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Review: [redacted]On September 12, 2014 I ordered an editing software called "[redacted]" from a companythat offers discounts for different programs to students nationwide by the name of "Student DiscountsSoftware". Before they confirm their orders and send out their products they require a form of verificationthat you are, in fact, a student. I sent a copy of my [redacted] class schedule and a picture ofmy permit, (which would confirm my age, **, sex, address, etc.) to [redacted] (seeenclosed). Within an hour, they responded and said that my order was confmned and would be shippedlater that night (see enclosed). This email carne from, [redacted]. Along with thatconfirmation, they gave me my order number, ([redacted]) and my tracking number, ([redacted]) so that Icould see where my package was at all times. The program itself cost $[redacted] and I paid an extra $[redacted]dollars to have the shipping expedited. The ordered was shipped out Friday night and I received it thefollowing Monday (see enclosed).As soon as the package was received on September 15, 2014 I opened the package and was surprised tosee only a download code. That was not an issue, so I went ahead and downloaded the program onto mylaptop from [redacted] downloading process went just fine,untilI got to the activation process. Here they require your name, DOB, school name, etc. I put in all ofmy information, and was then denied access to the program since "[redacted]" students do nothave access to the discount I received. As soon as I read this I contacted Student Discounts Software andspoke to a young lady, and explained everything that happened. She then proceeded to tell me that thepeople who verified my order never should have done that since they knew this discount was only forcollege students. She told me that she would speak to the manager/owner and that he would send me anemail with instructions on how to go about returning the program.After hanging up the phone I realized that I might actually still be eligible for that discount since I amenrolled in university courses through the [redacted] Program that is offered at my school for the elitestudents. I called back and [redacted], (who later told me that he was the manager) answered this time. Iexplained everything that had happened up to that point to him and he told me that an issue like this hadhappened before and that they were able to work everything out. He said that [redacted] just wants to knowthat their product is being used for college purposes and that if I call them I should be able to workeverything out. I then called [redacted] on the same day, (September 15, 2014) and spoke to a cusmer serviceemployee who told me that [redacted] doesn't handle the actual verification process and that "Identit-e" does.She said that they do not have a phone number and that I would have to email them and they wouldrespond as soon as possible. After reassuring me that my chances of being verified were high, she gaveme the email address, [redacted].I proceeded to email them that very same day telling them everyone that I talked to and all the differenthoops I'd had to jump through before finally reaching them. I explained to them that I do not actuallyattend a college but that I am taking four courses from [redacted] University through The [redacted]Program. Later that day they responded (see enclosed). I then went ahead and contacted my guidancecounselor, [redacted] (who is also the [redacted] Program Coordinator) the next day, September**, 2014, and explained the situation so he said he would give me a letter and proof of my universitycourses. He wrote up an email and printed out a copy of my courses with the [redacted] stampand I sent both items to Identit-e) (see enclosed).After sending these two items, Identit-e still denied my verification. I tried to verify myself with Identit-etwo times after this and they continued to deny me. Since my mother was out of town I waited until shereturned and finally, on October 2, 2014 I called Student Discounts Software again after giving up onIdentit-e. At this point I simply wanted to return the program and get my money back! The card was nowuseless to me due to all the hoops that Student Discounts Software had me jump through. I could nolonger use the code after all of the times that my verification request was denied.I called and talked to [redacted] on October 9, 2014, and after everything, he told me that there is nothingthat they can do since they cannot resell the program. I proceeded to remind him that it's their fault that Ihave the program in the first place since their verification team verified me even though it was very clearthat I was a high school student. After I got off of the phone, my mother proceeded to call them and hetold her that they don't really check what people send in during the verification process. She then impliedthat you can just send in whatever you want, and before she could finish her statement [redacted] hung up thephone.They refuse to do anything and now here I am, $[redacted] short and have a verification card that is useless.I am contacting you with the hope that you can assist me in this matter by getting the total sum of$[redacted] refunded. Since I did not have an account, my uncle [redacted] was kind enough to buythe program and charged it on his [redacted] from [redacted] His account number is[redacted], so the total amount of $[redacted] needs to be debited back to that account. Thanking you in advanceSincerely,[redacted]Desired Settlement: Refund

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