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Direct Buy of Woodbridge

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Review: On September 6th 2014 I received a call from Direct Buy stating that I would receive a 3 day 2 night vacation including hotel and airfare if I would attend their 90 minute presentation. The sales rep also told me that I would receive a $100 gift card for dining out and a key that would grant me the opportunity to win a new car or $50,000. I confirmed that there would be no out of pocket or hidden cost with the sales rep and they confirmed that I would have no out of pocket or hidden expenses. I was only told that I would need to have a credit card to check into the hotel and my card would not be charged. That is standard so I agreed to bring my husband to the presentation at 1:15 September 7th.

I arrived at the location about 20 minutes before the presentation started so that I could ask questions about the free vacation and was told that we would cover that after the presentation. The presentation lasted a little over and hour and we didn't even get a tour of the showroom. My husband and I agreed to purchase the membership because they had given us a $500 travel gift card during the presentation which didn’t require us to join and along with the vacation package we figured we were getting a good deal on the membership package since the package was only $2300. We were fooled. After signing the contract he offered us another $1000 giftcard for travel so we were really excited at this point. We thought that we would be pretty much getting the membership free after all of these freebies. We were very gullible. After signing the contract I again asked about our free vacation and the sales rep pulled out a card type thing and told us to follow the instructions on the paper. The gift certificate for the vacation states that I have to send in $4.95 within 30 days to receive the vacation package. It also has fine print that said to read back for full terms and conditions, which I didn’t notice initially. Red flag 200 for me. I read the back on the ride home and it states to get the airfare package you must pay $100+$99per person processing fee that is a total of $302.95 that is hardly free. I was very disappointed with Direct Buy’s Direct lies when it came to this vacation package. The sales call to get us there was a complete lie and they didn't offer anything that was promised when we arrived.

I was determined to cancel our membership Monday morning so I sent my first email via their website cancelling the contract around 2am. I called the office first thing Monday morning the showroom was closed so I contacted the corporate office. I spoke with Leeane and I asked her to cancel my contract and she said that I would have to read the instructions on the back of my contract to cancel. I told her that I didn’t have my contract in front of me and asked her if it was in her system. She found my contract and I asked her to state the terms because I was told that I’d have 3 days to cancel and she confirmed that I had 3 days to cancel and gave me the email address and a phone number that handles cancelations. I sent an email as she told me to stating that I want to cancel and don’t want to be bound by the contract. I then proceeded to call the number that she gave me and it rings a few times and hangs up. It is completely shady practice that the cancellations department phones does not work and I can’t speak with someone to confirm my cancellation. 3 major gripes are summarized below:

1. I never received the key for a chance to win 50,000 or a new car

2. Never got the restaurant gift card for $100 only a discount card with a passcode that doesn’t work.

3. Travel cards are only usable if you join and they give them to you during the presentation to make you feel like you will be getting the membership cheaper when they show you the cost. The guy never stated that you would have to be a member to use the $500 travel card.Desired Settlement: I would like to get the free 3 day 2 nights hotel and round trip airfare as promised without the $302.95 fee. I would also like the $100 restaurant giftcard and my down payment refunded and confirmation that our membership has been cancelled.



Review: I went to the Direct Buy with every intention of joining. The video presentation indicated that Direct Buy offers a discounted membership offer for DoD and Government employees. After the individual presentation of individual membership prices my wife indicated that I am a service member and the representative stated that there was no additional discount but rather that it was all ready rolled in. I was disappointed that they did not have additional discounts as advertised in the video presentation. Very disappointing. I would like to hear what the military discount is and then join Direct Buy. They did offer me a two night hotel voucher and a $100 gift card to a restaurant which was appreciated.Desired Settlement: I would like to hear the discounted membership prices for military personnel and then make a decision on joining.



I apologize for the apparent mis-understanding. We generally offer a 10% discount off the membership price. In this case, it was discounted to $4,500 and I would like to offer a Gold membership to **. [redacted] for $4,000. Being prior military myself, I am proud to provide a discounted membership for members of our arm services. Again I apologize for the mis-understanding and hope **. [redacted] takes advantage of the program.

Review: My name is [redacted] and my husband is [redacted], he signed the contract with Direct Buy. I have sent numerous emails/phone calls to headquarters as well as Woodbridge and have gotten no where.

