding side doors which would not open manually. I was there with my Father to talk to the Manager. We were directed to my sales consultant instead. I wanted to either get out of my lease or lease a another new car. This is the real kicker, we both waited in the showroom for almost three (3) hours to get an answer which is inconceivable. The final answer is that I would have to pay an additional $250.00 for a new lease due to the value of my car & payments still owe on my 2013 auto. By the way my Mini-Van which I brought into service was still not ready & that I would have to wait another two (2) hours. Since my Father followed me, we decided to go home and wait for the repairs to be completed. The service at Dick Greenfield are incompetent mechanics and all guess work. This issue needs to be address and is unacceptable that the time I generated is totally outrages. I will be calling [redacted] main headquarters on this, but I also want this to go on record that Dick Greenfield car dealership is by far unprofessional to do business with and out of touch with their customers.Desired Settlement: Get out of my lease or give me a new car for the same price I am paying now, 341.52.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. It is terrible that she has had so many problems with her radio and Bluetooth. My service department has made every effort to fix it however because the vehicle is still under factory warranty and [redacted] Group LLC is paying for the repairs we are required to make the repairs they tell us to do. The radio controls the hands free telephone as well as GPS Navigation and in most cases are fixed by software updates and these updates were required to be performed, by [redacted], before we could request replacing the radio. Sometimes these updates require a short amount of time and sometimes they require hours.

As far as a resolution to her problems go her car is still under factory warranty and we will repair any problems she has that are covered under that warranty at no charge. We do not have authorization to replace her car with a new one. That would have to be pursued through the legal department of [redacted] Group LLC. Our service and parts departments are open 24 hours a day Monday through Friday and Saturday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. No appointment is required.

Review: We have had multiple problems with the 2008 dodge grand caravan. All of them have been warranty related. They have serviced the car at least 5 separate times for the same issue since January. The car randomly shuts off while driving (no gas, brakes, steering, lights, anything electrical ). This time they have had my car for 20 days and now have removed the transmission. I have contacted the corporate dodge number to no satisfaction either they promised the car back by today (day 20). But when the dealership is contacted they are still waiting for partsDesired Settlement: I want my vehicle repaired and some type of guarantee on work



Re: ID# [redacted] We have this vehicle belonging to an [redacted], not a [redacted]. Vehicle was brought in on 1/4/2013 for an engine light and intermittently the vehicle would shut off while driving. The engine light was on for a code set in the abs module. We replaced the ABS module under their extended manufacturer’s warranty. The code in the ABS module could cause the vehicle to stall. We could not duplicate the intermittent stalling concern. On 1/25/13 customer returned for routine maintenance, and made no mention of the vehicle still having a stalling concern. On 7/16/2013 customer came on for there powertrain inspection. Customer does not mention a concern with the vehicle stalling. Customer returned on 8/9/2013 for an ordered power steering line found to be leaking during the powertrain inspection. They did not mention the vehicle stalling. Vehicle was brought in on 9/27/2013 for shutting down while driving customer stated seem to happen more when turning right. The other concern was for the steering feeling tight and pulling to the right. We found codes in the abs module again. The test led to replacing the module. We replaced the abs module under warranty. The steering concern was diagnosed as vehicle needing an alignment. Customer declined alignment. We did not charge the customer for the time looking at this concern. We also noticed a rear brake pulsation coming from the vehicle, and advised the customer. Vehicle came back on 10/3/2013 for shutting off. Multiple codes in various modules. Found codes all leading back to TIPM. Removed and replaced TIPM. Reconfigured vehicle and test drove vehicle. Vehicle did not stall. Vehicle was brought in on 10/8/2013 with ABS ESP BAS on vehicle shuts off steering wheel locks you pull the vehicle over to the side and remove key vehicle restarts with no lights on like nothing happened. The torque convertor in the transmission was coming apart. The transmission was removed disassembled and repaired. Upon test driving the vehicle we found a coolant odor coming from the vehicle. The heater core lines were leaking. We replaced the heater core lines. The vehicle length of the repair was due to a part being backordered from the manufacturer. The customer was made aware of this, and the rental was covered until the part came in, and repairs completed. Vehicle was repaired. All repairs and the rental vehicle covered under warranty. Unfortunately we cannot control the manufacturers stocking levels on part, and it is possible from time to time to come across a part being back ordered or not in stock. The vehicle returned on 11/4/2013 for a fluid leak. We found the transmission pan was leaking. We resealed the transmission pan. Customer returned on 11/6/2013 for the engine racing and vehicle would not go over 40mph, husband came home and drove vehicle and vehicle was fine. We could not duplicate the customers concern either. Spoke with customer 11/14/2013 she said the vehicle was still racing and not going over 40mph sometimes. The vehicle was brought in on 11/16/2013. No codes in the vehicle. We were able to duplicate concern. We found the solenoid pack on the transmission to have an internal intermittent fault. We replaced the solenoid pack, and test drove the vehicle. Vehicle was released to customer 11/16/2013. All repairs covered under warranty or in the case of the transmission pan the dealership covered the repair. Sincerely [redacted] Service Manager Dick Greenfield Dodge

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