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Diversified Fence Builders, Inc.

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Diversified Fence Builders, Inc. Reviews (10)

1)The gate cannot be padlocked on the inside of the gate A vinyl gate latch is designed so that it locks on the side of the direction of its swing The gate would need to open toward the direction of your home in order to padlock on the inside The grade of your yard will not allow the gate to swing toward your home A padlock on the outside is the only option.2) The gate has been hinged on the left due to the grade left to right The gate is prone to drag and not open, therefore it is prone to dragging the grass The installer of the gate has made the appropriate decision for the gate If we were to install the gate and compromise the correct installation there could be complications down the road and we do not want to run into warranty issues.3) The fence is installed appropriately and professionally I am not sure why you did not simply notify Jason about the swing of the gate and he would have explained this It just seems like a very escalated decision to contact the We could have addressed this issue with you As it stands now the balance is due, however as a one time courtesy, if you settle your balance with us today we will give you a discount of $

1) Swing of gate: I can again reiterate, the gate is installed professional taking in account your grade by a professional installer The installer is more qualified at judgement on this than anyone This will allow full functioning of the gate and your warranty to stay intact on the gate2) Gap under fence: Fence is to be installed with a inch gap under the fence per manufacturer specifications However, per your request we lowered the fence as much as possible to the ground Please see pictures3) Dirty Fence: Fence is not dirty as you stated Please see pictures 4) Crooked at top: Fence follows grade and has a consistent flow to the top of the fence It is not crooked but matched your very uneven ground flow Please see picturesBalance is past due However, again as a courtesy, I will offer $off if you settle before 3:today (June 1, 2017) After that the full amount will be due and interest will accrue accordingly I am very confident the fence is installed correctly, and if it were not we would gladly fix it However, there is not merit to your claim We install about to feet of fencing per day, this fence is feet In saying that, I assure you I have no problems sending out a crew to take care of any legitimate issues you have It would cost me very little

Thank you for your attention to this matterI understand that I am not able to get a refund, because according to you, I have a fence. Even though I have a fence, it is not to the specifications and/or agreement I signed, therefore, I am now requesting that due to the specifications of the
contract not being met by Diversified Fence Builders, the account be satisfied with the amount they have already received from me (paid in full $1,028). This company has still neglected to meet the specifications of the agreement, even though they have been out to try and resolve this issues, they still have not satisfied the contractI have a fence, but no privacy....can't lock my fence ...door still wrong.I am a hard working individual, who does not have monies to just throw away, or give for poor work performed

I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced in your 31 feet of fencing.I do however plan on making the finished product what you signed for, although I must say with a 3 day holiday weekend this seems very escalated when the fence was installed less than a week ago.  I do understand and respect that you are a hard working individual.  I too work an extreme amount of hours and I like to make sure my money is spent well.In reviewing the above complaint, I can see that the date was moved due to weather.  You called at 10:15 on 5-24-17, while it was pouring down rain.  We assumed you would know that we would not have been there, however a call would have been appropriate from my office.  Please be advised we cannot have employees working in rain with power tools.  This is not safe nor is it humane in my opinion to have men working in rain even without power tools.  I try to take care of my employees as well as my customers.We do not sell padlocks for fences.  This is company policy.  You can buy one for under $10 at a local hardware store.  In addition, this is not in your contract for us to provide a padlock.Please be more specific concerning the gate.  We do not see any problem with the gate.The only other item I see is your concern over privacy, again please be more specific.  You did order a lattice top as you indicated in your complaint.  This does indeed cut back on privacy.  Therefore, I do not want to speculate what you are speaking upon.However, you do have a balance due and it will begin to accrue interest after 10 days from install date.  We cannot help the fact that we need to come out to take care of your concerns, yet you cannot take off work.  Unfortunately, we either need to make an arrangement with someone else to meet us, go with no one present, or you will need to make arrangements with your employer.  Construction does require time spent in daylight hours, and that is what we need to take care of you.  Again, I want this matter resolved as much as you do.  Please extend the opportunity and we will handle it immediately.  Once it is handled, I see no warrant in your request to give 50 percent off of your fence.