Before we went there, We knew absolutely nothing about Direct Buy. We had a high pressured sales person call us on our home phone, and invite us to their presentation and baited us with many "gifts". The so called freebies offered, vacation, restaurant card, useless ipad, etc. was a joke. The vacation offer was anything but free, the fine print was atrocious with many costs, and so much hassle it was not worth it whatsoever. We did look into it thoroughly. The ipad did not work which we told them.

By the time we researched and investigated this company, found out we could do our porch flooring for much less, and went through their website, pricing policies, endless details, very bad reviews, policies etc. mountains of paperwork and learned about having to go thru tons of complicated manuals, all the "extra" costs involved in shipping, waiting weeks for products, complicated pick up and delivery costs, and returns that were a mountainous hassle. etc. It was a full time job just figuring out this company, BY THEN IT WAS TO LATE TO CANCEL THEIR 3 DAY RETURN POLICY! People work and have families, it takes more than 3 days to go through everything, it takes more like weeks and weeks! We were then "threatened" by phone that if we did not pay they would ruin our credit. We paid in full.

My husband and I did not need anything for our home except to replace the flooring on our porch. Our home has already been totally remodeled little by little over a span of a decade.Just porch flooring. We shared this detailed info. with the high powered, high pressure salesman, and others as well who were working at Direct Buy in Woodbridge. He asked us if we were doing any remodeling, buying furniture for our entire home or building a new home etc. We said NO. He then asked if we planned anything over the next 3 years, we said NO. We told him we already did what our home needed, repairs, remodel etc. was done over the last 10 years in our home. We explained to him about our porch and he then brought us over to a display of a porch they had there, and said we would save tons of money buying the wood through Direct Buy. And also hiring a contractor through direct buy. The pressure was extraordinary. He was only looking to sell to us, not to tell us the truth, and that truth was a small job like we had, was not worth it to buy a membership.

The "TRUTH" was a membership specifically for us was NOT APPROPRIATE" whatsoever, and if Direct buys team that day had integrity they would had been honest with us knowing full well what exactly we needed. I assure you, we were clear with the sales rep and others we talked to there about what exactly our needs were. We were clearly told that this membership was perfect for our needs, that we would immediately recoup our $5000 membership fee "PLUS" save additional money just for doing a porch flooring, this was an outright total lie!

This company is completely unwilling to refund those that honestly can't use and don't "NEED" this kind of membership. This membership is clearly inappropriate for some and especially us and was sold to us anyway. $5000 loss is tragic. Its robbery in the first degree!Desired Settlement: We expect a 100% refund for misrepresenting what they were offering, for high pressure sales selling us something they clearly knew we did not need nor could use. For not allowing us to have enough time to go over membership details knowing full well we both worked full time and had a big family. We were clearly lied to as far as what our needs were. Upon my first call to inquire about canceling we were threatened that if we did not pay they would happily ruin our credit.




start with the facts of this situation before I comment on the threats and

libelous comments from [redacted].

Review: On Monday, May19th of this year. A marketing representative called me telling me that I won a $1800 Gift Card and an free vacation package for two. She asked me was I over 18 years of age. She said that all that I had to do was come to their showroom and listen to a 90-minute sales presentation. When she said that, I told her that I was unemployed and did not have any money. She kept saying that I did not have to pay anything. She asked me if I was married. I told her no. She said that it is best to bring your spouse or partner to the showroom. I again told her that her that the last time that I received a telephone similar to the one that I am now receiving, the establishment was selling timeshares. She said that the company's name is Direct Buy, which I have vaguely heard of. I told the sales rep that I was not interested in going to their showroom to listen to their presentation. She proceeded to try to pressure me into making an appointment into coming to their showroom. I told her that I would think about it. She said that she would call me back on Tuesday, May 21st. On Tuesday, May 21st, at approximately 8:11pm., [redacted], the sales rep from Direct Buy called again. My initial intention was to let the call go to voice mail, but I forgot that she was going to call back, and I thought that a potential employer was calling for me. She introduced herself again, and asked me if I wanted to make an appointment to come to their showroom. I told her again that I do not have any money and was unemployed. She said that I did not need to spend any money. And that I would get a $1800 Gift Card and vacation package. I told her that I was not interested in making an appointment to come to their showroom. She asked me do I want to take advantage of the great opportunity. I told her no, I am not interested in the opportunity. She then tried to pressure me into making an appointment to come to their showroom. I repeated my answer again. She refuse to listen to my answer. So I hung up the phone. After the first call, I searched for the company on the internet. They specialize in selling materials for home improvement. I also learned that you have to make at least $40k per year, and need at least $15k in home improvement work done to your home. If you are single, then it will $5k in home improvement work to be done on your residence. They charge $4500 for 4 years, or you can opt out at at $400. If you opt out, you will be banned from any showroom for 7 years. This information comes from a employee who works for them, but chooses to remain anonymous. I also read the complaints from other customers. The customers complained of rude and nasty customer service. The company claims that you can save money on their products purchased from their showrooms, but charges a handling fee. And they are higher than their competition. If they are unable to get in contact with the recipient, they will call you in 10-12 days. If the recipient is still unavailable, then the" booker" will call to try to set up an appointment with you. I cannot see where I am obligated to attend a high pressure sales pitch when I do not even own a home. I live in a apartment.Desired Settlement: As previously mentioned, this company has a reputation of calling their potential customers back to try to force them into setting up appointments to visit their showroom. I do not want any of the Direct Buy showrooms to call me. There are showrooms in Woodbridge, Virginia, Columbia and Hyattsville, Maryland. The marketing rep that called me called from telephone number [redacted]. When I called it, the recording said that the [redacted] user is unavailable.



An email has immediately gone out to request the complaintant not be called any further

Review: These guys continue to call to sell me their membership, even though I am on the do not call list and ask them every time to please not call me.Desired Settlement: To have them never call me again! Never, ever!



Unfortunely with these times we have to utlize outside marketing firms who from time to time cause problems for people in our marketing area. This is another one of those cases. I have sent a very stern email to the firm requesting an immediate cease to call [redacted]. I do apologize for their actions and would like to emphasize that we as a company do not condon these types of actions. These marketing companys are sent the month do not call updates and there is no excuse for their actions. Again, please accept my sincere apology.

Review: On 8/10/13, my husband ([redacted]) and I ([redacted]) attended a presentation at the DirectBuy warehouse in Woodbridge, VA. After listening to the brief given by the Manager we were subsequently given a tour of the facility and lead to a table where we had further conversation with the Manager reference the membership and costs.

Both my husband and myself stated we were very interested in what DirectBuy had to offer because we were in the process of purchasing a house and were currently under contract, but would not close on the contract until sometime in October. The Manager continued to inform us of all of the benefits of membership. We stated we were sold on the idea of membership, but we could not afford to pay the entire cost of membership upfront. The Manager stated Directbuy offered financing. We stated to the Manager we were in the process of purchasing a home and could not do anything that would have an effect on our credit scores, to include financing. He stated they offered a "payment plan". The Manager left myself and my husband alone to discuss our concerns. The only concern we really had at that point was how quick we could get started since our concern of financing/credit scores had been alleviated with the Manager's assurance.

Upon the Manager's return, we agreed to make a down payment of $400 and make payments of $129.70 per month for 36 months. I asked the Manager if DirectBuy would continue to use the credit card I had provided for payment each month and he stated they would not, but would send me a monthly bill. He also gave very good advice in that we should never give permission to companies to automatically deduct payments further encouraging my "trust" in what he was saying to us was truthful and honest. I agreed with him and stated that automatic payments was also a concern for me and that was the reason I was asking before agreeing.

The Manager later returned with a document which required our names, social security numbers, address and a few other details. He said we had to fill this form out before he could submit the $400 down payment. When I hesitated to fill out the form because it was asking for our social security numbers, he reassured us the information would be used to run a "soft copy" from the credit reporting agencies...whatever that ensure we were who we said we were. I believed him...thinking this is a legitimate business...surely this Manager would not lie about something like this just to make a sale jeopardizing the companies image. I filled out and signed the form. Later, he returned with my receipt for the $400 and some additional forms to fill out.

Yesterday, 8/19/13, I received an email from my credit reporting agency stating my credit score had changed. I assumed it was an increase because my husband and I had been working diligently to increase our scores to ensure we are ready for the closing on our house in October. Today, 8/20/13, I received a letter from [redacted], Inc. stating they were our finance company, the date and amount of payments, which was not a problem. They also enclosed a document "What does [redacted] Do with your personal information" The document clearly indicated this was a credit reporting finance company, not at all what I was expecting based on our conversation with the Manager.