As indicated previously, the gate has been installed the only way that it can be opened.  You are asking for something that cannot be done, just like putting a square peg in a round hole.  The gate works as installed and cannot be installed any other way.  It is a normal everyday process in North Carolina for a gate to be installed based on the grade of the land.  The estimator uses the drawing to show in general where the gate is located not necessarily the swing of the gate.  The installer pulls strings, checks grade, uses levels to make a proper decision on the swing of the gate.  It is simply something a estimator cannot be precise about.  It is much more involved.  The gate serves its purpose in allowing you to accesss the common area owned by the HOA behind your property.  Currently you have been using the fence for your dog for the duration of time and keep adding frivolous comments about the fence.  We have provided the pictures indicating the falsehood of your claims.  We as a company in over 3000 installs over 13 years have had two claims to, yours and one other.  This proves our excellence in customer satisfaction.  Apparently you are just dragging out matters so you do not have to pay.  We are at the end of what we can do...there is nothing wrong with the fence.  Please have the payment into our office immediately, please be advised late fees are accumulating.

I am rejecting this response because:
To be  more specific of the gate of the fence...acvirding to what jason and I agreed upon..the gate outswing would be to the left...not the right....also...I do not need gou tonlurchase a padlock...however with he way you have the gate installed I woukd have to padlock fhe fenxe from the outside of where then is the privacy....on the original date of installation at 10:15 a.m.,  there was no rain in the area...but it did rain that afternoon around 3:30/4p.m....Mr. Q[redacted] said that they werent sent out on Wednesday  becauae they were calling  for such was the case on Thursday

I am rejecting this response because:
Jason should have explained the swing of the gate as he is the one that said it shoukd swing out to the left...there are other issues with fence that I have sent in previous emails hat have not been professionally completed...I tried communicating with you all in referrnce to my complaints and no one wnated to communicate I was left no choice  but to involve the understand if you all had conducted business in a professional other entities would be  have had to be involved....when the work is completed to the agrrement signed on May 8, 2017....we can discuss payment. issues from previous email:Here are a few of the problems with fence installed at [redacted] on May 25, 2016. Gap beneath fences...gaps @ post and fence...dirty fence....gate outswing in wrong of fence crooked.... I have been inconvenienced, received very poor  customer service,  and feel installation of fence is of poor quality.... I have initiated all communication with this company from start to finish...I was never contacted with an installation date or time, nor a cancellation date (due to weather...per this company) , I was given a rescheduled  date for installation (after date and time of scheduled installation of 5/24/2016 @ 10 a.m had expired)  of Tuesday, May 30, 2016, only to have your workers show up on Thursday, May 25, 2016, @ 10 a.m without any notification to me. I am in no way Satisfied with install, and feel I have been overlooked and slighted as a paying customer. As I told Tony Q[redacted] this morning, I will be contacting the to file a complaint against the Diversified Fence Builders.   Sincerely,  [redacted]

I dont agree with the statement that my fence (gate) could not be installed the other way....I want it installed accirding to the contract that was agreed and signed on May 8, 2017.

I am rejecting this response because: per the contract signed the gate is to swing out to the left. If there were any reason for the installer to deem this specification of the gate incorrect, it should have been communicated to and approved by me, before installing incorrectly. Again, once the gate is installed per the contractual agreement, payment will be rendered without any accrual of interest as to the fact that the contract has as of yet to be satisfied.

We are satisfied with the service Diversified Fence Builders, Inc. provided. Diversified provided a written site-plan proposal, which was obtained through an on-site visit. During the on-site visit, our questions were answered, the to-be fenced area was walked and measured, and Diversified was aware of the condition of our wooded yard. The deposit and final payment transactions were clearly explained and executed without difficulty. When it came time for the installation of our chain-link fence, it happened in an efficient manner with no inconvenience to us. We found all members of the Diversified Fence Builders team to be professional, friendly, and helpful. We are happy with our chain-link fence and our experience with Diversified.

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Address: 7351 W Friendly Ave STE D, Greensboro, North Carolina, United States, 27410-6389


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