At this point, I really wanted to do business with this company because of all of the savings I believe my husband and myself could have taken advantage of while settling in to our new home later in the year. At this point, they have jeopardized our chances of being able to close on our home and I am not at all happy or comfortable about doing business with a company who employs people who would lie or mislead customers to make a sale. If he had told us about the credit checking we would simply have attempted to try to join at another time or not join at all, but we would have never jeopardized our chances of buying a home. We have been working with credit experts to improve our scores for over 2 months now. This is awful and cold-hearted.Desired Settlement: I am very disappointed in my experience with them. At this point, I want a refund of our $400 deposit, a cancellation of the contract and I want the financing from [redacted] off of our credit report.

I am willing to return all of the un-used gifts provided by DirectBuy.



I am terribly sorry this occurred. Apparently the sales person did not indicate on the agreement not to run credit and that is how it happened. I have talked with [redacted] and they will be emailing a form to the member which they simply need to fill out, sign and fax back to [redacted] and they will have to credit inquiry removed. I called and talked to [redacted] this morning and explained everything to him and told him that we would cancel their membership and refund their down payment as well.

Review: Deceitful and Fraudulent Business Practices

On June 30, 2013, after several telephone calls from [redacted], I attended a tour of Direct Buy, Woodbridge. I extensively questioned and took notes (with a witness present) each time I spoke with a telephone [redacted] agent via speaker phone. I repeatedly questioned the absolutely no-cost for the Williamsburg, Virginia with $150 cash in spending money and $50 [redacted] gift card for restaurants. I agreed to a tour.

I and a witness checked in for the tour on June 30, 2013. At that time, I again asked a few questions and retained my original invitation offer. The man at the front desk, [redacted], who informed me he is an owner answered some of my questions himself at that time. [redacted] conducted the post presentation communications.

In the process of claiming my Williamsburg trip for attending the presentation and giving my time on Sunday, I am encountering what any reasonable minded person would describe as deceitful business practices. "No cost, absolutely free," means just that and I should not have to submit $50 to review and attempt a reservation based on what I was told by Direct Buy and the telephone marketing company. Prior to any tour, I was told that the only money/credit card that would be required was at the time of hotel check-in to cover any room charge extras such as room service or telephone calls I might incur. I was fine with this stipulation. However, this is not proving to be the situation.

I telephoned the marketing company and inquired who would respond to any concerns regarding the deceptive communication I received and was informed Direct Buy would be responsible since the marketing company works on their behalf. I first contacted in writing Direct Buy of Woodbridge, VA to provide them the opportunity to correct this fraudulent situation before I pursue the matter with the to inform other consumers of this bait and switch scam Direct Buy performs.Desired Settlement: I am requesting the entire travel itinerary package that was listed on my invitation and stated in my letter that was agreed upon via the telephone communications and also in person at the store. I would like this for the October 12, 13, and 14, 2013. I also expect Direct Buy to cease with their deceptive business marketing and advertising and to instruct the telephone marketing company they use to also cease.



The Williamsburg certificate like all other infinity

packages are indeed free, but they are responsible for any port or taxes that

they would incur based on the departure and destination. In this

particular case the $50 deposit is to reserve their reservation and upon going

on their trip, it is used to pay toward taxes. I am sorry for the

misunderstanding and would be more than willing to send **. [redacted] at check

for $50. In regards to taking advantage of the dates listed, one must

follow the procedures on the back of the certificate



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

See Attachment


October 15,2013

Dear **. [redacted],

I will accept Direct Buy Woodbridge's check to me for $50 if Direct Buy will on the same day/date of the check written to me: also honnor my request to re-issue a new certificate. I began my communication with Direct Buy prior to ray original Williamsburg certificate number expiring. The company that Direct Buy uses tor their certificate reservations is [redacted] and this company states that "if a $50 deposit is not made to [redacted] within 30 days of the correspondents then the certificate expires and that the company will not honor the certificate or a reservation - no exceptions."

I first provided Direct Buy with the opportunity to resolve this matter with me; however, Direct Boy would not respond to me, more days passed and I contacted The, This situation is not my fault that the initial certificate number would be deemed expired at this point in time. Again, my reasonable request to close this matter:

(a) $50 check issued to me; and (b) A new certificate offering the exact same items as before is included with the dale the check is written to me. Therefore the new certificate would be dated October___, 2013 the same as the check date.

If Direct Buy has any questions regarding my original offer (I retained the original mailing at check-in) then the company may contact me directly or the with any questions. However, I do not expect to have any tactics utilized to run the time out voiding out another certificate for reservations with [redacted] Incentives. In fact, I would feel better about this if Direct Buy would provide a contact person name and contact information with Sprint Incentive as we wove forward to resolve this matter.




I have no problem complying with the request. I can have the check and a new Williamsburg certificate here next Tuesday. Would **. [redacted] like to pick it up at the Woodbridge Club?



October 17, 2013 RE: ID [redacted] Dear **. [redacted], I am attaching a photo of my original certificate for a Complimentary Williamsburg Vacation Package which includes 3 days and 2 nights hotel accommodations and $150 in spending money for admission passes and a $50 [redacted] Gift Card. It is for this that I understand Direct Buy agrees to issue a new certificate. I will not be able to visit Direct Buy in Woodbridge until Friday, October 25 at the earliest to pick-up the $50 check and certificate package. Based on the above mentioned information I agree. Sincerely, [redacted]



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

October 17, 2013 RE: ID [redacted] Dear **. [redacted], I am attaching a photo of my original certificate for a Complimentary Williamsburg Vacation Package which includes 3 days and 2 nights hotel accommodations and $150 in spending money for admission passes and a $50 Darden Gift Card. It is for this that I understand Direct Buy agrees to issue a new certificate. I will not be able to visit Direct Buy in Woodbridge until Friday, October 25 at the earliest to pick-up the $50 check and certificate package. Based on the above mentioned information I agree. Sincerely, [redacted]

Review: I tried ordering from direct buy 3 times. The first 2 items they didn't carry and the items similar that they did carry was not of the same quality and I never received a quote on one of them. The third item I never received a return call or email after calling two different centers.Desired Settlement: I would like to terminate my contract. They keep what I've paid already but release me from any further obligations.



I sent an email on 7-9-51 to **. [redacted] asking for an

explanation as to what products he was referring to and also what two “centers”

did he call and receive no response, which is below. It is impossible to address any of

**. [redacted]’s concerns if he doesn’t respond. Additionally I don’t know

why he would call two clubs. I did check with the Southern Maryland club

as this would be the closest club to where **. [redacted] lives and of course I

also checked with the service staff in [redacted], and neither club did not have any material

for doing research for the complainant. Also [redacted] had made

several calls to **. [redacted] and the phone was answered by young

children. [redacted] had asked them to hang up and she would call back and

leave a message for their father but they stated they would give him the


Review: The directbuy of woodbridge sold me their membership but the sales presentation did not disclose that the products sold also have shipping charges and most of the products they sell is either online or through the catalogs. Also their prices are not cheaper than other places, I can find the products that I need cheaper in other places. So I would like to get the refund of my membership as during the one year of membership I have found out that buying through directbuy is a waste of time and is not cheaper as they tell you while selling the membership.



I would like to apologize to the members about

any misunderstandings they have had regarding DirectBuy shipping charges and

ordering process. These members came into DirectBuy of Woodbridge

for an open house on January 26th, 2013. This showroom has catalogs on

all their shelves with very few displays. They were at that time greeted

by a sales agent and explained the purpose of the open house and shown that as

a member they will be shopping through catalogs. At that time they were

put in an open house where they were shown multiple items (3+) that can be

purchased through DirectBuy (giving cost of item, shipping and handling

charges). They were also shown a video which has a screen shot of an item

that is ordered through DirectBuy which also shows cost of item plus shipping

and handling. With this information the member then chose to join at a

courtesy discounted membership ($1000 for a 3 year membership instead of


Since this membership has been activated they

have purchased 2 items Online (a bookcase and desk and flooring) totaling over

$5800. By the orders it seems as though this member prefers ordering

online since they have only been in the center 1 time. As the service

manager at the center I am responsible for any questions/concerns that members

have regarding their membership. At the time of joining members are also

given our service email and phone number in case they have any questions

regarding their orders, products or membership. During the year they have

been members I have only received questions regarding products and orders.

There has not been anything from member with concerns about savings or

ordering process. If the member had called me directly I would have done

everything I can in order to make them feel comfortable with their savings

through DirectBuy.

For instance I am attaching 3 pricing comparisons

for the flooring order only. These were the very first companies that

popped up when I googled the flooring that was ordered. Through DirectBuy

the member paid $5,595.37 for their flooring.

In these comparisons I am showing that the member saved anywhere between

$1213.83 and $4271.93 (22% and 76% respectively) on their flooring alone.

Which shows that we are providing the service/savings we promote.

I would like to invite the members into our

showroom to meet with me directly for a New Member Orientation. At this

time I can help them feel comfortable with their membership and explain what to

do if they ever do have questions or concerns. At this time we do not see

any qualifications to cancel their membership.

Please have the member contact me directly at

###-###-#### or [redacted]

Thank you


Manager, DirectBuy of Woodbridge


Noble Pond Way, Suite 104 | Woodbridge, VA 22193

d: ###-###-####

| p: ###-###-#### | f: ###-###-####



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: The following repsponse from the DirectBuy is false where it says "Since this membership has been activated they

have purchased 2 items Online (a bookcase and desk and flooring) totaling over


I never bought the flooring from DirectBuy. This shows that DirectBuy doesn't even keep their records accurate. I only bought the desk which was approx. under $200 and I could buy it from anywhere else almost for the same price. Buying just one item under $200 in one year doesn't compensate me for the membership of $1000 that I paid. I didn't see anything at a very attractive price at DirectBuy that will compensate me for my membership. Considering their shipping cost, I bought the hardwood flooring cheaper than DirectBuy offers from another vendor. In the meeting DirectBuy makes it sound like they are very very cheap when compared to other vendors which is false.

I have checked many of their items that I needed and they are more pricy than I can get from other places when I consider the shipping cost from the vendor of DirectBuy and the shipping cost paid to get it delivered at my place. In addition to that, I cannot just purchase the items through catalogs without even testing or seeing that because the fees involved in returning an item are high if I end up buying the product I do not need. That's the reason I ended up buying just one item from DirectBuy.

I would request that DirectBuy refunds me the membership paid by me as I paid DirectBuy with my hard earned money thinking. Directbuy has failed to prove that they sell items very cheap. In the meeting when they try to sell their membership they focus more on exaggerating that they are more than 50% cheaper than the other vendors, and not explaining what other fees and efforts are involved in buying from DirectBuy.

DirectBuy has made a false statement that I bought $5800 worth of stuff from them. I request again that DirectBuy returns my hard earned money that was paid towards the membership fee asap; and there should be no question about that.




I apologize for my misinformation in the first response I sent…the member is correct that the order for the flooring was cancelled. The member sent me an email stating they wanted to cancel the order and we immediately put in the request. Unfortunately it had already shipped and could not be cancelled and was still received at the center, which was what I was looking at when I sent the last response. We were able to persuade the manufacturer, on the member’s behalf, to return the order and not charge return freight or restocking. Regardless of this misinformation on my part, DirectBuy of Woodbridge still stands by its service with this member. The company had never known, up to this complaint, that they had issues with pricing. All we ever received from the member was an email indicating that they would like to cancel this order, with no mention of a pricing issue. Our Corporate office has a Pricing Integrity program. Had the member mentioned pricing issues, we would have handled it immediately for them and gotten compensation from the manufacturer. The member has failed to properly proceed with issues according to the membership contract that was signed, that simply states that the member must work with their local club to resolve any issues. Instead of working with us to resolve any and all issues, they filed a complaint with your office.

Member was also aware, that DirectBuy does not stock product for immediate purchase, but has to order through the manufacturer, thus giving them the best pricing. Additionally in the Open House Presentation, there is an example shown to everyone on how a purchase order is filled out which has several components which would include the cost of the merchandise, handling fee (if applicable), shipping costs, and of course state sales tax.

It would seem reasonable that the members are having buyer’s remorse but that has nothing to do with the service. The orders that the members placed, were placed through the member’s web site and have only visited the club one time since joining and thus have not attended a New Member Orientation that we require of all new members. The New Member Orientation would have, in my opinion, greatly reduced any feelings of buyer’s remorse.

DirectBuy of Woodbridge has acted in good faith to accommodate member with a discounted membership and taken care of their service needs and we do not feel any additional compensation is warranted. I would encourage the member to schedule a New Member’s Orientation with me so that I can personally show them the many benefits that their investment into the club can do for them and their family.

I would like to provide my information so I can be contacted directly if there are any pricing concerns in the future.



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